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Found 168 results

  1. hello every one , here i attached snap , how retain the hyper view model tree
  2. Hi guys. How I get to obtain a sequences frames pictures from an animation in HV? Does HV have a tool for to do this? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, The IDs of entity sets in HyperView are auto assigned.Sometimes they are not continuous. I intend to re-arrange them in a ascending order but HyperView doesn't provide an option. How should I proceed ? Thanks in advance, Regards, Girish
  4. Hey guys, maybe one of you can help me completing the following task: I need to know the IDs of the attached elements of elements. From a topology optimization I selected the elements: #Querry Elements set set_id [myModel AddSelectionSet element] myModel GetSelectionSetHandle elem_set $set_id elem_set Add "contour >= $isoValue" myQuery SetSelectionSet $set_id myQuery SetQuery "element.id element.centroid contour.value element.connectivity" myQuery WriteData $outPath/ElemsCentroid.txt This gets me a list with ELEMENT ID, CENTROID coordinates, and the nodes associated with the element. One way of solving my issue is to get a Node ID Element ID list. in order to find the attached elements. I really cannot find the script to do this, as there is no node.connectivity query option. Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  5. Hey all, I am a bit confused right now. I did some exercise with hyperview tcl. I set up a real simple script: # Hyperview Exercise1 hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session1 session1 GetProjectHandle project1 project GetPageHandle page1 1 page1 GetWindowHandle win1 1 win1 SetClientType animation hwi CloseStack When running the script multiple times it says several times: session1: object with this name already exists. I thought, wit hhwi CloseStack all handles would get released which is not the case? Someone seeing the same behaviour with those lines running 2 times? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  6. Hello, I am post-processing many sets of results data in Hyperview (20 sets per h3d results file, and multiple h3d files). I have 7 pages with 2-4 Windows per page. I want them all to show the same results set. Right now I need to go into each window and update the results set, and do this 20 times per result, and I have dozens of results. I then need to go through and export photos for each page, and it becomes time consuming. Is there a way to: update ALL windows to the same results set and export ALL plots to PNG files. Also, since I have multiple H3D results files, if there is a way to point all windows to the same file that would be great as well. If I can run this in batch, that would be best, but anything that cuts down on the number of clicks would be helpful since the plots are standard and just need the new results loaded before being exported. I did find the synchronize windows button but that just synchronizes the view, not the results data. I appreciate any help you can give!
  7. Hi, So while reviewing the result of topology optimization in hyperview we have two different pages showing design history (densities) and the subcase result (displacement and stresses). How can i plot the contour value of stresses or displacement while at the same time showing the iso-value of densities (optimized shape)? Thanks! bayupu
  8. Sir, How can we access a deformed model and its undeformed shape at a time? I have first loaded the model and result file (.odb file) simultaneously and in second step only the model (same .odb file) with 'overlay' option checked. I want to measure relative displacement between two nodes in which one node is on the deformed shape and one node is on the undeformed shape. However it is not letting me select node from another model file which is not current.
  9. Sir, By default, in measures I see dynamic mim/max option to see deformation of nodes having min/max deformation magnitude at the LAST STEP of simulation which can show their deformation values progressively with the simulation steps. However, how can I get the dynamic deformation values of particular node of interest, no matter whether it is having maximum or minimum overall deformation?
  10. Hi, I have the problem, that I have some curvout data from LS-Dyna simulations. Hypergraph/Hyperview cannot open or plot the curvout data neither from the binout file nor the Ascii-file. Has anyone used curvout data before? Attached you find a sample of the curvout file. It is very simple, even more simple than most of the other LS-Dyna Ascii-files ... Christian curvout
  11. Dear All, I am trying to open Ansys Version 14.5 Mechanical APDL Load case (LC) File in Altair Hyperview 13.0. It is showing error. Is it possible to open Load case file in Altair Hyperview? Please support me in this. Thanks & Regards, Shabadi Santosh
  12. bita

    Hyper view

    Hi I was wondering what does mag refer to in Hyper view result type
  13. Hallo Forum I have multiple variants of same Modell. ie I want to open muliple H3D file in same HV window to compare. Is it Possible. I chose Multple window button from tool bar but couldnt find a way to load moultiple H3D file to display in those
  14. After performing topology optimization, I don't know the stress contour and displacement contour for the optimized structure ( Last iteration) are for which iso value specifically? Because by changing the iso value the structure modifies, however the stress and displacement contour for the last iteration stay unchanged. In Hyper view there are two sub cases one is design and the other is static analysis. In design sub case we can see all iterations of optimization with respect user defined iso value. In static sub case which my question is about. The static analysis results (displacement and von misses stress) are only available for two iteration (zero iteration and last iteration). I was wondering this plotted displacement and Von Misses stress contour for the last iteration is with respect to what iso value number. Normally for any specified iso value for specific iteration we should have unique stress and displacement contour because by specifying any iso value we are weakening or strengthening the structure. But here in Hyper view for the last iteration there is only one displacement and stress contour and it is not clear for which iso value are these contours! I did attach two pictures from first and last iterations respectively First iteration Last iteration optimized structure (last iteration Iso value=0.5) Optimized structure (last iteration, Iso value 0.2) I want to know the displacement contour (second picture) is for structure with iso value of 0.2 or 0.5 or any other values Thank you in advance
  15. Greetings, I'm trying to read data from a node path that I've selected, using the way shown here http://www.altairhyperworks.com/pdfs/tips/1068.pdf I can see the "resolved in" option but I'm unable to change it to my cylindrical local coordinate system. Modeled in hypermesh and solved in abaqus, in Hypermesh I assigned my local csys to all nodes, still no luck. I'll be grateful if someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello! I am wondering if there is any way to refresh the result in hyperview while keeping the post-processing style used. Currently, I am saving the session (.mvw) file and reopening it everytime I have new analysis results. If I open the result file, hyperview removes all of the post-processing style I used. It is kind of annoying to reopen the whole session just to update a result from one analysis. I wish there was a refresh result button or an option to keep actual style when opening a result file. I am sure it would be easy to implement this as the "apply style" option easily tranfers a style to a result window. Maybe it exists but I don't know where. Anyone having the same needs? Anyone knows another trick? Thanks in advance!
  17. I have a group of nodes for which I have grid point forces, specifically SPCF FZ. I would like to determine the summation of those grid point forces for the nodes in my group. Can anyone tell me how to do the summation using result math/hypermath? Thanks.
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