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  1. Jackie


    Thanks for your help Yann!
  2. Jackie


    Also, Is there a way to change PyFlux code to Python code?
  3. Jackie


    Dear all, Recently, I want to make a Python Interface for Flux. Is there any reference such like changing the project parameters by using Python? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Thanks for your imformation!
  5. Dear all, I am going to make a python interface for my project in Flux, which I can easily change the model parameters by just changing the python code. Could anyone give me a instruction that I can work through? Thanks so much! Sincerely,
  6. I am trying to build this model in Flux but I didn't find the tool for the coil with parametric models. Could you please show that for me? Thanks a lot!
  7. Dear all, Does anyone know how to build a coil in Flux like the pic shown. The current goes into the page and comes out from the other side. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Thanks so much for your help!
  9. Dear all! Thanks for all your replies. I already solved my problem! Thanks all you again!
  10. I just want to create a lookup table by using values in variable browser. However, when I use the variable as the input parameter, which is a 1xn matrix , there is an error shows up "Input parameter must be a vector'. Could anyone help me to figure this out? thanks so much.
  11. Dear all! I am a beginner for Altair. I got an error shown above. Could anyone help me figure it out? Thanks so much!
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