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  1. Thanks @Adriano A. Koga But since the structure is symmetric and also the value and direction of forces are opposite wouldn't they get cancelled? Also to notice is the value of these forces are very high in comparison to the input force. Also could you please elaborate how can i check the moments which are being carried along in the structure.
  2. Even after i make the structure symmetric and checking for misalignment i couldn't find any. I checked the Sum App. Forces and Sum SPC it doesnt match up. Is there a way to check for misalignment? Model.hm Model.h3d
  3. So i did try the same thing with the SPCF card and the results are almost same. My concern is why are there forces induced in X and Y direction when i have only applied forces in Z axis .
  4. At the moment i am using the GPFORCE card and using the FBD method to observe the forces as shown below. Will i be able to see the SPC force just like this for all the four constraint points. @Adriano A. Koga
  5. Thanks Everyone. It worked. The output was there but iwas not selecting the Elements in the FBD plot correctly but the video helped. I output the Files in .fem and .op2 and used them in Hyperview along with advanced format
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a problem where i have applied the forces in the y direction on four sides of a beam and then i need to study the reaction forces and moments which are caused by these forces at the constraints points. I have used GPFORCE card in order to get the result but when i observe the result the values seem to be strange and unpredictably high. May i am not view the result in a correct way. Can someone suggest me how should i set the FBD pannel to get the forces & moment on the SPC base because of the applied forces. Also what is the different in the FBD plot for Free body force/moment and Resultant foces7moment and what does the ignore node set used for. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Adriano. I have already seen the video. How can i make sure that my exported .fem and .op2 file has the values of GPFORCE. Its seems like that is the main problem. the solver is not generating the values GPFORCE in .op2 and .fem files. Also while generating .h3d there are 'no values for grid point element forces' and 'no gird point element moment'
  8. Hi everyone, i want to solve this problem where there are forces on the 4 point and check the FBD forces at the constraints. i run it in the solver optistruct and got the result. When i open the fem and op2 file in hyperview to check the FBD then it opens the file but when i select an element or node an error message showing 'no valid cross-section for plotting' and doesn't work.
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