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Found 661 results

  1. Hi , Can anyone tel how node marking by path work ( i.e) path it chooses ,if I select two nodes .
  2. Dear all, How can I apply moment to a model in hypermesh? When I apply a force it is clear that after when creating the loadstep I have to assign the created force to "LOAD" and the constraints to "SPC". But in case I want to create only a moment what should I do? And in case I want to create both a force and a moment? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, I have a meshed cylinder (2d) on which i want to give an option to select a node to user. Once the node is selected, and clicked on proceed button it should display all the circumferential grids having a user defined number to the grids. Let's say i select a grid having ID as 122. Now, i want to display all the circumferential grid starting from 123 on the same station location where user has picked the node. I want to do it using TCL/ TK. Thanks
  4. Hi, I did shell mesh by extracting the elements from Tet mesh. Technically they should be connected, just for ex: a cover(shell mesh) on a solid part(Tet mesh). So here I did not extract any mid surface. How should I add thickness here? I am sure mid surface thickness is not going to work. I tried with Mid-mesh thickness as well, it di not work. Could anyone please suggest
  5. Hello everyone I am trying to setup abaqus model from hypermsh. I am new to abaqus solver. I already have reffered help from altair on the same. Any other help available on this topic please provide with link. Thank you
  6. I have 2 parts forming t section whose midsurface is extracted which creates gap between the parts,to overcome the same i extended the one surface and projected on other , after meshing nodes gets merged is their any need to define contact between the parts as i want to fix these parts ?
  7. I'm trying to apply pressure loads on an aircraft wing. I've created a .csv file for the same . the first column of the file represents the wing chord, second column represents the wing span and the third represents the pressure magnitude(figure attached). When I apply this load on the wing, the pressure is not applied normal to the elements (figure attached). I've checked the element normals and they all point outward. I'm not able to figure out why the pressure is not being applied in the normal direction. Please suggest solutions. Thanks.
  8. Hello Eveybody Regarding to the fact that hypermesh is the strongest mesh software in the world, I wonder why nobody has written a book on it, and we simply have a "do this do that" manual of the software without disucssing it in dept
  9. Dear team, I want to change the fillet radius of existing mesh interactively. The fillet is of variable radius. I want to input one value so that proportionally all radius should be changed. I know that we can use hyper morph to change the fillet radius but it is not effective for variable fillet. Please support me in this regard. Thanks in advance Regards, Nagarjuna Hyundai R&D, Hyderabad
  10. I am trying to debug TCL code through hypermath tool in Hypermesh. But, i don't know why it doesn't work properly like other IDEs. I don't know how to debug it step by step, so that i can come to know the workflow. It doesn't even shows the values at breakpoints. Any idea?
  11. Hello Everybody, I'm trying to use SPH Method with Radioss. I would like to determinate the deformation of a box full of water. I've modeled SPH Particles of water as simple cubic and I've used interface type 7 between water and box. Loads: lock of the base of box and gravity load to water particles. The simulation run without error but results are different than expected: pressure is not uniformly distributed becuase particles don't mantain the initial pitch. What is the error? In attach the .hm file. Could someone help me, please? Thanks in advance. prova_acqua.hm
  12. Hello, i just start to use Tcl script on hypermesh. I've a script who create a simple geometry and mesh on hypermesh. And i need to create boundary conditions. with the commande file I've : *startnotehistorystate {Created Force } *createmark nodes 1 1-19 1920-1945 4553-4559 *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 1 1 -0 -0 50 0 0 50 0 0 0 0 0 *endnotehistorystate {Created Force } The problem is that the nodes are not always the ame (depend on my geometry). Can I create boundary conditions without the number of the nodes ? Like with lines ? Something like : *startnotehistorystate {Created Force } *createmark nodes 1 Line 3 *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 1 1 -0 -0 50 0 0 50 0 0 0 0 0 *endnotehistorystate {Created Force } Thanks Sorry i'm really a beginner with TCL.
  13. Hello group I wanted to input the ABD Matrices directly to define a Laminate. Can this be done in hypermesh? Regards Pratik
  14. Hi, I wonder if we can use variables in a custom template for FE out, beneath a small example. How does one set the variable properly? set $Variable = 22, in the output the last column is 0. second issue: I want to write the element and node amount to the file, I know that the "elements" and "nodes" returns a array: how to get theirs size and write it down? *components("","") *before() *string("#components") *end() set $Variable = 22 *format() *fieldright(integer,id,8) *string(" ") *fieldright(integer,elements,8) *string(" ") *fieldright(integer,nodes,8) *string(" ") *fieldright(integer,$Variable,8) *end() *output()
  15. Hi, I am trying to run a model which simulates that of a cantilever beam with circular cuts designed into it at regular intervals. I have a force load applying in compression along the top edge of the beam and would like to perform a shape optimization of the circular cuts while maintaining constant volume of the model under a minimizing compliance (maximizing stiffness) objective. I've tried it a few different ways but can't get the model to converge after more than two iterations (the optimization isn't progressing very far most likely due to the strict volume constraints. So what I would like to know is if it is possible to perform a shape optimization while maintaining constant volume of the model. I understand that this may be a difficult problem for the solver as I'm asking it to make changes while perhaps not giving it room to work with. If an upper and lower bound constraint of the original volume is too tight of a constraint, how loose do I have to make the constraint to allow for a reasonable shape optimization to be performed while maintaining (mostly) a constant total volume? Thanks for your input! I've attached the .HM file as well if you would prefer to take a closer look at the problem setup and optimization parameters. Dylan Stelzer Compressive_Load_(Uniform)_Optimizaton_Setup_1.hm
  16. Can some one please explain me what is Tolerance in Seam welding panel? What is the value to be given. Thanks
  17. Hi everyone, I created a textile model using TexGen which allows me to directly create ABAQUS .inp file (I am using voxel mesh). This file can be opened perfectly in ABAQUS. However, when I tried to import the same file to Hypermesh (through import-->solver deck-->the ABAQUS .inp file), the file cannot be opened. Could somebody please kindly give me a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you.
  18. I am new to hypermesh and Optistruct. I am carrying out a linear static analysis on a simple model with loads and constraints as shown. I was expecting by common sense that the displacement would be in the central region but displacement is seen as shown in the results. I would like to know the reason for this, and what can be done to correct it/
  19. Is there a way to move a temp node along the line it was created from? What I am looking to do is create a node at each end of a curved line, then bring those nodes in 10mm along that curved line. Thank you, -Clay
  20. Hello, I'm working with linear dynamics (modal, harmonic and transient) analysis in OptiStruct and I wonder if I can extract the results of displacement, velocity and acceleration in list format or export to excel?
  21. can anyone tell me what is the procedure to make or produce a flow domain around a solid body that i have imported from a CAD platform into hypermesh.
  22. Hi to all, is there a way to change the orientation of CBAR elements, when using Hypermesh with Nastran user profile? In other words, if I create several bar2 elements in a clockwise direction along a circle line, how can I "change" the bar to be in counterclockwise direction? Thanks
  23. I have a model of chassis of a truck. I need to perform stress analysis on it in Ansys. Is there any problem importing a Hypermesh file to Ansys Workbench? How do I import it on workbench? Is it possible to do the same on Ansys APDL? PS: Since it is an assembly file with 19 components, I've been told that solving in APDL will be difficult & inaccurate. Kindly help.
  24. Hi , I just want to keep the shortcut for saving the Hm file. For this i prepared this code set hmDatabase [hm_info hmfilename] if {[llength $hmDatabase] == "0"} { set expFileName [tk_getSaveFile -defaultextension ".hm"\ -filetypes {{"HM Database" ".hm"}} -initialfile "ORIGINAL_DATA.hm"\ -title "Save as .hm file"] hm_answernext "yes" catch {*writefile "$expFileName" 1 } set hmDatabase [hm_info hmfilename] } if {[llength $hmDatabase] == "1" } { hm_answernext "yes" *writefile "$hmDatabase" 1 } Then i pasted this code on keyboard shortcuts window on Ctrl + S For the first time it worked in both cases 1. Fresh file ( which will ask the file name & location to Save) 2. Working file ( Which will save on the same file name & location) After some time it is working only on fresh file case. Any suggestions?
  25. Hey guys, I'm trying to write a script which deletes elements of a model, that have a young's modulus under a certain value ("Grenzwert"). Running the following Code, this is working as it is supposed to for the first 5 iterations. Afterwards the number of elements deleted stays the same all the time. The problem is, that there are still elements with a youngs modulus lower than 100. Do you know what's the problem here? Some annotations which may help to understand the code: lStressValue_1 = list containing the young's modulus of every element delete_id = element id which should be deleted # Suchen aller Werte unter Grenzwert set delete_id "" set delete_index {} set Grenzwert 100 set y -1 set Element "" # y gibt den Index des Felded unter Grenzwert an wird zu einer Liste zusammengefügt foreach Element $lStressValue_1 { incr y if {[expr $Element < $Grenzwert]} { lappend delete_index "$y" } } # Die Element-Ids aus der Liste der lIDs mit den Elementen unter Grundwert herauslesen foreach Element_C $delete_index { append delete_id "[lindex $lID_1 $Element_C] " } *createmark elements 1 {*}$delete_id *deletemark elements 1 Kind regards, Simon
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