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  1. @Adriano A. Koga I am confused as to what @Q.Nguyen-Dai is mentioning. Could you please clarify? I am sorry I am still quite new to this whole thing. I currently am running Windows 10. I did see that some Windows versions were not supported, however, I know other people who are also running the software on Windows 10 and they did not run into these problems.
  2. Hi @Adriano A. Koga, What I mean by upgrading is that I previously had the student version which did not give me full access to all of the tools that hyperworks has (i.e. solver options were limited - I needed LsDyna but it would not let me select this solver). Since having this issue I have upgraded to a license that gives me access to everything I need (i.e. LsDyna). As far as the license setup goes, my PC is both the user machine as well as the license server. I have been given access to the license, from a professor that I am working under, and have been told to install the license on my own personal computer. Is this what you mean?
  3. Hello, I am trying to install an Altair License onto my PC. I currently have the student version downloaded and working on my PC, and am now upgrading to a license that gives me full access to the different solvers and operations. I am not having luck installing the license. Every time I try to run/execute the file the following error appears " Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported. Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode." I have tried the following, but with no luck: 1. Run as administrator (I have also checked and made sure that I am in fact an administrator on the computer I am using) 2. In the command shell I have typed "-i console (altair_licensing_14.5.win64_x64.exe –i console). " as stated in the installation guide to run in Non-GUI mode. 3. Troubleshooting compatibility on the computer. I do not know what to do, and any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lauren
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