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Found 661 results

  1. Dear all, anybody please tell me, whether mixed mesh (Hexa+Tetra+Pyramid) is compatible with the stress analysis under the transient loading in radioss. The time duration of the load is very small. Is there any concern in doing mixed mesh in such a loading condition?
  2. Hi all, Is there any option to visualize/display Coordinate system for CBUSH and other 1d elements. Thanks in advance Girish
  3. what exactly element time and nodal time step mean?
  4. Hello all, What are the methods to import CAD data so that it is reoriented in a particular way in Global coordinate system?? For eg. If I want to import a CAD Model from Iges such that its XY plane now corresponds now to XZ plane in global coordinate system in Hypermesh. Is there any particular import options without having to change the orientation with CAD program? Also I find documentation about the create system option for creating local coordinate system bit confusing can anyone explain it with an example? Are loads , constraint always assigned in Global Coordinate system? Thanks Pratik Hyperworks 17
  5. Hi All, Am trying to understand hyperstudy using Shapes and I have encountered a bit of a headscratcher. My plate has a hole with a radius of 50mm and I want to examine the effects of changing that radius. When I apply a shape to it and get to hyperstudy it asks me for an upper and lower bound (default -1 and 1) and an initial of 0. My question is, what exactly do these numbers relate to? When I run it creates a hole 37.5mm and 62.5mm radius respectively, but how does that relate to lower and upper bounds of -1 and 1? OKay it has consistently created a difference of 12.5mm but how did it calculate this? Many thanks in advance. Is there any way I could have just said initial = 50mm, lower = 45mm and upper = 55mm? Regards Andy
  6. Hi All, i am new user of Hypermesh and started with meshing the simple geometries. I am trying to create a model in Hypermesh(I don't want to use any CAD software, but only in Hypermesh) since I do not have any CAD geometry of the component. The component looks something like the attached ones and it is a surface, just like a plastic hand cover with two holes. Could some one suggest, if it is possible to model the component in Hypermesh and then mesh it? Thanks in Advance
  7. How to perform Defeaturing on solid components ? any suggested videos or materials ?
  8. Hi all, How to define a subset by using hypermesh? I cannot find the method. Thank you. Roy
  9. Dear George Sir, Thank you for the crash analysis part to do. I have tried this 3 wheeler motorbike crash box analysis. after the run when i did post process the box pass through the wall instead of hitting. i don't know what is the reason. I am attaching the file. please check and let me know the correction. Best regards, Dani crash_box_meshed.h3d crash_box_meshed_0000.rad
  10. I have a component meshed with different elements (Hexa, Penta and tetra). The problem I am facing is while defining the element formulation of the component. How one can define element formulation in such case? The problem is the same for the case of 2D plates when we encounter quad and tri elements in a component. I also searched the answer for this in the book "Practical aspects of FEA" but couldn't find it. Please guide me through the problem.
  11. How should i get these X1, X2 and X3 values for a selected node in the image. If i use hm_nodevalue $node_id It returns me X,Y,Z values as per WCS. But what i want is to get as shown in this window. Or may be if i can get local CSYS reference axis.
  12. Two bodies are connected by means of bearing (upper race and lower race bolted to respective bodies). Detailed analysis (ignore bearing model) is not required. What type of connections could be given between two components? Can we assume a block instead of bearing, and give what type of connections?
  13. Hi all, In the hypermesh freebody tool ; is there an option to attach multiple op2/xdb files ?
  14. Which format file we can import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  15. Arul

    ASET Card

    Hi , What is the differences between ASET1 & ASET card in Optistruct?
  16. Hi , I have large amount of nodal temperature loads applied on the model. Is there any way to visualize the temperature load using contour plots in hypermesh. Also , incase of PLOAD cards applied on the elements. Can we visualize applied pressure in hypermesh using contour plots? Thanks in advance. Girish
  17. Hi, I am meshing some CAD files, containing different parts, and what I need to do is export these in the Abaqus file format. In order to perform simulations, I need to export from HyperMesh the geometry grouped in parts and instanced in one Assembly, but unfortunately HyperMesh doesn't seem to allow this. In fact, everytime I try, I get Abaqus files that contains only the nodes and the connectivity matrix without the description of parts and assemblies. Help anyone? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  19. How to apply varriable pressure in optistuct? I have to apply variable pressure from 0.55Mpa to 0.055Mpa of pressure on tube varring along the circumference of tube.
  20. hi everyone, I need help to find out if there is a command or macro that can find and categorise sheet metal with no thickness and solids with some thickness? does it exist. If so , please let me know. I really need it
  21. Hello all, warm greetings I have a query regarding the shared surface that is needed to be created for the heat sources within control volume. In my analysis, I have a heat source which is mounted on a frame at some distance from cold plate. The control volume has a fan for circulation of air. My query is :do I have to create shared surfaces of heat source with bracket also? As this bracket is further mounted on cold plate.
  22. I want to do batchmesh of engine component. Please tell me how to mesh with Rtria? In parameter file Rtria option is not available
  23. How could I create a new component by copying all the elements from another previously defined component using tcl commands ? All the while keeping the original component as it is.
  24. How can I submit a job to abaqus through the Main console in HyperMesh, I tried using abaqus job=abc.inp (for example), however HyperMesh gets stuck there and a few minutes later I get a Not Responding and have to shut down HyperMesh then. Thank you.
  25. Hi, If after I create a Pressure load using surfaces option I have gone to loads on geometry and mapped the loads. My question is after this do we have to delete the loads that we created on the surface? Thanks, Datta
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