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  1. Hello Nguyen, Thanks for your reply.... I think we have met before in Liege? I was on a contract for Halliburton down hole tools at the time and Guy Jannssen was the owner and Anne Mawet was a Project Manager if memory serves me right? To use the GPU's and Intel Phi I need Linux with Altair Hyperworks and the CFD solvers, so looks like it is best to setup Linux. My problem is I have never used Linux and I shall need to set up a network for the Dell server and HP workstation, both have Mellanox 56GB Infiniband adapters which ping each other ok so that should work alright if I can get them set up correctly. I will see if I can get some support in how to setup Centos from the Centos forum. Trust all is well with you and the team. My email address is neil.charman@pcd-systems.com if you want to swap notes in the future. Cheers, Neil
  2. UltraFluidX, NanoFluidX, Accusolve and Radioss all require a Linux operating system to utilise a GPU or Intel Phi co-processor (UltraFluidX and NanoFluidX only solve on Linux). Has anyone had experience of successfully setting up a Linux operating system to run concurrently with Windows? Altair support advise that Windows is used for pre and post processing, whilst Linux is used to run the solvers. My experience of the last 25 years is with Windows based FEA, Cosmos, Abaqus and Ansys - they all run on Windows. I don't have any experience using Linux and would be grateful if anyone could advise a basic setup to run Linux (I have Centos 7) concurrently or sequentially with Windows 10 and/or Windows Server 2012 R2. My first foray with Linux Centos didn't go well.. Current hardware is a Dell R730 server, 2 x e5-2695 CPU, 384GB RAM + 2 x Tesla K40 or 2 x Intel Phi 7220, plus HP Z840 2 x e5-2643 CPU, 256GB RAM + 2 x Tesla K40. I am thinking to dual boot Windows and Linux on the HP Z840 or install Linux, then create a virtual environment for Windows on Linux. Create studies in Windows and then solve in Linux? applying the same idea to the Dell Server. Has anyone successfully run UltraFluidX and/or NanoFluidX on similar hardware? Cheers, Neil
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