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  1. Hi PrasannaK!, Thanks a lot, I was getting the files .fem and .res, so when I opened the file .hd3 y saw the same screen as you posted, now I will do the quiz again and I hope I will be able to fulfill it. I will tell you if I achieved it. Thanks a lot Best regards Alfonso
  2. Hello! I have some doubts with the final exercise. Perhaps someone can help my to know if I have done right the exercise or not. When I am doing the quiz of the exercise y got the data for two of the three questions. For the displacement and for the Von Misses stress questions I got the exact value as was in the question, but for the value of shear stress y choose the closest value, but the answer was wrong. I have reviewed the exercise much times and I never have found where could be the error. I attached the files of the exercise to this post. I will thank a lot, if a expert person could help me. Thanks in advanced Best regards Alfonso 7a-ANALYSIS-SETUP-OPTISTRUCT_2017_V02.fem 7a-ANALYSIS-SETUP-OPTISTRUCT_2017_V02.hm 7a-ANALYSIS-SETUP-OPTISTRUCT_2017_V02.res
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