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  1. Thank you very much I will let you know if everything went well. Best reguards.
  2. Hello! How can we reproduce abnormal connections in the windings of a generator such as: -short-circuites -open turns, -phase-to-ground, -phase-to-phase faults (in Flux 2D) Best regards.
  3. Alef

    Matlab coupling

    Thank you very much Abdessamed. My mistake. By alternator coupling I wanted I meaned two motors mounted in the same motor shaft: -the principal generator -the exciting system I also want to know if there is any exemple showing how to use sensors in electrical circuit. Best regards.
  4. Alef

    Matlab coupling

    Hello! 1)Help needed to activate MATLAB button on the supervisor of Flux 2)Is it possible to simulate generators with flux? 3)If yes, is it possible to simulate alternator coupling? Thank you in advance.
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