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Found 661 results

  1. Hi i need to simulate a wheel hub of a formula SAE with a 3D mesh but i have a problem with the element quality check. The hub has a diameter of 120 and a depth of 85 mm. I try with differents element size, differents minimum element size and other methods but the problem still remains and the simulation crashes every time. Are there any ideal parameters to mesh it? Remember that the geometry is very complex. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello I have meshed a part using shell elements but in my part the thickness varies in different areas of the part (some areas T is 1mm and some areas T is 3 mm). How should I define T when defining property for this part. I appreciate if you give me your suggestions
  3. Why the mesh patterns for the 4 sectors of the circle are not the same? I mean it's a symmetric circle that has been cut into exactly 4 same sectors but when I use 2D auto mesh, the marked sectors meshing patterns are different than the other two and I can't make them the same! The meshed circle is part of the solid. I'm planning to drag the 2D mesh to 3D mesh the whole cylinder. Even when I use "solid map" to directly 3D mesh the cylinder, only 2 of the adjacent sectors get the "nice mesh". I'm using HM 13 and Abaqus as a solver. Thanks, Maysam
  4. Hello Everyone, Here i working on steering model , in that time i edit solid using line not trimmed exact portion its cuts zig zag portion , please check below snap and .hm file amd give solution . thanks Regards Yukeshkumar k steering_hexa.hm
  5. to make element to surface its show lot of trimming surface , when once again repeat mesh in trimming surface its lot show lot of fixed point issue , so any other solution is there in trimming surface to make mesh for automotive standards
  6. Hi there, my problem is as followes: i built up a squarish composite plate (carbon) with orthotropic material property. I edited the laminate with "symmetric" option to realize the orthotropic material behave. Now my problem is that I want to check the material behave varying ply direction and ply thickness. So the plate should obtain 10 mm height on the left edge and 9 mm on the right edge to simulate an angular load initiation, Now the symmetric laminate option causes a result which I dont want to realize (see attachment). Can you tell me how to realize that? Maybe with shell to solid conversion (how do i get there?)? Regards
  7. Hi every one , i create a simple plate and add a fixed point ,after i hide that fixed point the mesh flow will be change in that fixed point must need for bcs applying point what to do , here i attached snap and , .hm file please check it ,and give valuable rply,and also how check closing point in line pipe model like example simple.hm
  8. hey, i am new to hypermesh and i want to create mesh then export it to fluent, while the mesh is being exported successfully i face problems when i run the fluid simulation. i see the analsysis for only 1 mesh thickness and the flow is not going any further . i created a simple geometry to test my hypothesis. i suspect there is a problem is treating the body as fluid, kindly guide me.
  9. Hi Would you please help me with this case I have an assembly in that parts are both in contact with each other and also connected with bolt. My question is if I define only EBE2 to connect parts, where bolts are located, do I have to define contact between parts which are touching each other too?? or it is not required to define contact between them and RBE2 connection is enough. Thanks for your help in advance
  10. How do I import .cdb file (meshed Hypermesh file) in Ansys Workbench for solving? Please help.
  11. I am trying to run an optimization of a design and I am receiving the error code: *** ERROR # 157 *** Error opening the scratch file "./optimization1_10188_01fm.rs~" Fortran error code = 9 This may be caused by not having the access right to open the file, not enough memory left for the system routines, or some other system setup related reasons. This error was detected in subroutine opseqsav. The computer I am using is running windows 8 with an Intel i7-4700MQ and 8GB of system ram.
  12. Greetings, I'm trying to read data from a node path that I've selected, using the way shown here http://www.altairhyperworks.com/pdfs/tips/1068.pdf I can see the "resolved in" option but I'm unable to change it to my cylindrical local coordinate system. Modeled in hypermesh and solved in abaqus, in Hypermesh I assigned my local csys to all nodes, still no luck. I'll be grateful if someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Good evening to everyone, i'm trying to run a topological optimization but it doesn't work. looking at the .out it shows that a problem occurs in the design variables, the message is: "NO DESIGN MATERIAL OR DESIGN VARIABLES FOUND: ANALYSIS ONLY" after that the code prosecutes with the linear static analysis. The design property related to the desvar is a PSOLID; the analysis regards a mass minimization with a boundary on the maximum stress. many thanks for your help, Andrea
  14. Hello, I want result of frequency response analysis in real and Imaginary form in H3D format. I have specified this in load step and also in Global output control . but still I get output in Phase imaginary form. I am want to use this Vectors Real and Imaginary further in Hyperstudy to do Model updating where I have defined my own criteria. Regards Pratik
  15. Hello Group Refering to MATORT9 card for planar isotropic model according to comment §4 only are independent parameter (Ep, En, vp, vnp, and Gn) so should we keep rest of the field on card blank like E2 nu23 and G12, G31. Will optistruct automatically calculate them Regards Pratik
  16. I am trying to create a j-integral domain for abaqus using hypermesh. I am having issues of circles not being imported with enough line segments, resulting in triangles and straight lines for these circles. I have included an image of the import. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, -Clay
  17. Hello, i'm new to Hypermesh but i need to solve a problem which mush be very simple for a veteran user. I just need help on how to make a simple batch script that given and input file containing triangle surface mesh of a solid, output the entire tetra volume mesh of that solid. I'd like to do that from shell without using any gui. That's it! I would really appreciate any help. P.S. Could you please include which file format it accept as input and which as output? Thank you for your time.
  18. Hello, I'm currently at a point where HyperMesh seems to run out of options, or I want to do more than HyperMesh was designed for. I'm experimenting with Nastran's glue contact surfaces, with attributes BSURF, BSURFS and BGSET. Now, I have already created funcionality in HyperMesh for BSURF(S) and BGSET, but now I want to create a custom connector to use this functionality in HyperMesh. I have a construction made out of several layers of shell or solid elements and I want to 'glue' all the intermediate surfaces/solids to eachother. Seeing from the functionality for, for example, bolts, HyperMesh is capable of realising connections with purely the connector location, the to be attached components/surfs/elems and a tolerance value. Of course, information of the type of connection is required as well, but many are preset. Now I'd like to create my own custom connector, allowing me to input the to be connected contactsurfs and a tolerance value, and let HyperMesh figure out which contactsurf should be connected to which other contactsurf. After that, it should all be formatted in the NASTRAN's BSURF(S) and BGSET. Now the latter can be arranged via a post processing script that you can add to the FECONFIG.cfg file. My question is, is the former (creating a custom connector) possible to users in HyperMesh, or is it solely purposed for Altair development? Thank you for your time and help. Jeffrey PS. Please see the attachment. I want to be able to select contactsurfs 1, 2, 3 and 4. The idea is that contactsurf 2 is connected to 1. Contactsurf 3 is connected to 2, etc. This functionality is already present in bolt creation, that's why I want to make use of the HyperMesh connectors rather than write a MATLAB script to do the same.
  19. Hi community! I am new to the Hyperworks world and currently trying to perform a sensitivity study using Hypermesh, Optistruct and Hyperview. Eventually I would like to compare the displacement of a certain set of nodes for each simulation. Ideally I would like to automatically output this information in a txt or csv file which I then can analyse and compare in Excel. Is it possible to specify in Hypermesh that an additional file is created containing a certain set information - maybe using "output block"?? Or do I always have to go through Hyperview or a macro? Thank you very much for your help! Happy Easter, Weltenbummler Btw.: I found other topics in forum about this problem but havent quite found the answer that I was looking for. So please excuse the double post
  20. Hello group what does this card from Control Card image indicates I especially want to know what is FL and how does it effect results. Regards Pratik
  21. Hi All, When I try to map thicknesses to my mesh I get this error: I have selected a user profile and I have never seen this error before. Any help would be much appreciated!
  22. Hello Everyone, I would like to know what is the difference between Elemental System, Global System, Analysis System. I am interested in this since hypermesh allows to extract (strains,stress,element forces etc) from each of these systems. I regularly use the one that is by default "Element system" but I want to understand what is the difference between them and what can I obtain different of each of them. Thank you for your time!
  23. Hello all, I am attempting to use some RBE3 elements to apply loads and I am receiving this error: A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 774 *** When a grid's component has no stiffness, then that component cannot be an independent d.o.f. in an RBE3. RBE3 id = 270584 grid id = 326669 weighted components = 123 max d.o.f with stiff = 1 Would greatly appreciate some advice regarding this. Thanks
  24. Hi! I'm a student and I have the Student version of HyperWorks. I would like to import an STL file in Optistruct, but there isn't the choice of STL in Import Solver Deck. Is it possible to import it? Thanks Martina
  25. Hi everyone, I modeled an element in Altair Inspire, then I imported it in HyperWorks as a Solver deck. The mesh is created by Inspire, is there a procedure to refine the mesh o remesh the object? I tried to remesh some volumes, but the longest side of the FEs was not divided. Bests Martina
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