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Found 661 results

  1. hello guys, i am doing some AcuSolve tutorials by Engineering Solutions-AcuSolve. I have found some problems with the Transient-heat-transfer while using on HyperMesh-Engineering Solutions. Here they are: 1. I can not restart computing on Engineering Solutions: The mentioned simulation is transient, which require a restart computing base on the previous computed results ( Steady-state). but restart function seemed not intergrated in Engineering solution. 2. Cant assign multiplier function for inlet's temperature: to be more precise, the inlet temperature drop down in few seconds. but this cant be specify in HyperMesh-Engineering solutions. Does anyone know about this issues? Please help. For more informations, please ask. Appreciated!
  2. Essa linha clara são 4 elementos de viga que recebem uma força na vertical no centro deles, representam uma manga de eixo. O objetivo é analisar distribuição de tensão nas bandejas de suspensão, por isso é bem simplificado. O problema é que, com uso de RBE3, eles deformam dessa maneira aleatória. Agradeço desde já as respostas.
  3. Hi all, I am creating a new script which detects joints between several components and identifies the start node and the end node. I show an example in the image below: I am able to detect all joints with the *findmark command, but I don't know how to identify the node which "starts" or "ends" the joint. The start/end nodes are those which have temp nodes in the image. Can anyone help me to do this? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. Hi, I am doing tensile test simulation in hyperworks using imposed velocity load collector, can anyone explain how to get forces in output results.
  5. Hi, i am working on my bachelor thesis at the moment, in which i need to simulate the heat transfer absorbed by a laser. Therefore i want to apply different heat fluxes which overlap and run only for 1 second. After 1 second i want the second heat flux to start and also run for only 1 second. How can i do this? Thanks, Erdinc
  6. I have a node selected using "*createentitypanel node" API, from which i can also get it's coordinates or ID, let's say (101, 123, 67) and ID as 123456. Now, this is located on a circumference of meshed component where on the same circumference there will be other grids as well. I want to have list of all nodes have Z value as 67. Is there any way to achieve so? What if i have radial and axial tolerances as well. Please note that the component is made up of only nodes and elements. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm want to mesh the body frame of bus ,like the attachment. can anyone tell me how to do that? or give some materials for me . Thanks in advance! dinggujia.hm
  8. hi everyone, i have bugg in hypermesh i can not view discrete element in my part . i add temp node to showing how to rectify that one give thanks
  9. I'm modeling a representative volume element that it's basicaly made by a cylinder inserted into a cube. I need to make a spring contact between this two parts, changing the spring stiffness i want to analyse the perfect and the imperfect contact. Anybody has a tip to build this model with spring elements (CBUSH) only in the common nodes between the cylinder and the rest of the cube? Those spring elements need to be at a cylindric system. I have something like this:
  10. Hi, I meet some trouble when using fatigue process feature in Hypermesh. I already learned the tutorial part about this feature and I knew every step. However, when I build a very simple model (a cubic), applying the force on one side and fixing the other side, exporting to .fem format, then repeated these steps again, I couldn't get any analysis results. The analysis was successful, but both life and damage showed no number when I switch to the contour plot. I also defined the shell component on the surface, like what the tutorial does. Can anyone help me figure out what step do I miss? Or some small details I forgot to consider? Thank you.
  11. Hello All, I am trying to create a cantilever beam model that can only move in - or + x direction. I found a thread about this topic and tried to use CGAP element, however, I cannot figure it out. Thank you. 3d.hm
  12. Hello, i have a little question about the possibility of time scaling and the use of the radiation load collector. I used the factor 10 (1sec in simulation=10sec in real time) to speed up my thermal analysis with radioss. It works fine wenn i scale thermal conductivity and the heat transfer coefficent (for example convection) by the factor i used for speed up (10). Is this although possible for the radiation? Because i don't see any way to scale this value in correct way... With best regards Kintsch
  13. Is Shell elements are appropriate for stress analysis of assembly?
  14. Hello , Good Morning everyone I am trying to prepare a script which will 1.go through geometry detect all holes 2. detect for co linear holes 2 or more, note center nodes 3. create a spider with hole and center node and beam between two hole center Right now I am able to achieve 1st and 3rd step but not able resolve second step Any one have any suggestion for this? Thank you
  15. Hi all, As a part of structural simulation of a wing section, I use aluminium alloy (works perfectly) and foam (facing problems) material in my simulation. Foam properties are downloaded from official ROHACELL website (attached screenshot) which are used in aircraft. (Refer screenshot) We have 3 different materials as mentioned below ROHACELL 31A: E = 36, G=13 & nu = 0.384615 (Calculated using this formula nu= E/2G - 1) ROHACELL 51A: E = 70, G= 19 & nu = 0.8421 ROHACELL 71A: E = 92, G = 29 & nu = 0.5862 I wanted to use 51A material, Is there an appropriate MAT Card for these kind of material parameters? Thanks in advance. Regards, Sachin.
  16. Hi all, I am trying to find duplicate surfaces in a model. I couldn't find any Tcl command for searching duplicate surfaces, however there is following Tcl command from HyperMesh Desktop Reference Guide which searches faces: *createmark faces 1 all *facepreviewduplicates 1 0.1 In the status message bar, the message "5 faces are duplicate" appears. However my target is to find out the pairs of duplicate surfaces. Is it possible using HyperMesh Tcl? Best regards, Mubeen
  17. Dear all, I am working as NVH engineer. in our case , we use terta solid mesh. my process : first we will make tria mesh and then we will convert into tetra mesh using ( 3D--> Tetramesh--> tetra mesh --> fixed trais/quads to tetra mesh --> simple pyramid --> create per-volume comps --> create. Then the tetramesh will create in a component vol001 ( name of the newly created component). so i need to delete the 2d mesh component and also again i have to rename the component . so i want to simplify my process. i want to create TETRA MESH (3D) in same component where the TRIA elements (2D) are present. but by deleting the 2D tria elements (automatically) during the tetra-mesh conversation process. ??? IS THIS POSSIBLE ? please give your suggestion. so that i can save some time. becoz for every item i need to rename for more than 50 components. thank you.
  18. Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  19. Hi, I'm running a 3D model and am trying to perform a shape optimization on 5 similar structures on a beam. It is a beam with 5 circular cuts made throughout it with a specific loading applied to it. I ran the shape optimization once and it ran for 12 iterations and then gave the error that the mesh became too distorted and was unable to proceed with the optimization. I looked online and found that most people are using the "remesh" option in the opti-control setting to combat this type of termination error. I have applied the remesh option in opti-control and ran the optimization again but now I am receiving the error shown in the image below which I can't seem to find any information for on the forums. Would anybody be able to weigh in on this? Thanks ahead of time! Dylan Stelzer
  20. Hi, I am trying to create a boundary layer mesh around a sphere. It is non uniform boundary layer, what I mean is I am fully aware of how to create a volume mesh with boundary layers. But what I dont know is how I can create a varying number of boundary layers within the domain. Say closer to the sphere, I want 20 layers and near the inlet I need 10 layers. Is there way to create this within Hypermesh? Thanks
  21. Hello! I have this problem of not getting the h3d file. After meshing my component and applying the MPCLL , I went for the free free run and then i got the message ANALYSIS COMPLETED Then when i went on for RESULTS , I got this (attachment attached) message stating "UNABLE TO LOCATE .H3D MODEL FILE" Please help me in this context .
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Hyperworks and working my way through the tutorials but for some reason I can't seem to see meshes on my parts when I create them. Here's a screenshot of what I can see: No matter how far I zoom in the mesh doesn't appear, and I can only see it when using the "shrink" visualization setting, which appears as below: My graphics card driver should be up to date as I just updated it a few weeks ago. I'm running a Radeon graphics card on Gentoo Linux, and using Hyperworks 14.0 Desktop. Thanks!
  23. LIKE "position" function in hypermorph .whether any option in morphing tool for transferring elements to components with our dimension or any related data.Exactly exact movement of elements to geometry not by moving with handles approximately
  24. Would some one help please I want to make this geometry mappable
  25. Hi, I am trying to convert Abaqus to Radioss block format. When doing so, I am facing an error ("Error: 0"). I have attached the images with this post. I have checked the ABAQUS input file and could find no error in it. Is this happening due to any other issue? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards.
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