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  1. Dear Mr. Chandrashekhar, I manage to make use of this feature on shell elements but not for solid 3D elements. Is there something I am missing? For clarification I am attaching screenshots of a solid cube I tried to refine which was firstly meshed with hex elements using solid map. I get the following error message: 1 zones failed at nodes '8268' which is the 0,0,0 node in the centre of the cube. Thank you in advance.
  2. I think I will go for the second bullet thank you for the instant reply!
  3. Hello everyone, Would anyone know how to produce a 3D mesh that has a refinement region like the one shown in the image? I could only manage to produce something like this by creating the surfaces and having tetra or mixed elements inside the volume using the Volume tetra panel. Is it possible to fill the volume using hex/quad only elements? Solid map panel does not work as the number of elements on the coarse side does not match the number of elements on the fine side. Thank you in advance!
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