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Found 660 results

  1. I want to do batchmesh of engine component. Please tell me how to mesh with Rtria? In parameter file Rtria option is not available
  2. How could I create a new component by copying all the elements from another previously defined component using tcl commands ? All the while keeping the original component as it is.
  3. How can I submit a job to abaqus through the Main console in HyperMesh, I tried using abaqus job=abc.inp (for example), however HyperMesh gets stuck there and a few minutes later I get a Not Responding and have to shut down HyperMesh then. Thank you.
  4. Hi, If after I create a Pressure load using surfaces option I have gone to loads on geometry and mapped the loads. My question is after this do we have to delete the loads that we created on the surface? Thanks, Datta
  5. Hi All, I am simulating two components connected with a bolt. I have modelled the bolt with a PBEAM. I have got the following error message, what is field #4? ************************************************************************ "PBEAM 2 10.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. ************************************************************************ Thank you!
  6. I have to do fatigue analysis on a chassis and i am not getting any video tutorial for that on youtube.How to proceed now and what data need to be acquired before doing that analysis?
  7. Hello, I want to make a screenshot of my current view on the model in Hypermesh, preferably with a white Background. So far I found no Information on that online or on the Altair websites. Any ideas? I would like to make some changes to my model and take one screenshot after another, documenting the changes. So working with Hyperview instead is not really an option for me. Greetings Niclas
  8. Having transparent elements with a dot at its center and also having surface meshing instead of a tetra 3D mesh Can anyone solve the issue?
  9. Hello, I'm going through this eBook from Altair "HyperMesh Desktop Introduction Pre-processing for Finite Element Analysis". Each chapter end with a exercise which required a model file to do. I got most the model file but for last few chapter like 1D Meshing, Morphing i cant find the model file anywhere. If anybody any link to download these model files please share it, thanks
  10. I tried meshing in a Fillet edge whose Fillet radius is 3. I specified element size of 0.5 but I cant able to cover the fillet surface entirely. I also tried on the fillet surface of intersection where Cylinder and a Flat plate meets. How to overcome this issue? I varied Element Size and Element density too. Thank you in Advance
  11. Hello. I am trying add a pressure force on the inside of the cylindrical elements. According to the topic as follows, I extracted the inside of the solid element and add a pressure on it. However, the result showed that there is no displacement or stress caused by inner pressure. 1. Is there any further setting to link solid element and extracted element ? 2. The property of "^faces" is blank. is it ok? 3. In HyperView, the extracted elements (named ^faces automatically) is disappeared. Is this right? Following is model (half of cylinder), load and constraint setting. Thank you for your answer. P.S about question no.2, I added the property of solid element to the extracted component, but the result did not change.
  12. Hello, I have some problems about solid hexa mesh for spherical shape a piece of which is eliminated. When I want to mesh around the hole, the shape become solid sphere and I don't want this to be happen. Can anyone tell me please that how should I mesh around the hole with hexa solid mesh.The model is presented as follows. Thank so much for your time
  13. Datta1234


    If I want to connect two components can I use components to select in the rigid panel? Thanks, Datta
  14. Hello, I am studying FEA using HyperMesh and Optistruct. Now I'm trying to analyze the stress of cylindrical vessel with support plate. In accordance with the tutorials, I've created the mesh and load collector, but I don't know how to create constraints to support plate. In this case, constraints are attached only to the support plate. it cannot translate to vessel's axial direction and its radial direction , but can translate to its tangent direction (the distance between the center of vessel and plate does not change, please refer to the attached picture.) I know axial constraint can be achieved by adding SPC to all elements with checking dof of axial direction. But I don't know how to fix the plate only its radial direction. Thank you,
  15. Hallo, i have a 1 component with 500 Elements. i would like to do Sizing Optimization. i want to assign different property to each element how to do that ? (offcourse without hand because it take alots of time). Thanks
  16. Hallo , I planned to implement the BC, Load cases what is exactly in ( Link Provided) in to my model which is already topologically optimized . I applied all the details that are provided and I am getting the following error , Could anyone please provide or check how to rectify the error. I would like to do linear static analysis with my approach in this already topologically optimized model. Thanks in advance . Here with I showed what the error is and also my hm file for your reference . *** WARNING 1931: SPC SID= 4 is not referenced by Case Control. *** WARNING # 1848 Topology optimization without minimum member size control activated. Using DTPL card or DOPTPRM,MINDIM is recommended. NOTE # 1852 AUTOMATIC SCREENING is activated. Use DSCREEN,AUTO,OFF to disable automatic screening. *** ERROR # 339 *** The dependent d.o.f. is constrained by grid or spc data. RBE3 element id = 34776. grid id = 6689. component = 2. *** ERROR # 339 *** The dependent d.o.f. is constrained by grid or spc data. RBE3 element id = 34777. grid id = 6690. component = 1. *** ERROR # 329 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a x-moment - check element data. *** ERROR # 330 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a y-moment - check element data. *** ERROR # 331 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a z-moment - check element data. Number of bad RBE3 elements = 3 Trail2.hm
  17. Hello Support team, I am using HyperMesh 14.0 and ANSYS workbench 17.0 (ANSYS Mechanical). I am performing a Explicit dynamic analysis on 2 bodies which are non-linear. I am using HyperMesh for meshing only and all other things (Material selection, Boundary conditions, Analysis set-up) are performed in ANSYS explicit dynamics model. However, my question is about element type selection. Could you please tell me which element type should select in this scenario? I used Solid185, but I didn't get any results with this. Would you suggest me any other ET Type? Also, if you have any document which would guide me through this process (Meshing > Set element type > Export to ANSYS), it would be great. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks & Regards, Vishal
  18. I am using the function hm_getentityvalue as follows, hm_getentityvalue elems 123 "cogx" 1 in order to get the x coordinates of all the elements in a particular hypermesh meshed model, and then I'm finding the minimum and maximum x-coordinates and the corresponding 2 elements that represent them while running through the elements in a foreach loop. However, this code seems to be using too much physical memory, almost a 6% jump after every iteration and eventually leads to 99% physical memory usage on my machine. How could I avoid this ? And also, is there an easier way to find elements with minimum and maximum x/y/z coordinates in a model using tcl code but not by cycling through each element and checking its coordinates ? Thanks,
  19. Hello I have an orphan mesh that I imported from CT scan data through Avizo. I was wondering if I could define the materials, properties, loads etc for the mesh itself without creating any geometry because creating geometry manually won't be possible on this data. PS : I created a 2D tri surface in Avizo and converted it into 3D tetra mesh in Hypermesh.
  20. I am a beginner for hypermesh customization. Want to know what are the prerequisites before i enter customization. And how do i set up the environment for customizing Hypermesh.
  21. How can I run a tcl script through a macro using *evaltclscript and then import a variable from that tcl script to use in the same macro, such as the userpage.mac file ? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.
  22. hi everyone can anyone help me in preparing deck for modal_FRF using hypermesh(nastran as user profile). Appreciate your response in advance, Thanking you.
  23. Hi every one. I was working for a 3D model, where i want to assign the composite material like e-glass epoxy with different fiber angles at different regions (for example like leaf springs). I wanted it to do with 3D elements, with including the contact non linearity. Can it possible, i have done for 2D elements by creating the plys and assigning the thickness. but looking forward to do over with 3D elements. please suggest. Thanks & regards,
  24. Hi all, I am using following set of commands to detect surfaces of the holes in a solid geometry. *createmark surfaces 1 "all" *createmark surfaces 2 *createstringarray 4 "cross_sect_size_max=0 elem_size=1.5 min_elem_size=0.5 diams_ratio_max=2.5 separete_holes=1" "0.0 8.0 16 $min_size_2d" "8.0 12.0 20 1.5" "12.0 24.0 28 2.0" *prepare_solid_holes_for_meshing surfaces 1 2 1 4 *defaultremeshsurf 2 1.5 0 0 2 1 0 1 2 1.2 1.5 0.2 20 I have 2 questions regarding the above commands for tcl script. 1. in the first string, the last pair of integer parameters, i.e. "separate_holes=" doesn't work in tcl script, however if I use "separete_holes=" (i.e. wrong spellings as mentioned at one place in the documentation, then this command works, and the string is generated. 2. as expected, the output of the command *prepare_solid_holes_for_meshing surfaces 1 2 1 4 should be that all surfaces in the holes of the solid geometry, must be available on mark 2. However this is not the case, and there is no surface at mark 2. Consequently, the command *defaultremeshsurf fails, as there are no surfaces on mark 2 (as mentioned in the documentation)!! What could be the main problem here? I will be very thankful to the forum members for the answers/reasons related to these questions.
  25. Hi all, I have a question after reading the documentation: for tetra meshing using tcl command *tetmesh the script needs to use strings containing various mesh controls and parameters, e.g. "tet: ...", "2d: ...", "size_ctrl: ...", and "pars: ..." I am using following parameters in the last string "pars": "pars: vol_skew=0.8 tet_clps=0.2 aspect=6 Skew=30 vol_ar=5" However, when I run the script, Hypermesh simply fails to recognize this string, and terminates *createstringarray 2 "tet: 35 $growth_rate 2 $max_size 0.8 2 0" "2d: $elem_order $elem_type 1 $elem_size_2d $min_size_2d 30 1" "pars: vol_skew=0.8 tet_clps=0.2 aspect=6 Skew=30 vol_ar=5" *tetmesh solids 1 0 elements 0 -1 1 3 For further reference kindly see the online documentation about tetmesh: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw12.0/help//hwdref/hwdref.htm?_tetmesh.htm Anyone with some hints to the reasons for failure of this string, kindly help. Best regards, Mubeen.
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