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  1. I need plot for elemental strain/stress for specific element in user defined coordinate direction Versus frequency for Frequency response analysis So plot will show elemental stress/strain with respect to frequency range considered in analysis. Objective here is to know values of elemental stress/strain for frequency range.
  2. Thank you Adriano! It was very helpful. Now I tried 'Envelope option in derived load case. And it is giving me what I need. Thanks a lot! This link shows the same. https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/create-derived-loadsteps-in-hyperview/
  3. Let say i ran model with 10 load steps. Initially I probed 50 locations in hyper view from first load step and after I have to probe the same 50 location from remaining 9 steps. 1. How we can probe all 50 locations in all 10 load steps? 2. How we can export the same data in excel sheet?
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