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  1. Hi Koushik, I apologize for asking too many things . I have found the culprit which is the model file. Instead of using the file from the examination section , I used the file from learning section which is not proper. I have got the answer.
  2. Hi Koushik, I have not made any mistakes in third boundary condition , I tried it again now which gave me the same results . I request you to check the following files. I am sure that I have not made any mistakes after 1 month of attempts so I request you to please verify the load collectors of my file by yourself. hull2 nd.h3d hull2 nd.html hull2 nd.mvw
  3. Hello, I am interested to learn Simsolid but I am not able to find it in the mail which I got after registering. I had seen Hyperworks X learning material before and I am not able to find it now. Has it been removed? I dont see examination for Simlab too
  4. Thank you for the help.
  5. Hi Koushik, I am already a member and I already have access to download softwares but I cant find Hyperworks X , it is just a same bundle hyperworks pack consisting of hypermesh,optistruct etc. Should I register again to get the latest version?
  6. Hi Koushik, I have followed each and every step very carefully ,but still not able to get the results properly. Can you tell me why they have constrained only X direction traslation and not others in the image shown? Full Pdf in : https://www.altair.com/training/hmquickstart_2019/ch4/Ex_4a.pdf
  7. Hi It is https://www.altair.com/training/hmquickstart_2019/ch4/Ex_4a.pdf
  8. Hello Sir/Madam, I have been using Hyperworks 2019 student edition and I have observed there is a new interface called 2019x (Hyperworks X) . Can you please tell me how can I install that version?
  9. Hello, I have a latest laptop which has 4gb AMD Radeon RX560X GPU but i feel there is a graphic error while viewing the results. Is it supported? I want to learn many softwares and i have updated the GPU too what can I do?
  10. Dear sir, we will not be able to verify our results if the value range is not mentioned anywhere. I have followed each and every step many times again and again and i feel my answer is not correct (submarine hull)
  11. I have followed every step mentioned in the pdf. file but I am not able to get the accurate results . I am not sure whether the values are proper but i dont feel it is correct. and why have they constrained XY direction end nodes to x direction? is it because of symmetry or to fix the component? hull2 nd.h3d hull2 nd.html hull2 nd.mvw
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