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  1. Ok. Thank you for the help. I did what I want. My script is attached. 1) choose element 2) store elem ID and prop ID 3) create new property with PID = EID and Pname = EID 4) update new property with stored data from old prop 5) assign new property to element props_split.tcl
  2. I have 3 elm types. Crod/Cbar and Cshell. I did try Renumber tool, but in my case it's too time consuming to renumber properties 1 by 1. As I can see the process: 1) choose element 2) check the property assigned to this element 3) now we have element ID and property ID. 4) set property ID = element ID - where I stuck. But, as I understand there are 2 ID types in HM: solver ID and HM internal ID. I tried *renumbersolverid properties 1 $elem_id 1 0 0 0 0 0 as it in command.tcl, but it doesn't work properly.
  3. It's almost what I need, but I have 2000 elements in ID range 10000 - 12000 (example) AND 2000 properties with ID range 1 - 1999. Element #10000 has property with ID = 23. Goal is to renumber current element property with ID of the element.
  4. Thank you. Now I can split all properties in a way that each element has its own property. So I have like 10000 properties. This is what I need. But I still don't know how to assign to each property ID of an element inside this property. Now I have Prop ID = 1 with Element ID = 2000 in it. My goal to have Prop ID = 2000 with element ID = 2000.
  5. Hello all. I have a model with properties assigned to groups of elements: 1 property per several elements. Is it possible to split these properties as follows: 1 element - 1 property. Element ID = property ID. I suppose it can be done using some scripts. Or even the way using Excel import \ export will be helpful.
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