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Found 653 results

  1. Hi, i'm working with a truss structure with 3d printing material for an aerodynamic device in formula sae. For the internal parts i need to works with thickness lower than 1mm: i import the IGES in hyperworks and the program changes the geometry in some regions, i think because the thickness is too much low. What else can i do? Are there other ways to do it? Thank you very much
  2. I want to export to STL binary, is this possible in hypermesh? I am trying to send an STL file of my model to a friend. When I export it as STL I can't open in other software to see if the file works. These include SolidThinking and even HyperMesh itself!!! When trying to open the STL ascii file in SolidThinking it doesn't work, is this because it's in ascii file? An error file comes up saying "save invalid elements to usermark?". It is quite a large file (8.1MB), is this the problem? Also, I want to export geometry as a STEP file but it can't saying "no geometric entities present for export". Any help is much appriciated
  3. cris


    Hi Where can I find the quick edit sub-panel in the midsurface panel on Hypermesh v14.0?
  4. i post some detail about solid editing , still no one response , here any one expert in hm please answer me the question
  5. any tutorial available in connector in hypermesh (automotive domain) like windshield adhesive connection and welding ,joints and automotive door connectors
  6. Hello, I am making a sensiviliy study in Hypermesh to see which is the impact of moving one patch some mm in a process of forming composite.I am doing a resine simulation. As the plastic srain of the resin is in function of the elongation of it, I ask myself if the resin has already a pre-tension value before starting he calcul, as its nodes are already deplaced (see image attached). Thank you so much for your answer. Sincerely,
  7. Hi everyone, I´ve encountered a problem when using hypermesh. I have imported and meshed a wing that has the following shape: The problem appears in that sharp line, because when the laminte is created, it intersects in this point. Here is a picture: The cad file is made out of one only surface, so the problem should not be there. In a previous try with the cad made of two faces the same problem appeared, and when simulating I found out the surface was split through that edge. Here the picture. So I am afraid I am going to have the same problem once again with the model of only one surface. The possible sources of error that I can figure out are the model, the messing or the creation of the laminate. This last one actually looks like this: So I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me what things could be made to solve the problem I have.
  8. Hi All, I have a 3D mesh composed of hex elements of a component that looks like a human rib. How can I change the thickness of this 3D mesh in an effecient way? For example, if want the increased the thickness of this component by 10%, what are some to accomplish this? This mesh does not have any surfaces associated with it. So far, I have been translating the nodes of the 3D face elements along a vector to increase the thickness and I am curious if there is a better way. Any help will be appreciated! Cheeres, Sriram
  9. Hello, So I imported a semi-circle geometry from SolidWorks (IGES format) into HyperMesh and ive been trying to carry out topology optimisation on the piece. However, I keep getting the Error code: 2372. I've researched online that it may be PSHELL elements that haven't been deleted but how do I delete these without deleting the mesh? Does it have something to do with the thick line that can be seen in the image or maybe its that node that I can't remove (highlighted by the green ring) [Please look at the image attached] I've been struggling on this for hours, can someone please help?
  10. Good morning to everybody I'm working on ditching bodies in water, modelling it with SPH elements, and the bodies like rigid bodies. I use interface type7, as master i take the body surface, and slave nodes i take the sph elements (nodes); In interface edit panel, i use Istf=1 (just 0 and 1 avaible for sph formulation) and here we came to my need: i have to calculate the interface stifness (with istf=1 STFAC=costant interface sifness), between water and body, because from this depends in a large part the time step, but i don't know how. Should i consider a simple average value between bulk modulus of water and young modulus of body material, or a average weighted value, by a characteristic of entry in water, like entry speed or water height... thanks to all Damir
  11. Hi can anybody explain me how to do Torque stiffness and bending stiffness analysis in a BIW also please send the NASTRAN setup file if possible which will be helpful Thanks
  12. Hello, My doubt is about Hinge joint declaration in Optistruct: What is the difference between first and second grid? It has something to do with dependendent and independent nodes? Or the order in which i pick the nodes does not affect? Thank you!
  13. タイトルの通り既知の3つの節点を通る円の半径と中心座標をスクリプトで取得する方法を探しています。 3つの節点はユーザーが選択するものとして、その取得まではできているのですがそこからは数学的に算出するしかないでしょうか? もし円の半径と中心座標を3つの節点から取得できるコマンド等ありましたら教えていただけると幸いです。
  14. Hello, I have a group of springs from which I want to extract the total force in a simulation. Is there a quick and easy way to do this? I'd really appreciate your help
  15. hello, i am new to make scripts. i am trying to do a script to delete empty assemblies and sub assemblies in one action. i need a loop format of script to do this. but i dont know the structure. please help me out.
  16. Hello, When I try to open up hypermesh I get the following error: Error setting up framework: can't read "p_array(Model)":no such element in array while executing "raise $p_array($pagename)" (object"::HM_Framework::NotebookObj1" method "::HM_Framework::TGF_NotebookClass::ActivatePage" body line 3) invoked from within "$nb_obj ActivatePage $activeTabTitle" (procedure "p_InstallNotebookTabs" line 36) invoked from within "p_InstallNotebookTabs" (procedure "::HM_Framework::p_FinishInit" line 22) invoked from within "::HM_Framework::p_FinishInit" I uninstalled and then reinstalled Altair on my computer but the problem still persists. I also tried to remove the hmmenu.st files but that also did not work. What should I do to resolve this problem? Thank you -Eric
  17. Hi,I am trying to simulate a bird impact on a plate with RADIOSS. So I am creating my model on hypermesh now, i chose to consider the bird as a fluid with a density of 438 kg/m3. I would like to work with SI units and the dimensions of the bird are : 0.1325m long cylinder with two hemisphere ends having a radius of 0.075m. I am now trying to mesh this geometry with the SPH module in hypermesh. So i entered a pitch of 1e-3m and a density of 438kg/m3 as i said before. But when i create the mesh, nothing happen and i only get this message "0 mass elements created". I attached my file with the topic. I don't know what could be my error, more of that I tried to do it using mm instead of m and it worked... But I really want to use SI units. Thank you in advance for your help, Gaspard. BirdStrikeSI.hm
  18. Good afternoon, I'm trying to mesh a housing and I wanna model parts of it with SHELLS and others with SOLIDS. How do I connect both? Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone, I need to define a surface from a set of lines that represent level curves of a set of mountains. The creation of surfaces from lines does not work well. Is there a way to obtain good surfaces? Bests Martina
  20. Hey Guys! I have a problem during optistruct run. The run gave me errors during element quality check. I know some of my weld elements are pretty awful, but I need to know which ones. The solver always give me the ID number of the failed elements, but there are to many of them. So here is my question: How can I know which criteria use the optistruct solver? I mean the skewness, jacobian etc... The solver don't use my criteria file, that's sure. In preferences > check element settings there are some options so, I can choose between solvers wich one will check the quality of the elements. There's no information about what's the quality of the mesh what the solver need to get run down. Do you guys have any information about it? Please share your ideas, thanks in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  21. Hi everyone, is it possible to define as input data the behaviour curve of a non linear elasto-plastic matierial in a MAT1 card image material with the NL parameters activated? I tried to import the curve, changing the TYPSTRN value, but the solver Optistruct does not start. The curve has non linear trend both in the elastic that in the plastic phase. Bests Martina
  22. I am creating MSC Nastran input deck using HyperMesh. I have the model where I want to apply multiple loads in steps. Step-1 Bolt Preload Step-2 External Force on model holding the preload applied in Step1 Step-3 No load at all but bolt preload If I create different loadsteps from Utility, it seems they are going under different subcases, and in such scenario the loads would not be dependent. Each subcase would be treated as different simulation, wouldn't it? So my question is how do I create sequential steps? The .dat file should look like below. Sol 400 CEND STRAIN(PLOT)=ALL STRESS(PLOT)=ALL DISPLACEMENT(PLOT)=ALL FORCE(PLOT)=ALL ANALYSIS = NLSTATICS NLSTEP = 1 STEP 1 SPC = 1 LOAD = 1 STEP 2 SPC = 2 Load = 2 STEP 3 SPC = 2 BEGIN BULK $----------------------------------------------------------$
  23. Hello all, How you doing. ? its been a long time since i have asked my question. MY QUESTION: i have .odb files of size 2.7GB , and i am having 16 cases. now i need to send those result files to France. so i planned to use HV TRANS to reduce the ouput file size ( by keeping only the output which i want). i can do that by one by one. but you guys know importing this much size files takes lot of time. so i planned to use the HV TRANS in batch mode. ( some where i studied that batch mode is available ), but i dont how to use it.. 1. Please explain how to import all 16 cases at once in HV TRANS and how to proceed forward in batch mode ? 2. i need to import all 16 files at the same time and i need 16 H3D files.i think this is possible. your opinion pls ? My project delivery date is near by.. so quick suggestion are really appreciated.' thank you.. Regards, Guruganesh NVH
  24. Hi, I am a beginner pon hypermesh and i have a question, how can i mesh using nodes i have already place? I send a picture for a better understanding. Then i do not remember how can i put thicknesses on midsurface? THanks you in advance 2018-05-13_13-08-01.pdf
  25. I 've downloaded the captioned tutorial pdf and .fem deck data from Altair Connect. Importing "Thermal.fem" finished sucessfully, but, At Step 5, There is no node numbered "4679". (I searched the node by ID, but HW shows "No change. Total selected 0." ) I would like to know how to find it or if there is specific setting of importing the .fem file. I am using Hypermesh v14. Thanks in advance,
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