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Found 670 results

  1. Hi, I am new to Hyperworks. I am getting Error 2148 "All the sensitivities of response 2(objective) are zero. Also: 1)I put a pressure across each element on the circles as I want a distributed load of 150N on each circle. Is this correct? 2)In reality my beam is welded on each end. Are my degrees of freedom correct? I have attached the file. Thank you. U Beam optimisation.hm
  2. Hello, Can anyone please let me know how to get/ request rms stress in HM 11, Optistruct Solver? Thank you.
  3. Dear All, I'm using HM as a pre-processor and optistuct as a solver. want to simulate following condition shaft of size =10.000 mm and housing = 9.999 mm(interference of 1 micron) when i'm trying to rotate shaft using motor by keeping fixed housing. 150 degree temp is generated. want to observe the effect of temp on contact pressure and deformation of housing ID and Shaft OD. model is setup is done as per NLQS. what extra i need to incorporate to observe above effect regards, Ganesh
  4. Hello everyone, I've just a simple question about the Inspire's optimization algorithm: is it the same used by Optistruct in Hypermesh's analysis? Where can I find optimization algorithms of Inspire? I'm looking for math formulas. In which ebook or User Guide should I look for? Thanks in advance Alberto
  5. hello, i'm trying to do a correlation between experimental results and numérical ones, so for this correlation i am using as a reference file a .UNV ( 164) and for correlation file results extracted from a modale analysis optistruct, so once i clic on load an error message apear it said that '' erreur: missing operand ar_@_ in expression..'' as showing in the picture. i'm sure that the error comes from the unv file. so my question is : is it the unv fomat file ''dataset 164'' that causes this error? if yes what dataset should be used ' dataset 15, 18, 55, 58, 82 or 151? if there is any other suggestion i'm all ears. and thank you in advance for all your replies
  6. Hello I try to create an output block that shows me the stress of the elements that I have morphed(which are now morphface) I select those elements and I give them a shell property but I get the error #14 element missing referenced by xhist. How can I solve this problem? Thank you!
  7. Hi, Is there anyway to integrate Additive Manufacturing constraints for topology optimization in optistruct? I would like to add constraints such as maximum overhang angle, minimum number of support structure, etc... I would also like to determine the best build direction. Thank you
  8. Hello ! I dont have much knowledge about hyperworks and I work on a project about mechanical shocks but i'm having problems with control cards,like Tstop in RUN and Tfreq in ANIM DT and TFILE. Please can i have an explication. thanks a lot .
  9. Hello, I'am trying to perform a topology optimization using MMO which has a solid property for a design variable. When I run the MMO I get an error *** ERROR # 7506 *** Current version of lattice structures does not support multi-model optimization . Are solid properties not supported for MMO or is there another problem? Thanks
  10. Hey Guys! I've just wondering, it is useful to apply second order element for composite in Hypermesh using Optistruct as a solver? I think the composite theories use pretty much linear approximation between layers that's why I'm asking this "silly" question. Thanks for answers in advance! Have a nice day, Imre ps.: if you have any good tutorial, books etc. for composite modeling I would be grateful if you can share with me! :)
  11. In a fatigue analysis setup in optistruct solver is it absolutely essential that the component to have no life (fatigue failure) if : - static analysis stress exceeds ultimate tensile strength of material component. - load time history 1 cycle is 0 1 0 Please provide some clarification regarding this matter.
  12. Hi, First time using HyperMesh and I am following a tutorial for topology optimisation. The tutorial I am following is on pages 25-36 in the link provided. When I click OptiStruct, I do not get a message. When I click view.out, I get a message saying: '.out file does not exist.' Where am I going wrong? OptiStruct_11.0_Tutorials_(1).pdf Regards, Laurence
  13. Hi every one, I am trying to simulate a convection and conduction model and compare it with analytic results. I have a cube with K value of 100 as it can be seen in the attachment, with upper surface temperature of 40. The lower surface is exposed to free convection with amb. temp of 20 and H value of 40. The thinkness if cube is 0.35m. Analytical calculation of problem would yield lower surface temp. of 37.3 while simulation results always gets very close to ambient temperature. can anyone explain why there is a difference ? T1 = 40 K = 100 H = 40 Tamb = 20 L = 0.35 T2 = ? k.(T1-T2)/L = H(T2 - Tamb) T2 = 37.3
  14. Quick question everyone... Is it possible to extract contact forces in such a way that they can be imported into another model as a pressure? The model I have has wearpads with contact OPTI - so I get a text file with a force result for that contact, but when you open the result in Hyperview, you can clearly see how the force varies over the surface.. and that's what I need to simplify my model. Does anyone know how to extract that result? The image below is reported as a net of 13.4kN in the opti file yet clearly the majority is in the corner.
  15. Hello, I am trying to perform a simple lattice optimization using optistruct in order to create a tensile specimen with lattice structure. When I run my optimization, a feasible design is found however the resulting .fem file no longer has a solid for the non design space. This becomes apparent when I try to export the results to .iges I've attached the relevant files as reference: ASTM_D638_02a_TypeIII_lattice.fem ASTM_D638_02a_TypeIII.hm Thanks Malcolm
  16. Hi, I'm using optistruct 'free shape' to create 'design variable' and saved as a .hm file. How to import this variable into Hyperstudy as a 'Define design variables'? Thank you so much!
  17. I am looking to write a windows batch file or linux script that would generate an Optistruct .fem input file given an .hm file. I looked through the hwsolver/scripts available in Windows versions but it was not obvious as to what to do for this. Could some help or direction be provided on this? Thank you!
  18. Hello, I run OptiStruct but got empty results. My operating system: Win10 + Hyperworks Student Version I followed this tutorial deleted all the files but it still doesn't work... Thank you! Zizhe
  19. Hi All, I have a question involving the HyperMesh preprocessor. I'm trying to run a transient thermal analysis, where there is a consistent base boundary condition, and convection is applied, but only after a delay. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to apply convection partway through the analysis. For example, I'm allowing the part to heat for 25 seconds, and then turning a fan on and blowing on it for the last 25. I have my TLOAD1, TABLED1, SPCD, and SPC collectors for convection, but I can't figure out how to apply this delay. I tried setting the TABLED1 value to 0 for the first 25 seconds, but that just sets temperature to zero I believe. I imagine the DELAY_OPTION would be helpful, but I don't know how. Thanks very much for any help you can provide.
  20. Hello, I am attempting to run an optimization using Optistruct but the solver keeps outputting the following error: *** ERROR # 312 *** In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large 1.7638e+015. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. INFEASIBLE DESIGN (AT LEAST ONE CONSTRAINT VIOLATED). From what I understand, this error could be from a model that is not fully constrained or from poorly defined materials properties. My model is constrained with 2 RBE3 elements so I believe my constraints are not the issue and I don't understand what could be wrong with my material inputs. I have attached my model for reference. Any help would be appreciated Thanks ComparisonStudyModel.hm
  21. A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 3405 *** Internal overflow happened due to the large size of model. This version of OptiStruct can not solve it. Could somebody help me to solve this problem
  22. Hello, I am receiving this following error message: ERROR # 605 Element 917177 is referenced by STACK 1 (on PLY 2) and by STACK 2 (on PLY 12) simultaneously. I looked at previous topics about this error message and checked the stacks to make sure the same ply is not used in both stack 1 and 2. But I am still having difficulty in finding and changing the ply property of the element in the error message. Does anyone know how I should proceed to solve this error? Thank you Muge
  23. *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "dppdrv1.F", at location # 1034. **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** ************************************************************************ OptiStruct error termination report printed to file "opti.stat". Someone please tell me what is the problem opti.stat
  24. Hello every body . Do you have experience about seam welding for optistruct . I need some help for tutorial or example how to use seam welding function . Could you please help me ?
  25. Hello, I am trying to run a linear static analysis which has 36 loadsteps. I need to apply these loadsteps in sequence and need the results from the previous step to be retained for the next step. I am trying to use the statsub(preload) card but it gives an error that subcases cannot be nested. What is the right way to do this in a linear static analysis.
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