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  1. Hello everyone, i am doing gearbox simulatons with nanoFluidX. I am troubling with the the the reference velocity. In the manual it says it should be the highest expected velocity and it is calculated with the motions speed and then multiplied by an extra safety factor. But when i simulate the gearbox the velocitys of the fluids (especially of the air) are 6 times higher then the reference velocity. Should i increase the safety factor or is the reference velocity only respectivly the motions speeds? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello everyone, i want to measure the Particle Volume of a Fluid in a certain area during the Simulation in nanoFluidX. Is there any tool inside SimLab which allows to do that? Or can it be done in the PostProcessing in ParaView? Thanks a lot! Regrads Linux
  3. Hello everyone, i have a question about the reference pressures Pc and Pb which can be changed in the material definitions in nanoFluidX Fluids. In the documentation i can't find any information what is exactly defined by these values. Can someone give me an explanation about this? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello everyone, for my thesis I am Interested to know the time Discretization scheme which is used by nanoFluidX. Can anyone tell me something about this? Thank a lot and regards Linux
  5. Hello everyone, i hope i am not wrong with this topic here. When I export my SPH-Model from SimLab to .cfg and .txt file there is the option to export the stl file for the motions. When I load the .cfg File in paraview it finds the stl file and the parts are visualized. But when i hit play and want to see the motions (in this cas the rotation of to gears) nothing happens. Does anyone know anything about this issue? Thank you very much! STL_GEOMETRY.zip Gearbox.cfg
  6. Hello everyone, i generated a model with the nFX Tool SPH-Particels with the Particle spacing 1. The Solver nanoFluidX had no problem solving it. After that i changed the particle spacing to 0.5. But now the solver ist having issues. Before the simulation starts the following problem occurs: I have also tried to remove Duplicate nodes but SimLab isnt finding any. Has anyone an idea what the reason for this error could be? Thank you!
  7. Hey, thanks for your help!
  8. I will try these things out. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello everyone! I have a quesiton about nFX Tool "1 Click SPH Generation". The first parameter to be set is the "Particle Spacing". What exactly does this parameter mean and which unit has it? Thank you!
  10. Hey Stanicm, thanks for your reply! Here are the .cfg input file and the log file. thankful regards L Auslaufbecher_Versuch2.cfg logfile_0000_20200529_153826.txt
  11. Hello Everyone! I am using the nFX Tools in SimLab 2019.3 to create a simulation environment with SPH Particels. What i want to realise: I just have a cup filled with Oil. It is open on both sides and surrounded by Air and i want the Oil to run out of the cup downwards. To close the system there is a cover around the air volume. I have defined three Materials, the two Fluids Air and Oil, and a Wall Material. The Material specalizsations can be seen in the attachment. I created the three different sorts of Particels in three steps. First i sealed the cup to create the Oil Particels inside the cup and the Air Particels. Then i opened the cup again and created the Container Particels as Wall. Finally i have put these three together. To realise that the Oil runs out of the cup downwards i have created a Domain "Body Force". The problem now is, that during the simulation with nanoFluidX some Oil particels are getting through the Wall Material of the Cup but i Have no idea why. In the video attatched i have visualised the Velocity and the Oil (grey). The cup is not visualized there. These particels are like shooted out of the cup. I have also attatched an STL Model oft the cup and the cover. They are one model. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is or what i am doing wrong? Thanks a lot! Auslaufbecher.avi Cup.stl
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