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Found 10 results

  1. I've installe HyperWorks 2017 Student Edition and added the environment variable "ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH" , when i try to open hypermesh i get a license error ( as you can see in the attached picture). I've checked the ethernet ID and it matches the one I used to register my license. altair_lic.dat
  2. srvemula

    License error

    I have got a new license after verifying the Ethernet address. Now they match but still the error is on. The error: Altair License Manager: License error Feature(s): GlobalZoneAM, HyperWorks, HWAutomate Error Code: 9 Error Description: Feature not found Feature: Automate Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:\Program Files\Altair\2017.2-edu\security\altair_lic.dat - (Err: 9) Feature not found License Path: C:/Program Files/Altair/2017.2-edu/security/altair_lic.dat;C:\Program Files\Altair\2017.2-edu\security\altair_lic.dat The file is located in the security folder and I unhid the extensions and there is no .dat.dat (see attached) The Ethernet addresses are matching (see attached) old license is with Ethernet adapter Ethernet 2 (picked by your Altair host ID tool) and it gave the same error. (see attached) New License is with Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi and it gives me the same error. (see attached) Network Address is not present (someone said in forum so I checked it - see attached) I tried everything in the forum. Can you please provide me a solution? cmd.txt altair_lic.dat altair_lic_old.dat
  3. Hello HyperWork users. I have encountered a problem with Radioss analysis, somewhat connected with my license. Due to lack of separate Radioss programe in SE, we've built engine inside HyperMesh and tried to run analysis. However, each time I run Radioss message below pops up. I've checked ipconfig/all with license already (since I changed Internet provider), as well as re-downloading license file and substituting it. At this point, I honesly strive for any new idea what might be wrog with it. Provided, you need my in- or output files, I may attach them in the next post. Many thanks in advance for your help. EDIT1: I attached files. LICZ_0000.rad LICZ_0001.rad
  4. So here's the play by play of what happened. 1. I download the FEKO software and receive the license file. 2. I cut and paste the license file into the security directory. (This can be seen in the attached pictures.) 3. I try to run one of the examples (the horn one). 4. I get an error message. The error is: ERROR 18012. It tells me that access is denied. At first I thought I used the wrong IP Host address when I requested a license. So I created a topic on the forums, and Prakash Pagadala told me to request a new license file with the correct IP Host address. So I downloaded a new license file, and then I cut and pasted the new license file into the security directory. Nevertheless, I got the same error message. I have attached some screenshots that show: A. The error message: ERROR 18012. B. The IP Host addresses available on my computer (there are three of these images). C. The new license file shown re-located in the security directory. I also attached the new license file itself, just in case you need to review it to determine something about the license itself. So: How do I fix this? Also, I don't know if this is important, but I do have Windows 7 installed on this computer. Another guy — Rahul Ponginan — responded to my post, but in the link he provided me, it wasn't clear what he was trying to communicate. It had something to do with tinkering with the Environmental Variables in some advanced settings. But in my opinion, he did not write clearly enough for me to follow him, which is to say that he left too much open to interpretation in his instructions for me to feel confident enough to pursue that path of investigation. (Though, to be fair, he might be on to something.) --- altair_lic.dat
  5. Hello, I have a problem with running a tclscript via hmbatch.exe in the windows command prompt. I am currently trying to combine the optistruct topology optimization with an external evolutionary algorithm for my master thesis, therefore i want to run the tclscript without accessing the gui of hypermesh. While the tclscript runs perfectly fine when I run it from within Hyperworks, if I try to test the same script via the command prompt I get a licensing error (Error Code: 9) as well as multiple import template failures. I searched Google and the AU forums for the error code but I couldn't find a thread that was applicable to my problem. The Error Code only seems to occur when Hyperworks wasn't installed correctly or when the License wasn't correct ( e.g. Updating to a newer Version of Hyperworks without updating the License). I checked the altair_lic.dat in the altair install directory and it corresponds correctly to my ethernet adress, so that can't be an issue especially since Hyperworks itself starts without problems. Is it possible that the problem might be that the Studentversion doesn't allow the use of the hmbatch.exe? I am using the Studentversion of Hyperworks 14 on my ASUS Laptop (OS: Win8.1). A textfile with the full prompt input and error output and the software specs is attached. Also the same errors occured while using hmopengl.exe Thanks for taking the time to read. hw_error.txt
  6. Hi All, Recently as a partnership with Altair, I have been given the full HyperWorks suite as sponsorship. All works with the license etc. etc. however when I try to open either Inspire or Virtual Wind Tunnel, the software freezes and doesn't open. My system specs are Windows 7 64-bit, Intel core i5 and 8GB RAM. Thanks, Alfie Payne
  7. Guest

    Licensing 13 ?

    Hi, When I asked for HW13 Licensing, I got always 12.0.3. Is this a bug of Altair's site ?
  8. This date says the license manager is reading your license.dat but can't find a valid license key. Check that there are no spurious characters in the license.dat file. If on LINUX try dos2unix license.dat If on Windows edit the license.dat deleting all text but the license feature lines (comment lines start with #). A sample license feature line looks like: yCTxePXm3CPElP5oe6bIya AcuConsole 1 0 Dec-31-2010 0xa3be71g5 host1
  9. "OpenSCManager failed: Access Denied" or "rexed.exe: can't establish connection" This error is related to the permissions associated with the UAC (User Access Control) feature in Windows Vista or 7. Even when users are logged in as Administrator, you don't have administrative privilege by default unless you specifically request it for a given program. To resolve this problem, right click on acuLmd.exe in the "bin" folder of the AcuSolve installation and select "Run as administrator".
  10. There are two methods to do this. One would be to add the parameter -lmhost server_name to the command being issued. The other would be to edit the Acusim.cnf file and change only the lmhost value to the correct license server. The license deamon process acuLmd still needs to run on the local machine.
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