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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, I could not able to find the sample for the following tutorial " RD-E: 5500 Fan Blade Rotation Initialization and Impact " using Radioss. Pls share if anyone has Regards, Arul
  2. Dear Forum, I am trying to simulate a 3 point bending test of a composite beam. This beam has inner ribs to create more stiffness. But when the analysis runs, there is no stress/strain on these inner ribs. See picture What can I do to correct this. I first draw CAD geometry, using surfaces. I split the surfaces on the contact edge, to assure a proper t-junction edge. (Yellow edges in the picture) Then I import Geom; mesh ect (the rest is history). Thanks in advance Arne PS any other pointer are also welcome Mesh_1_Lam_Load.hm
  3. Hi there, I am trying to load a tcl script from the command prompt using batch mode that does a bit of post processing. When i run it, the command prompt doesn't produce any errors however once it is complete HyperWorks has not loaded and I can not see my results. Is there something additional that i need to add to the command prompt line or to my script? Command Prompt line: C:/altair/hw/bin/win64/hw.exe -b -tcl "<tcl_directory" "<tpl_directory_called_in_tcl_script>" `
  4. Hi, I have created a session file where it generates graph between strain and stress for a particular element id. Now i would like to change the element id and reuse the template or session file. I am very new to hyperworks and have no idea how to change .tpl to tcl script or .mvw to tcl. For understanding i am attching the images created by saved template and also the template. I would like to create a script such that it should ask me to enter the element id in hyperview. Any suggestions or recomendations (example scripts) would be verymuch appreciated and helpful. Thanks in advance Agassi e181115.tpl
  5. hello, i didn't find client selector in my software, is there new version feature.
  6. Throughout JEC World show, come and see ESAComp in action with our engineers. With the launch of ESAComp 4.6, we'll show you the new capabilities, including Python scripting; enhanced panel analysis with shell modelled stiffeners... ESAComp now provides structural analysis of thick-walled pressure vessels from winding patterns imported from Composicad filament winding simulation. For HyperWorks users, ESAComp provides fully integrated solution for pre- and post-processing of composite structures, allowing ply-by-ply investigation of failure modes using advanced failure criteria. We're an active member of Altair Partner Alliance, find us together with Altair Engineering in Hall 5A on Stand N68
  7. Dear experts, I realized a simulation of the AM procedure of a plate on Amphyon; I obtain residual stresses due to the manufacturing procedure. Now I need to import these information for each node to HyperWorks to lead a FE analysis. Amphyon allows to export nodes numbers and information in .txt and .stl format. Is there a procedure to import these files in Hyperworks? MartinaC
  8. Hi, I would like to export all the pages in my hyperview with required screen resolution. In Hyperview there is an option in Menu- Export* - Multiple Images - old/Advanced where I can specify width and height seperatly. But this option is restrictred to 'Export each window separately total page size'. This means If i have 4 windows in a page this option is exporting images of individual window with specified resolution. I would like to export all the pages with required width and height. At present I am trying to using command window with following commands by opening every page: hwi GetSessionHandle sess sess CaptureScreenToSize png 01.png 1400 593 I am trying to write a tcl/tpl script to automate this process (Export all pages with given width and height). It would be appreciated if someone can help me with this code. Thanks in advance Agassi
  9. Hi all, Am trying to create a script which instantly creates a set with all the beam and bar elements in my model... this is how far I have gotten. *createmark elems 1 "by config" bar2 *createentity sets cardimage=SET_ELEM name=set1 *setvalue sets id=2 ids= elems 1 {this is where I am getting it wrong} *setvalue sets id=2 name="test" I can create the set easily but it is getting the beam and bar elements into that set which is proving troublesome. Also, is there a list of all Hypermesh TCL script commands? Cheers Andy
  10. tinh

    Posts as read

    Hi, admin How can i delete my posts? And i think font size and buttons are quite small
  11. hi, i want to optimize cost of 2 Matrial-Truss (1D, steel and aluminum), i do not know, how / wilch optimization-card shall i creat or change (as response) . Better -> Screenshot thanks very much!
  12. When i started the program : HYPERWORKS, it displays these two sentences, and it becomes closed itself. Plz let me know the solution. 1. Folder C:/Users/정경석 /.Altair/AssemblyDb/udm20170/atCtrlSession_workspace already exists and not empty. 2. The library is closed.
  13. I have Modal file .bdf file and Time Result file .h3d file (of order 0.5 to 8.0). Now, I want to export this file into UNV. I have all required info of Element Ids, Subcases, Result type- Stress, Components, with me. Also, I know the manual way to approach this. Can someone help me with HyperWork Script to automate this thing? Thanks, SAGAR MOTWANI
  14. Hi, Can somebody tell me how to decide which solver type to use when exporting a file in AcuSolve? Thanks.
  15. I am new to frequnecy response analysis and have some queries regrding the same 1. I referred the OS- 1300 module for frquency response and I am not sure about how the values of COUPMASS and WTMASS was taken. 2. I want to apply the base excitation of 1g to my model. How can I do that? 3. In the tutorial the DAREA is applied and dof3 is given value of 20. Does that mean the application of frequnecy with amplitude 20? 4. How can I give the damping of 1% to my system? Thank You.
  16. I want to apply 20g force in x y and z direction for the given assembly. I tried with suport1 but it is not giving me the required results. Please help.
  17. How can I submit a job to abaqus through the Main console in HyperMesh, I tried using abaqus job=abc.inp (for example), however HyperMesh gets stuck there and a few minutes later I get a Not Responding and have to shut down HyperMesh then. Thank you.
  18. Hi, I have created a table with frequency and acceleration values. I need to perform frequency response analysis. How can I perform this analysis with the frequency and acceleration values as input?
  19. Hello, How can I make the number of plies as the variable rather than the thickness of the ply, since the ply thickness has to be 0.2 mm, and the number of layers can change. And I see that there is nothing like manufacturing thickness when I connect HyperWorks to HyperStudy. I'm using GA as solving algorithm. Thank you.
  20. I wanted to know the hyperworks version installed using the dos prompt. Is there any method to find the version of installed altair using the command line.
  21. what is the difference between altair connect and altair cleint login
  22. Dear staff, I am going to change my hard drive on the same laptop where are installed Feko+Winprop Student Edition, which I have to install again on the fresh new OS install. I think there won't be licensing issue, as my other components aren't changing. Am I correct ? Can I apply again the licence file as described in the installation guide ? Thank you, Sincerely
  23. I need to create a macro, which would help me to display the name, material properties and dimensions of a component by clicking/selecting it, moreover if the components contains multiple parts it would help to select only those parts whose Properties tag i wish to display. Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.
  24. Hi all, What is the unit of "B" ( Force per unit velocity) value in PDAMP Card in Optistruct? Ns/m or Ns/mm ? Regards, Arul
  25. Hello Eveybody Regarding to the fact that hypermesh is the strongest mesh software in the world, I wonder why nobody has written a book on it, and we simply have a "do this do that" manual of the software without disucssing it in dept
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