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  1. hi, i also have question about what is different between isovalue, isoline and arrow and it represent for what. and the different between domain, no vacuum, vacuum and no infinite. Thank you
  2. Hi, So if i use 3D i should select macros_Flux3D_postproc>>select HalbachMagnetization3D.PFM? Then if use halbach concept, should i set the orientation of the magnet as normal? To easy for you, please find the attached file for you reference. the coil arrangement in series. should i assign in physic for the magnet? Best Regards. GEOM_FLU.PFL HalbachMagnetization3D.pdf HalbachMagnetization3D.py MESH_FLU.PFL Project_PyFlux_Log.py Project_PyFlux_Log_0.py PROBLEM_FLU.PFL REPORT.TXT
  3. hi, oh i see, is the altair flux can run halbach array concept? Thank you.
  4. Hi, okay later on i will share. But i have some question which what is the possibility if the convergence cannot solve?. And the arrow domain in graphic represent for what? Is the arrow represent magnetic field or magnetic flux?
  5. Hi Actually i have done the example. I also have done all the step but it failed at the solving which i set the step number 81 but it only can compute at step 16 only. For your information the geometry almost same like example but the different is magnet arrangement and the dimension. thank you.
  6. Hi, I have assigned to determined the flux, current and voltage on the linear motor. I have a problem on assign the volume region. And the other i confuse either to do in flux 2d or flux 3d. can someone assist me. Thank you
  7. I have several question: 1) How to get the good meshing on the geometry either to edit the geometry or just edit meshing. 2) Is meshing effect during running the solver? 3) Can someone assist me how to edit meshing. 4) What is different between meshing point, meshing line and meshing face. Thank you.
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