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  1. the spatial renumbering allows renumber with respect to axis and adjacent, but what if we require renumber along specific path, for example A SPIRAL PATH ALONG SCREW THREAD
  2. How can I create tapered bar with one end larger dia 20mm The other end smaller dia 10 mm subjected to tensile load of 100N Using only 1d elements
  3. please go through files attached the output of dynamic analysis is 1000 times greater than that of static analysis I have verified for input units in both the case the E, G, Nu is the same , but yet there is drastic change in dynamic output. static.bdf dynamic.bdf
  4. thank you, sir small displacement finite element analysis section was very helpful, this section only gives displacement values for varying loads with respect to time. but i require stress and strains also to that corresponding displacements generated. i tried many control cards to print stress and strain, but there was no use. Irrespective of so many cards selected, the output file (f06 file) only contained displacement for varying load with respect to time. please help me in this matter.
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