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  1. To run the files you need to keep the files .xml files in the m1 folder along with parent directory in order to execute the operations. Lastly the results doesn't change i.e the response values are same after running DOE also. so we need to have different values for each run in order to do post-processing. Maybe some moderator can help in this thread Thanks
  2. yes it works if we do it manually, i found one more solution i.e you need to keep the files in m1 folder along with original directory. BUT running DOE it does not read the results file from m1 folder. somehow, yes i have completed this solution.
  3. I have configured as per the tutorial for this study, folder is created but no results file.
  4. Thanks !! for your information. with new version its different. Lastly, i have issue while running the model, the solver keeps sending back error file not found. **attached is the file. task__exe_stdout.txt
  5. Hello, Im trying to do Hyper-study exercise HS-1590: DOE Study Using Madymo tutorial. Im in step 6 to define response i.e 4. In the Expression Builder, click the ASCII Extracts tab. 5. To add an extract source, click Add Extract Source but im unable to extract ASCII tab to input values. HYPER-STUDY VERSION USING v 19.1 Thanks
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