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  1. HI ALPHA I study some paper like simulation the thermal cycle, another paper analysis the results how can i do this job in simlab? THANKS
  2. HELLO THANK for your reply. My study is the reliability of electronic plate analysis. I want to simulate the object heated and cooled (thermal cycle test), then got the stress and strain. The temperature condition like this, and my model is just a simple PCB (3 piece combined) How is the problem solver by using SIMLAB ? THANKS
  3. hello i am new user for simlab 2019.2 . And now i want to simulate a nonlinear problem that about 2 combine plate with a thermal load by time varied. For example, all simulated body heated from 300K to 400K in 20s. I want to analysis the stress and strain by time varied. Can i got some tip or material ? THANKS!
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