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  1. Hi Martin, What is the type of license that is required for using the API? Would an academic license work? Thanks! Anurag.
  2. Hi Reiner, I am able to start the project in the GUI and the WinPropCLI.exe program gives me the same license check failed issue when I supply no arguments to it as well. I have tried out the ProMan.exe command line option but it seems to launch the GUI indirectly, I was looking for a more batch style interface. Thanks! Anurag.
  3. Hi, I was trying to run ProMan through command line options and tried to set the following parameter in the .net file before execution: CLUTTER_DATABASE_TRAFFIC "./floorplan.ida" However, the software opens up and seems to search for "floorplan.idb" instead. Is there any way to use the IDA database to run ray tracing through ProMan? If not then is there a way to convert IDA database to IDB database over the command line? Thanks! Anurag.
  4. Hi, I am trying to use the WinPropCLI feature to run propagation experiments in batch mode. However, I am encountering the following error: Error (0): License Error! Cannot initialize license: ERROR : 20.0 Feature WinPropSolver or HWWinPropSolver not found on license file Error (13): License check failed I am using the WinProp 2020 with a student license. Is this feature not available in the suite or do I have an issue with my license? Thanks! Anurag.
  5. Thank you Reiner, it is consistent to round-off now. Thanks! Anurag.
  6. Hi, I am doing a single omni TX indoor propagation experiment and have setup my prediction plane vertically oriented to the floor. Once the simulation is done I end up having the following files that are dumped After displaying the results in the viewer if I export the power data of the prediction plane separately to a file: I see that the ASCII dump (left) and the actual power data file for the TX logged during simulation (right) have discrepancies: Can someone explain what could be causing the difference? I assumed the problem was with round-off but the third last entry (-27.79 vs -27.95) doesn't make sense. Thanks! Anurag.
  7. Ah, it was hidden in an archive, that explains. Thank you Reiner!
  8. Hi, I have recently started using WinProp/WallMan/ProMan for modeling some indoor scattering scenarios and wanted to know where I could find the excel spreadsheet which had the material properties listed for empirical parameter calculation (as stated in the manual below). I have looked through the installation directory but did not find any .xls, .xlsx files. Would be great if someone could attach a sample. Thanks in advance! Anurag.
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