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Found 10 results

  1. Hmで中立面を作成する際に、midsurfaceをautoで作成しています。 厚みをreview thicknessツールにて確認していますが、これを複数に 一度で確認する場合、リスト化することはできませんか? 例) AAAA(COMPname) , 4.5(板厚)  BBBB(COMPname) , 6.0(板厚)
  2. I am currently working with fairly large models that consist of a number of parts that are castings. In order to keep the element numbers down in the model a number of the castings are being simplified using midsurfaces. The castings that are getting midsurfaced have a large amount of uniform thickness material whcih is fairly easy to midsurface but they feature a number of more complex areas featuring bosses and varying thickness material that makes midsurfacing very difficult and time consuming. As the auto-midsurface can not handle this geometry a large amount of manual midsurfacing work is required and this has is very time consuming and frustrating, partly due to Hypermesh not being the most stable platform for creating midsurfaces manually. I have had a large number of problems when equivalencing sides and replacing points where Hyperworks seems to carry out additional, unwanted, actions (eg. toggling 2 edges and it will effect points or edges that I do not want to move). Has anyone had any experience doing this that can offer me advice or tips? Or is it just a case of being persistent with it? Will
  3. Hi All, When I try to map thicknesses to my mesh I get this error: I have selected a user profile and I have never seen this error before. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, I want to run a Radioss analysis of a layered structure under impact. As my layers are too thin to be modeled with 3D elements, I want to use midsurfacing tool. Relative to that, I have 2 questions: 1. One thing I ask myself since the beginning of using midsurface is : should I translate the components relatively to the new midsurface ? ie. if a ball impacts a table, should I translate the midsurface of the table up, to make contact at the right time ? I would say you do not have to translate it as you indicate the thickness, but in my simulations, contact does not begin (vonMises stress = 0 ) before I can visually detect it. So I always translate my components, though it seems weird to me... 2. As I said, I want to model a structure comprised of different sheets of materials, which I would like to model as 2D elements. Problem : - At first, my 3D components are in contact (if it had been a 3D mesh, I would have liked to have a continuous mesh) - When I do the midsurface for each sheet, they have a gap; which is normal but which I wonder about : I suppose I should not translate my midsurfaces, however contact is not detected and I would like to use continuous meshing instead of interface option. Hope that was clear enough. If you can give me some answers to my questions, it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance, Alice
  5. Hi all, In hypermesh, there are different methods to extrating midsurface, like skin offset, offset, offset+planes and offset+planes+sweeps. What's the difference among this methods and how to judge which method is proper for a given geometry? Is there any detail reference document about this? Thank you. Roy
  6. I am a student and I am trying to run an impact analysis of a truck chasis. There are more than 100 components and I have created mid surface of all the components to do 2D mesh. I facing a problem where there are gaps. I have tried to use the extend surface option but not abler to remove the gaps. Please help me out. have attached a pic for reference.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to generate/extract midsurface of big assembly in to separate individual components. And the extracted midsurface components should be assiged with the thickness automatically. is possible to make the software undertand the thickness or let it to calculate. It looks very difficult but your thoughts and ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks
  8. Hello, I am doing analysis for Corrugated fiber board box i.e CFB box. Its Structure is as per Pic1. So I took mid surface of it, and shell meshed it.( Refer Pic2). In same case, I simply offset both the liner, and then meshed it. ( Refer Pic3) Now, which one is correct and give better result without any issue? 1. In 1st case is there any issue regarding initial penetration? liner and flute have different properties and material. 2. Do I need to give contact interference in any case? 3. In actual scenario, there is adhesive between Liner and flute to stick together.(Pic4). Do i need to use connectors? 4. Suggest any other appropriate technique....
  9. I have 2 parts forming t section whose midsurface is extracted which creates gap between the parts,to overcome the same i extended the one surface and projected on other , after meshing nodes gets merged is their any need to define contact between the parts as i want to fix these parts ?
  10. Hello everyone , while i made mid surface in manually (its means small edges toggle ) its automatically transparency decreases , its transparency decrease plastic component , i will do every time after made mid surface we manually increase transparency .how to switch off automatically decrease transparency or give me any valuable comments . Thanks mid_s.hm
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