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  1. Hi guys, sombody try to plot cambell diagram for rotor wich is defined with 3 D elements in Optistuct 2019? See beelow..
  2. Hi PrasannaK, thank you for quik responce. I mean ''modelleng'', in the tutorial all exemples just for 1 D elements. Is it possible to calculate 3D modeled rotor? See below
  3. Hi to everyone, can I plot Campbell diagram 3D model of rotor in Optistruct 2019?
  4. Hi, Campbell diagram of a rotor just for 1 D elements, or 3D?
  5. Hello everybody, I am a new user for solver optisrtuct. (In past I am used Intes Permas). I have a problem combine load patterns in optistruct. For example, I have working load and i would combine with pretention load. see below picture. How to do it like this in optistruct.
  6. Hi guys , How to Scale temperature loading in Hypermesh for Optistruct solver? Of cource in the firs step calculation is linear, and I have 5 load case. I would like to define 200 temperature and I would scale it for the next load case. Is it possible in Hyperpesh for Optistruct?
  7. Hello everybody, How to define contact node to node in Hypermesh, solver is Optisrtuct. Is it possible? Thank you
  8. thank you , unfortunately, Optistruct not generated for me separately h3d files for node sets. I defined two node sets , which is I need two seperatly h3d files. Mybe I have to define Element set ?
  9. Hi everybody, how to create stress results just for node set in Optistruct? My second question is : Optistruct can exort results files for every time unvo (ideas ) format? Thank you
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