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  1. fudy

    Warning 38142

    I thank you for your answers, but I planned to simulate exactly the same frequency range to see the deviation and to refine the result in its settings. Now i will try other cables.
  2. fudy

    Warning 38142

    Hello @MvdM thanks for your answer. I see the details which you mean now. There is written: Cabletyp. RG58 C/U: 50 Ohm coax., single shield,diel. PE 1e+4 <= f <= 5E+8 f=2,5E+3 So i understand what you mean, because it is out of range with 2,5khz. My idea was to measure the magnetic field of a standard coaxial cable (RG58) with a VOLTCRAFT GM-100 and then to compare it with a simulation in FEKO. The measurement range of frequency of this product is 40hz untill 10khz. What options do I have to realize something like this? I would be happy about every suggestion. Thanks in advance.
  3. fudy

    Warning 38142

    I got the warning 38142: Expecting a frequency in the specified range for the shield measurement data. Revert to using parameters at the lowest/highest frequency. In the .out file i find nothing like a hint or something else, which let me understand the problem ot the warning. I would like to ask what that should be or where the problem is? Thanks in advance.
  4. Many thanks for the quick feedback and the information. I will try it with the instructions.
  5. Many thanks for the quick feedback and the information. Unfortunately I have feko version 2019 and can not open the attached file. Can you please upload the schematic view of connector 2 or the whole schematic view as a jpeg photo file or something like this? Or do you know any other way of opening the attached file with version 2019?
  6. Hello I work as a student in the sector of emc and would like to simulate a simple component measurement like yo can see in the link as a preview: https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2020-01-1371/ In difference to the study in the link i just use a simple power supply and as the consumer a resistor, which have a current and voltage probe. I am working with feko for the first time and have achieved first results with cable laying and antenna placement&design, but in this case i dont get any result. I think the main problem is in the "cable reference direction" which i dont understand completly how to use it and in the faces of my geometry in the modell. Like in the link i expect to see the electrical field over a coaxial cable which is power supllied and completed with the a resistor which is in my case a consumer as areplacement circuit. I enclose my model and would appreciate any advice or reference. This are the errors at validating the modell: 1)The following cable paths (that exist in a harness using the MTL solution method) terminate on a metallic triangle: CablePath1 2)Dielectric faces may not be located on the interface of the planar Green's function. Here my model: Thanks in advance. Tisch_mit_netzgeraet_last_leitung.cfx
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