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Found 626 results

  1. Hello everyone , i need aware about that Optistruct moadl analysis (force loading) what type card image use it and have 5 different constraints and same load , how can i manage that type condition
  2. Hello, I need to export the no of elements present after topology optimisation or the optimised surface area of the geometry. I can export it as a CAD file and find the area and so on... But I would like to print them into a file, maybe a .txt file so that I can all for these values in a code that I am developing. Kindly let me know if there is a solution to this or should I obtain the information manually? Thanks, Suraj.R
  3. Hallo , I planned to implement the BC, Load cases what is exactly in ( Link Provided) in to my model which is already topologically optimized . I applied all the details that are provided and I am getting the following error , Could anyone please provide or check how to rectify the error. I would like to do linear static analysis with my approach in this already topologically optimized model. Thanks in advance . Here with I showed what the error is and also my hm file for your reference . *** WARNING 1931: SPC SID= 4 is not referenced by Case Control. *** WARNING # 1848 Topology optimization without minimum member size control activated. Using DTPL card or DOPTPRM,MINDIM is recommended. NOTE # 1852 AUTOMATIC SCREENING is activated. Use DSCREEN,AUTO,OFF to disable automatic screening. *** ERROR # 339 *** The dependent d.o.f. is constrained by grid or spc data. RBE3 element id = 34776. grid id = 6689. component = 2. *** ERROR # 339 *** The dependent d.o.f. is constrained by grid or spc data. RBE3 element id = 34777. grid id = 6690. component = 1. *** ERROR # 329 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a x-moment - check element data. *** ERROR # 330 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a y-moment - check element data. *** ERROR # 331 *** RBE3 element 34779 cannot support a z-moment - check element data. Number of bad RBE3 elements = 3 Trail2.hm
  4. I'm having an issue with Optistruct: when running an Analysis Optistruct seems to finish it giving "Job complete" but opening the .out file you can clearly see that analysis isn't complete. I'll attach both the .out and .stat files Thank you Piastra_libera_ASET.stat Piastra_libera_ASET.out P.S: the issue seems to disappear without the ASET load collector, could that be the cause?
  5. Is it possible to do operational Modal Analysis in optistruct?
  6. hello folks, we can output Stress and strain using output blocks. when we Go to Analaysis page>> Output Block>> elements. Card edit the created output block and change the keyword accordingly (BRIC for solid elemnts, SHEL for shell elements, etc..). All the requested information will be written to T01 file. but where to locate t01 FILE. please help in this query
  7. In SN life fatigue analysis carried out in optistruct, we get output of life and damage only. How to get dispacement and stresses induced due to fatigue loading in output? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear Community, I find a problem in imposing minimum ply thickness constraint (PLYTHK) during free-size optimization. Whatever value I put in the DSIZE card as minimum ply thickness, this seems to be ignored by the solver and I get, in the resultant size model, plies with thickness lower than the value I specify. I have attached a simple model as example. In the example: Although I set 0.05mm as minimum ply thickness for all the plies, I get plies with lower thickness (e.g, ply 205200 is 0.02mm thick, ply 310300 is 0.0096mm thick, and so on...) in the sized resultant model. Has anybody found the same behaviour? and, has anybody found a solution? Thanks for the support, Alessandro plythk_issue_sizing.13.fem plythk_issue.hm
  9. Hello, I need to optimize a structure submitted to its self-weight and another hundred kg force. The self-weight (GRAV) does not allowed the convergence in DUAL mode (I do not have any access to DUAL2). I'm using the student Hyperworks 2017 edition. I tried to modifie the solver (MUMPS...) but there is no difference. Thank you in advance for you help. Baptiste
  10. Dear community, I am wondering if it is possible to print the responses defined for optistruct (as per optimization) to output file even if optimization is not performed (-optskip). This could be very useful to verify a model, in terms of constraints fulfilment, without performing an optimization. I know that it is possible to print all unretained responses to output file with "RESPRINT = option", but this is not working if optimization is not running. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance, Alessandro
  11. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  12. Hi, Is it possible to do Modal analysis for rotor with shaft ( using 3D elements) using following example in optistruct?. or it is applicable for only 1D elements problem?? I have tried . But it is not working for 3D problems OS-1372: Rotor Dynamics of a Hollow Cylindrical Rotor
  13. Dear Community, I have a problem when creating an Optistruct model for freesize optimization including a ply drop-off (PLYDRP) constraint. In particular, I created such a model in Hypermesh 2017 with different design variables (DSIZE). If I export the model in Optistruct format (.fem) and I import it again in Hypermesh 2017, I am not anymore able to see all the DSIZEs but I can see only one of it. I have created a simple model to give you an example. In the file attached, you will find (among the others) four DSIZEs: top, bottom, left, and right. The PLYDRP constraint is activate for all of these design variables. If I export the model to an Optistruct input file (.fem) and I import it again in Hypermesh, I cannot see anymore the four DSIZEs, but only one of them (top) is still there. This happens only if PLYDRP is activated. I would really appreciate if anybody could give me an explanation about this strange behaviour and what to do to avoid it. Thank you in advance, Alessandro plydrop_issue.hm
  14. Hello, I am trying to run linear buckling analysis on a structure that I created in HyperWorks. I am getting a very accurate critical buckling load result when I apply a load of 100 N. However I get a Gram-Schmidt Reorthogonalization error when: 1) The applied load is 1000 N or 10 N (I tried multiple times, I am getting an error if the load is different than 100 N) 2) When I scale the geometry to cm's. (The model consists of nodes 10 mm apart from each other, connected with rod elements. The total length is 200 mm, the total height is 20 mm) What could be the reason for getting this error? I am confused as the error occurs both when I increase and decrease the load. Thanks, Muge Candogan
  15. Hello all, I have done static analysis of the structure using static load case of 971N. I have applied Fully reversible sinusoidal curve (100 cycles) for fatigue analysis in optistruct. SN curve is calculated in optistruct using UTS. After analysis i am getting minimum number of cycle as 1.581e-2 which seems unrealistic. What can be the problem?
  16. Hi, I am currently carrying out a 1D beam analysis. My results and the contour on my beam seems patchy and unclear. I have attached the file of the beam and results for you to understand. It is a distributed load of 150N between 32mm-109mm and 222mm-299mm. Could you please tell me how to make the contour line more visible. I have tried to change the range, but it did not make a difference. Thank you, Yousif 1D beam.mvw 1D beam.hm
  17. i am trying to optimize the topology of this tub chassis to get the load paths of the load applied in the form of torsion,braking,acceleration and lateral acceleration. giving minimum element size as 100 i am doing this but it shows this design is not feasible can anyone suggest what is the problem. i have attached .hm file with the question.finally my objective is to minimize the mass of the chassis to convert this tub in space frame. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzyq7n9dfd9ds5a/topology2.hm this is the link for the .hm file
  18. Short Version I am quite new to FEA and HyperWorks and am modelling a suspension bridge with a distributed load and a ball-joint to connect the vertically running cables to the main cables and deck, but with a Linear Static load step the joints are ignored. Slightly-longer version The bridge I am modelling is the Humber Suspension Bridge found near Kingston upon Hill, England. The model has a distributed force across the top nodes and I have attempted to connect a few vertically running cables to the deck using a ball joint from the Mesh > Create > 1D Elements > Joints menu. The deck and support have been imported from CATIA and then (2D) meshed whilst the cables have been created using lines then line-meshed with a Beam Section. When I attempt to run the analysis with a Linear Static load step the Solver View states the joints are ignored and "MBD cards are present in the data, but there is no MBD sub cases. JOINTs, MBD loads and other MBD cards will be ignored". So I attempt to use a Multi-Body Dynamics load step but I'm not entirely sure what to put in the variables other than my constraints in the SPC. My forces are currently of load type FORCE, should they be MBFRC? Kind Regards
  19. Hey guys, I got a question on topology optimization again. I want to set a Stress Constraint for my optimization, how can I estimate a reasonable value for this constraint to avoid getting an infeasible design? Besides, how do I know which of my constraints is hurt when this error is occurring? Kind regards Simon
  20. Dear Colleagues, I have a problem with heat transfer analysis. I am experienced with ANSYS thermal analyses and at the same time I am working with HyperWorks for a couple of years but it is my first more complex thermal problem that I am solving with HW. My problem is, I don’t know how to set properly the analysis Load collectors and steps. What I want to do: I have a part of a machine (rotating lathe table) which is heated by heat generated in bearings and motor. According to the norms I have performed on machine test and I need to reply this with FEA to obtain a model on which I can test construction changes. The machine has been working in a few timesteps, with different parameters. My question is how to set the Loadsteps to obtain a few substeps which are performed one after the other under the terms of the previous. Bellow I posted a shorten table of the experiment. The heat flux has been calculated analytically. Time [min.] heat flux [W/mm2] 0 – 30 hf1 30 – 60 hf2 60 – 120 hf3 ... After that I want to obtain the temperature distribution on the table and its deformation (displacements).
  21. Hi Rahul I am doing linear static analysis on a plastic injection mold assembly. Clamping force and constraints are as following Pressure 54 MPa (This is the maximum pressure of molten plastic when it enters the cavity) is applied on core and cavity as shown below The problem is that, the maximum displacement is much more than what it should be in real case (It is almost 10 times more). I have used SI units and I checked material properties, units look right. I don't know understand why I get this result. I have used bolt connection, RBE2 and also FREEZE contact to define connection between parts. I sent you the model via your Dropbox link. I appreciate if you can spend some time and check my model and let me know what is the problem and why the maximum displacement I got is much more than the reality.Thanks a lot.
  22. Hello everyone I have a quite complexe geometry to mesh. For this I have applied 'Check Elements Quality Index', where it shows the quality of the elements. Now I would like to know, if there is a possibility to cut the model, to be able to see the inner contours and how the elements looks there. Then I could have a better overview of the situation and know what to change for the mesh. I thank you in advance for your help!
  23. Hello everybody, I have a problem with optimizing in hypermesh (optistruct). I get the following error message: *** ERROR # 5617 *** The SUBCASE ID in ATT1 field of DRESP1 1 does not refer to a modal FRF subcase. *** Run terminated because of error(s) in the input data. I actually did the same as in tutorial OS 3010. I hope you can help me My model is attached pangelo.
  24. I am working on composite analysis using optistruct solver. While solving I got error "program stopped due to element quality check." what should be the solution for this. whether I have to remesh again or is there any command by which element quality criterion gets automatically satisfied. Thanks.
  25. Hi All, I am trying to run an analysis on a pipe section subjected to torsion. When I run the analysis I get the below message ***There were 4 error messages during input processing*** The first message is repeated below: *** ERROR # 772 *** It is invalid to use a free grid as an independent grid in RBE3 data. Free spiders are not allowed to be independent grids in RBE3 data. RBE3 id = 4903 free grid id = 9634 weighted components = 123 You should remove this grid from the RBE3 data. *** Run terminated because of error(s) in the input data. Does anyone have any advice to resolve this error? Thanks in advance, Luke
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