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Found 35 results

  1. Hello, I am a beginer with Altair softwares (v12.0). I am working on modelling the compression of a soft silicon (similar to the skin). I want to introduce viscosity in my model, so I chose a LAW42+prony serie (and I will try LAW82 too). But when I create a property for the silicon, there are lambda_v and mu_v (navier stokes viscosity). And the only thing I know for now is that its viscosity is 20,000-30,000cps. But I do not know what to set (even the unit recquired for those parameters... I am actualy [N mm g ms] system). Can you help me with this please? Furthermore, I do not know what to set for the minimum time step (dt_min). Thanks, Best. Corentin
  2. Hello, I've been trying to set up a simple simulation of a carbon fiber cylinder crashing into a rigid wall. I've been getting an error (error ID 55) in input format that is related to either the property or loadcase. I believe the error lies with the property as I changed the loadcase multiple times (initial velocity to concentrated force etc.) and the error persists. The property being used is property 10: composite shell. The material being used is material 25: orthotropic shell. The 0000.out file is attached. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Cylinder2_m_Try11_0000.out
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a Student working on an Crash simulation Project using Hypermesh, Hypercrash, for solving with RADIOSS. As I'm working on an Airbag model I gave myself a try on the "A Quick start Guide to the First Fold" (EXPAND) regarding the Help Manual which basicaly was great. When I select the Part from the tree my Hypercrash crashes . Error occurs "hc.exe" is not working. I tried several Computers here in my University and on every Computer there is the same Error. May there be the possibility that I Imported the wrong .0000.rad Data from Hypermesh? System info is attached. Thank you
  4. Hil! I´m attending my thesis for my bachelors degree. I´m working in a crash simulation and my mentor is asking me how does hyperworks compute the interal and kinetic energies ( He wants I show him the equations that the software solve). Could you help me to solve this request?? Best, Sebastian.
  5. Hi there, When defining the stress-strain curve for the material (/MAT36), should it be used the true curve or the engineering one? Thanks
  6. Hello, my crash modell isn`t running properly. Everytime I start computation, there are no failures, but in the results my modell isn`t driving against the wall. It is only standing there while the tire is inflating. Has anyone a quick answer for that problem? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone, I am simulating an impact of a cylinder on a plate and I have found something not coherent. When the cylinder hits the plate, the total energy is not constant anymore. But it should. Does someone know why the total energy increases and then decreases ? Thank you for your help. Emilien
  8. Hi, I am looking for the right PRE-PROCESSING TOOL and SOLVER to solve this problem. My problem is attached as a picture. Two plates are spot-welded. I assume top plate is excited by horizontal and vertical harmonic loading. I think Stick-slip phenomena appears due to friction between top plate and bottom plate and Slap phenomena appears due to vertical force. (slap phenomenon will occur in this system when the amplitude of the relative displacement is larger than the natural gap distance between the two plates.) RADIOSS is known as the best structural analysis solver for solving highly nonlinear problems under dynamic load conditions. Is it possible to obtain frequency response function of a system with nonlinear phenomenon by using (Hypermesh or Hypercrach) and RADIOSS ?
  9. Hallo, I am writing my bachelor thesis with the help of Altair Hypercrash (version 14.0) and Radioss. Therefore I need to import already meshed data with the file format .pc (PAM-Files) in Hypercrash. However everytime when i try to import this files, i get the errormessage "HM doesn´t work any more" and Hypercrash get closed. Furthermore I am not able to open this data with Hyperworks/Hypermesh, I only get the error message(change name of file): Warning: Unsupported information found in input deck Resolution: Unsupported text written to file: xxx_PC2012.pc1.hmx Can anyone help me with this problem?
  10. When running my file on RADIOSS I am getting the following error and am not sure as to why since I can't see anything wrong with the function syntax. ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 FUNCT/30 is located in an include file named Database_v13a.inc and this is the function Thanks, Rob
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