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Found 34 results

  1. Dear All, Can we do assembly level fatigue analysis? I want to do Fatigue analysis of bearing assembly. If yes, Please provide the sample tutorial of fatigue analysis at assembly level.
  2. I was doing fatigue analysis on a model and I cant find the option for cyclic loading while defining the loading history. Also the units of my model are mm,g,s which gives stree units in pascals so should I define everthing in pascals including the ultimate tensile strength? Also in the load time history should the input be time and forces or time and g(acceleration) values?
  3. Hı everyone, I want to do fatigue analysis. After Lattice Optimization, my model has 1d beams. How to convert from 1d element to shell element. Thank you
  4. If we want to increase force as a step load method (step load method is when force done to an object is increased in to steps such as 200, 400, 600, and etc) in optistruct to analyze fatigue, what do we have to do? Show in figure
  5. Hi, I started to learn the fatigue simulation in Hyperworks. I got two questions. 1. I imported the cyclic loading file (in .csv format), and create new TABFAT load collector. However, I found there was only one column. In my original file, I have two column. The left column is time, and the right column is loading. But only the right column is kept. Why? Is it possible to import two columns together and define my own loading cycles? 2. In the Optistruct solver, I got errors: *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "fatdmgapp.F", at location # 1808. ioerr(1) = 4 **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR I don't understand what the "fatdmagapp" means. Here is the loading I applied. For each cycle, I have 9 values. Totally I have 2000 cycles. I couldn't see where is wrong. Can any one help me with this problem? PS: whenever I switched back to use Load1.csv from the tutorial file, everything works. So I am sure the other procedure is correct.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am working on project to carry out contact stress and later to do fatigue analysis. I am using Optistruct for this analysis. Image_01 shows how parts are assembled to each other. Image_02 & 03 shows that area of contacts I am interested in. I have attached .hm file for review. Can someone please guide me for how to define contacts between, 1. Inner diameter of housing to Outer diameter of Bush (Press fitted Bush) 2. Inner Diameter of Bush to Shaft diameter. (Shaft rotates on Bush ID) 3. Face of Shaft collar to Face of the Housing. Model is constrained at the Bolt location and Load of 200 Nm is applied at the center of Shaft. Aim is to Study the contact stress at Press fit area, Bush ID and Side face of collar of the Shaft. For Fatigue analysis, I would like to check if 200 Nm Load is applied at interval of every 2 sec, what would be the life of the Bush? Regards, Jagdish Shaft_bushing.hm
  7. I know we can set material property of fatigue in MATFAT. And we can set the SN curve points of the material. I am curious about can we use the TABLE's type to import our material data in fatigue material? Because at the thermal we can do for this. And I also have problem about the FATPARM's instruction of COMBINE what is "SG" mean? Because I have seen it shown like the photo and it also written in SGVON (SG von-Mises)
  8. In SN life fatigue analysis carried out in optistruct, we get output of life and damage only. How to get dispacement and stresses induced due to fatigue loading in output? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello all, I have done static analysis of the structure using static load case of 971N. I have applied Fully reversible sinusoidal curve (100 cycles) for fatigue analysis in optistruct. SN curve is calculated in optistruct using UTS. After analysis i am getting minimum number of cycle as 1.581e-2 which seems unrealistic. What can be the problem?
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