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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, Please find attached tutorial for CFD optimisation of a manifold. Some of the applications, where it can be used includes, HVAC ducting • Reduce pressure drop • Increase flow uniformity • Maximize/minimize outlet temperature Heat exchangers • Maximize pressure drop • Maximize heat transfer Brake discs • Minimize temperature • Maximize heat transfer • Brake cooling ducts External Aero • Minimize drag • Maximize negative lift and many more. I have also attached a simple Pipe CFD optimisation tutorial. Please do contact us for any queries. Regards, kamlesh Acusolve_Hyperstudy_tutorial_manifold.zip Acusolve_Hyperstudy_Tutorial_Pipe.zip
  2. LIKE "position" function in hypermorph .whether any option in morphing tool for transferring elements to components with our dimension or any related data.Exactly exact movement of elements to geometry not by moving with handles approximately
  3. Hi, I am trying to morph a mesh onto a surface using 'morph to geometry' command. Before morphing, it is important to align the mesh and geometry correctly. For this I used 'Tool>position' command. But I had to use this command several times to align the to entities correctly. Since I have to do a lot of morphing on different entities, I was wondering if there is any automatic/semi automatic way to align them appropriately before morphing? Or is there a script based method to input a 4x4 transformation matrix into Hypermesh for aligning two entities? Thanks for your help. Regards, Harish
  4. HI, Actually im newly exlporing hypermorph,can anyone please tel me the logic behind morph volume and morph constraints for 3D models.
  5. Hello, I want to move a hole located in the middle of a beam. As I translate the elements of the hole along x axis, I want that the disturbance of the elements are distributed equally to the elements which are in the translation directionso that the meshes are not distort. Is there a way of selecting constraints to equally distribute the disturbances? Thank you
  6. Hello guys, I want to morph a model but after moving my handles there are always some negative jacobians/folded elements. Also after a small movement (about 1-2mm) there are some folded elements (sometimes only 2 folded elements). The size of my model is around 150mm * 250mm and the element size in the moprhing region is around 0.5mm - 5mm. Is there any options to avoid folded elements? Maybe meshing with smaller elements or bigger elements or try some various options in the "morph" subpanel? It would be great if anybody can help me!
  7. Dear Altair support team, I am setting up the analysis of the crashbox for optimization. I have some questions regarding the Hyperstudy, 1. As figure below, can I set the position of those handles (red points) as a design variables because I need to find out the optimal taper angle. When I looked into the .tpl file, there cannot be adjusted them while shell thickness can be specified the lower upper bound directly. If impossible, could you suggest me the similar ways to carry out this task. 2. When I Evaluate Tasks for both nominal run and optimization. I think, the software is trying to solve the results but unfortunately when I look into the CPU load, it just 9% as same as the memory, completely different from usual situations. Normally, I define number of CPU cores as 24 (-nt 24) in RADIOSS. There have something wrong? or how I can define the core number in Hyperstudy? it is very slow now even a small problem. thank you for your help, best regards Wisawanart
  8. Dear all, please help me with the parameterization of LOCATION of three cross-members of ladder frame chassis for DOE study using LHS(random design points). The cross-members are to be translated in y-direction in both directions limited to ±100 units. The design variables (continuous, not discrete) are the locations of cross-members from rear end i.e. Y1, Y2 and Y3 and response is the first modal frequency. I want to generate a response surface for freq in terms of Y1, Y2, and Y3. Please tell me how to parameterize their locations to be varied as continuous variables if possible or otherwise to create response surface.
  9. Hi, I give the radius value in the corners, and the component direction separately as shapes. I will use these shapes as DOE in Hyperstudy. But when I change the two shapes at the same time, a useless shape like the one in figure 'radiusandrotatecombined' appears. How can I design a proper shape by correcting this situation? Thank you, rotateandradius.hm
  10. Dear team, I want to change the fillet radius of existing mesh interactively. The fillet is of variable radius. I want to input one value so that proportionally all radius should be changed. I know that we can use hyper morph to change the fillet radius but it is not effective for variable fillet. Please support me in this regard. Thanks in advance Regards, Nagarjuna Hyundai R&D, Hyderabad
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