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  1. Hey Chris, I followed your steps for creating road graphics but the road graphics were still not visible although there were .mdl and .obj files created. The .obj files when opened using 3D viewer showed the road graphics. Also, the .mdl files when tried to open were shown as invalid. How do I import this road into motionview. Even the rdf files already present with the installation made the same files and were visible using 3D viewer. Please help as I am quite close to getting this issue solved!!!
  2. Hey Chris! I mailed the local support engineer but I haven't got any reply from him. Can you provide me with the tutorials on how to make a road in Hypermesh and import it in Motionview or else how to use the open crg files for the same. Any of the methods will do but it would be great if you could help me out learning both.
  3. Okay I will reach out to them. Thanks alot!! However, can you please tell me what do I need to select as the output graphic model file in the road tools dialog box as I feel I am not clear about this and I might be making a mistake there.
  4. I am using the Hyperworks student edition 2020. I tried doing the steps you mentioned for the 3D spline road under the option altair roads still I was unable to generate the graphics.
  5. Hello everyone! I got the vehicle to follow the type of road I want it to but I don't know how to generate the graphics for the road so that I can see it. Right now I can only see my vehicle's movement and make out whether it is moving in a straight line or going over a bump. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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