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  1. Hello there, I am trying to simulate the residual stresses and strains of a composite panel after a temperature change to evaluate the springback. To do so, I am using HM as the pre-processor and HV as the post-processing tool, and MSC Nastran as the solver. I am currently running SOL 400 (non linear implicit) analysis and I get my OP2 file and f06 just fine. When I load my results (bdf and op2) in Patran I can see them fine, but when I try to do so with HV, I can only visualize displacements and SPC forces but not Stress or Strain. It seems as those results where not loaded into HyperView. What can I do to solve this? If it helps, here is the beginning of my bdf file. SOL 400 CEND $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ $$ Case Control Cards $ $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ SUBCASE 1 STEP 1 ANALYSIS = NLSTATIC NLSTEP = 1 SPC = 2 TEMPERATURE(INITIAL) = 4 TEMPERATURE(LOAD) = 5 DISPLACEMENT = ALL ELFORCE = ALL NLSTRESS = ALL OLOAD = ALL SPCFORCES = ALL STRAIN = ALL STRESS = ALL $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ $$ Bulk Data Cards $ $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ BEGIN BULK PARAM NOCOMPS 1 PARAM PCOMPRM 1 PARAM SRCOMPS YES PARAM POST 1 PARAM LGDISP 1 PARAM PRTMAXIM YES NLSTEP 1 $$ My MSC Nastran version is the 2016 one and my Hyperworks version is the 2019.0.0.70. If it helps, I have tried to use the CSTRAIN/CSTRESS cards as output requests but they seem to not work in Nastran. Thanks in advance.
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