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  1. Hello Prasanna, My PC satisfies all the Operating system, Memory and the Graphic Memory requirements as mentioned in the support_platform document. But still I am facing the same problem. I have tried opening and closing the application several times and restarting the computer several times. Still the same issue persists. Can you please give me an alternate solution? P.S. My PC config: i7 8th gen Windows 10 64 bit (latest updates installed) 16 gb DDR4 RAM 6 gb nvidia geforce gtx 1060
  2. Hello, I am currently on the verge of completing, " Learn pre processing with Hypermesh Part- 1". But I am stuck at the last exercise of 2D shell meshing and topology refinement. I am able to successfully load the 2D model and do the automesh. But the edit parameters window is not opening in the auto cleanup interaction menu. I get an error message I tried closing and reopening the model, used a different model and I even tried restarting the computer. None of these worked. I tried reinstalling Hyperworks. It worked for the first time when I opened the model. But after I closed the application and tried again, it stopped working. Can you please help me with this issue?
  3. After I have completed a topic (Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics) in the Altair university program, in my profile the grade has not been updated yet. I have completed all the quizzes under the topic and I have even checked the tick in the check boxes, but still there grade is not shown. Can someone please let me know what is the issue?
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