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Found 15 results

  1. Hello community, if you like to instantiate a certain number of a model/class/component and connect the ports with a for-loop you can do it like in the picture below: In this example a specified number of the "HeatedPipe" component is created. One for-loop is connecting the flow ports and the other one is connecting the heat ports. regards Nils RadiatorSimple.zip
  2. Hello to all! I found this error connecting modelica's element of my spring damper system with the multibody element of modelica. Which connector should i use? My aim is to simulate a free fall mass with a spring and a hydraulic damping system. I found this element in th demo file SpringDamperSystem. Thank for the attention. Arnigaber
  3. Hello to all, in my first model i want to simulate a dumper using a cylinder with orifice in the line to the tank. I've tried different configuration but every time appears this type of error and i don't understand what it mean. Is there someone that can help me uderstand this error? What i have to change? Thanks in advance! Arnigaber
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement a co-simulation using Activate and MotionView, using the Hydraulic tools, but I'm getting this error at the very beginning of the simulation. How can I fix it? I got version 14 of Visual C++ Thank you all
  5. I faced `FMIConnector:-CreateArchive`. Error: when simulating Activate model with Modelica blocks. What can I do for this? ---- detail ---- I ran "C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\ActivateBasic2019.1\tutorial_models\Extended_Book_Models\Chapter_11_Physical_modeling\motor.scm" , then I found error messages as below: with Windows10 64bit, Activate 2019.1. I found that, "tools>compile" command shows almost same messages like this: And, I created new Activate model includes modelica blocks and ran, then almost same Errors appeared. That's a matter around C++ compilers? I'm working with Visual Studio 2017 Express, and seems OK. Regards.
  6. Dear Experts, My Modelica sript contains the following equation: tan(gamma) = (y - y_b)/(x - x_b); where y, x, x_b, y_b are variables. Please let me have your advice how to avoid zero-division (to avoid to become x=x_b) in Modelica script. When I tried to insert the following statements in Modelica argorithm section: if abs(x-x_b) <= 0.01 then x := x_b + 0.01; end if; of cource, as you expected, Activate issued the error: system is overdetermined. Regards, Minoru Yubuchi
  7. Dear Experts, When I ran a Modelica script through MoCustomBlock in Activate, Activate issued the following error: [fmi2GetEventIndicators]: Error at t=7.5262725398123784e+000: index-1 and derivative evaluation failure Failed in updating zero-crossing surfaces. In what case, is this error issued and what should I fix generally? Regards, Minoru Yubuchi
  8. Dear Experts, I would like to know how to switch two Modelica blocks based on a situation of the simulation. For example, please assume two SpringDamper blocks, A and B are contained in an Actibvate model which are applied at the same location. SpringDamper block (A or B)used in the simulation is decided based on situation of simulation and might be changed during the simulation. I created a model (attached) where MoCustomComponent based on Spring is used. In the model, spring constant of the Spring block can be switched during simulation but Spring block cannot be switched in this way? Are there any ways to switch Modelica blocks? Regards, Minoru Yubuchi Model5.scm
  9. Dear Experts, I built a simple model that contains a MoCustomComponent block that represent a mass (see attached Activate model). The script in the block is just copied from Mass modelica block. The model issued the error (see the picture attched). What should I modify? Thanks, Minoru Yubuchi Samples_Modelica.scm
  10. Dear Yubuchi-san, being far away from a semiconductor expert, I had a short look at the corresponding package of the Modelica palette. Short answer: yes, this is possible! For some of the existing electrical components the heat port is already enabled (please, see screenshot below). In this case, the electrical power loss can be transferred into a thermal power (e.g. to heat up surrounding mechanical components). This kind of conditional instantiation is also used for other electrical components, so it is useful to check their parameter dialogue. If it is not existing for the components you are looking for, it can be added – as it is the case for self-defined ones. Hope, this helps – best regards! Christian ____________________________________________________________________ Dear experts, Can Activate-Modelica compute heat generated by semiconductor device within an electrical circuit? Thanks, Minoru Yubuchi
  11. For more information, see www.altair.com/mbd2019 and www.altair.com/mbd2019/activate. To download a free 1-year license of this software, go to https://basicportal.altair.com/downloads. Do you want to model & simulate multi-disciplinary systems-of-systems? If yes, then whether you are involved in academia or industry or are just a hobbyist/maker looking for cool & useful software, this no-cost Personal Edition software could help you achieve your goals. As an open platform, Activate leverages Modelica and the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), and can import Simulink® files. Give Altair Activate™ a try today!
  12. 1Dモデリング & システムシミュレーション入門を開催します。 本シリーズでは、アーム機構の回転制御を例題として、Activateの基本操作および、Signalモデリング、Modelicaモデリング、連成シミュレーション、最適化方法を学びます。 対象のモデルはDCモータに接続されたアームを制御するものとし、シグナルブロックの制御モデル、Modelicaブロックの電気回路モデルおよびMotionSolveの機構解析を用いたアームもモデルが含まれますので、これらの接続方法を習得できます。また、Activateの最適化ブロックやHyperStudyとの連携による最適化手法も紹介します。小分けに解説動画およびモデルを配布していきますので、是非ご利用ください。 なお、本コースでは solidThinking Activate 2017.3 HyperWorks 2017.2 を使用しています。 1DシミュレーションツールAltair Activate : http://solidthinking.jp/product/activate/ マルチボディソルバAltair MotionSolve : https://www.altairhyperworks.jp/product/motionsolve activate_training_00_intro.mp4
  13. Modelicaコンポーネントを使用するにはVisual C++のコンパイラが必要です。 インストールされていない場合は、添付のエラーメッセージが表示されます。 version 2017.3での対応コンパイラHome -> Get Started -> System Requirements に記載があります4つのvisual studioのほか、Visual C++ 2015 Build Toolsのいづれかとなります。 Visual Studio 2015 community(無償) Visual Studio 2015 professional(有償) Visual Studio 2013 express(無償) Visual Studio 2013 professional(有償) Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools(無償) 無償バージョンのご利用に関しましては、 Microsoftの規約に従いご利用をお願いいたします。不明な場合は各社のIT担当にご確認ください。 1DシミュレーションツールAltair Activate : http://solidthinking.jp/product/activate/
  14. During development of Modelica components I have to import the library several times. Using the dialoge is unwieldy . Can I use a script or something else? Thanks, Ronald
  15. When I tried to run one of the tutorials associated with the Modelica set that comes with Activate , I received an error message shown in the attached screenshot file. That message indicates "Modelica compiler requires Visual C++ compiler version >= 10". If I download and install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 RC", do you expect that will resolve this error?
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