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Found 669 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to convert Radioss file containing monitored volume (perfect gas) to Optistruct. In the convert browser the monitored volume is marked green i.e. "all active attributes for a given entity are mapped". After conversion there is control volume listed as type airbag, but with no parameters other than entity selection. When running analysis in Optistruct (static and explicit dynamic) it seems like monitored volume has no effect on the results. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi. I am analyzing cylindrical pressure vessel with fillet at the inner bottom corner. (Pls see attached picture) During the analysis using Optistruct, it stopped and the error message said that "Element # 2575, element type PENTA" the element was at the tip of the fillet. I know removing the fillet is the one of the best way to gain the quality of elements, but I want to analyze the exact model with fillet. Please tell me how to solve this problem. In above picture, brown is solid element and blue is shell element extracted from the face of the solid element in order to add a inner pressure. I am using HyperWorks ver.13. Thank you.
  3. Please explain me everything about Synthetic Responses. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Vijay I have been given the following Project and they have put a tight dead line on this. So I really appreciate if you reply me as soon as you can. This is a fan shroud. When this fan shroud is installed on the engine and starts to vibrate, one of the following happens 1. Those purple pieces which are made of steel start to craking 2. The soft shot (green piece) become separated from the hard shot ( yellow piece) The customer is going to give us two more version of revised design of this to see if they work better than their current model Here is the material stress strain curve and its data point for the the yellow piece, the purple pieces are made of stain less steel and we don't have the material data for the green piece (the soft shot) yet. The inner surface of all those steel pieces and a surface all around the soft shot are constrained in all DOF. The customer has provide us the attached Excel file which shows the frequency range and acceleration at each point (please see the attached file) I appreciate if you guide me about type of analysis for this project. What should I consider in the current model to be compared with revised design to say if the revised ones are better or worse? I have sent you the model via your drop box link too. Copy of L5P_Fan_shroud_accelerations.xlsx
  5. Hello, I have a problem with a linear static analysis with Optistruct; I have to evaluate shear tension on a rotating cylinder with angular acceleration. I've completed the tutorial on the rotating disc; I've also add angular acceleration in RACC field of RFORCE and results are in accordance with analytical formulas. My problem consist in the evaluation of stress in a rotating cylinder (without the central hole) with angular acceleration. I have no problem if RACC =0 and non-zero angular velocity; however, when I add angular acceleration, resultant displacements are very high and stress very low. Did I commit any errors in constraints definition? I constrained DOF 1 2 3 of nodes belonging to the axis of the cylinder. Thank you so much for your attention rotating.fem
  6. Hi, I want to simulate the elastic (and further the elasto-plastic) behaviour of arbitrary lattice structures with hyperworks by the use of unit cells. Is there a possibility to apply periodic boundary conditions to simulate unit cells? In addition to that i've tried the Multi-Scale Designer for a simulation like this but there is a major limitation. Within MDS i've to specify matrix and the fiber material but i'm only interested in the behaviour of the fiber material without any influence of the matrix material. I hope someone have a solution regarding this topic ;-) best regards
  7. Hello, I am doing fatigue analysis using SN life approach....I wanted to know what is the effect of frequency of loading cycle on fatigue life and damage? For example if the frequency of load cycle is doubled what will be the life and damage? Thanks in advance.
  8. Guest

    Linear Static Analysis.

    Hi, I have attached a running board linear static analysis. I’m getting a deflection of about 0.0053mm deflection. But in real scenario they are experiencing 1 to 5mm deflection. Instead of applying load on REB3 if I applied load as a point load (single point in the middle of 200 x 80 mm) I’m getting deflection of 3mm. So what should I do here? Should I use REB3 or point load for a cross section of 200 X 80 mm Thanks, Vijay
  9. Hello, I have a laminate with 3 plies. I want to optimise the orientation of these plies such that the deflection of the laminate is minimum under the applied load. I can only perform composite shuffle, but I'm not able to optimise the ply angles. Please advice as to how to proceed to solve this issue Thanks, Kushal.
  10. Hi, I'm modeling two fastened components in Hypermesh and I'm looking for a way to simulate pretensioned bolts. I've seen there are bolts elements in Hypermesh but i can't understand how to apply a preload. Appreciate your help and suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi, I extracted stiffness matrix using DMIG . How to identify the stiffness value of the node and direction and matrix size in .pch file? Pls refer the attached image for reference.
  12. Hallo, i want to convert an abaqus modell to an optistruct modell via the hypermesh convert makro. With most of the entities it works fine, but with some not. For example the section properties especially the beam section, connector section and solid section cards are not supported in conversion. The abaqus modell was build up in ansa and now I want to do a topology optimization in hypermesh optistruct. How can I handle this problem? Are there any configuration files for those or any other not supported cards and where can I find them? Thank you in advance. MT
  13. I am able to run analysis successfully with 0.2 MPa pressure. But it is giving an error if i increase the load to 0.22 MPa in the same model. What could be the reason? Change in NLPARM card parameter didn't help. .out file is attached. fuel cap.out
  14. Yousif

    1d fem

    Hi could somebody please answer me on this page. Thank you
  15. I am creating flexible body in optistruct of a truck chassis with trailer which is very big model with so many number of nodes and elements. CBN method is used UB_FREQ given 20 but i am getting 131 modes and fbi file size is about 15GB which is too much to import in SIMPACK and then i gave NMODES 40 but still its giving 131 modes which is very high So please help me with this Thank You
  16. Hello, I'm currently trying to optimize the laminate of a cfk part with the free sizing optimization. At the end of the run it states "OPTIMIZATION HAS CONVERGED" "FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED)" but the programm is just reducing the mass while the displacement constantly gets bigger and is far bigger than the max displacement constraint I set for the optimization. The total displacement constraint is set to -2mm. Min ply thickness is set to 2mm and max 50mm.
  17. Dear All, @Prakash Pagadala in attached image green- housing yellow - shaft blue- ball ball makes a contact with shaft at 2 points and with housing at 2 points. at every contact there is an interference of 3 microns. housing is fixed and shaft is allowed to translate axially. i tried contact with static coefficient of friction and and clearance value but still groove surface of shaft and housing is penetrating the ball and vice versa. can anyone suggest how can i work on this??
  18. Hi, The problem consists of a connecting rod submitted to axial loads which define the phases of admission (traction) and combustion (compression). I am trying to run the following optimization:  2 load steps : Traction Compression 2 responses : Volume Compliance 1 constraint : 60% Volume 1 objective : Minimize compliance I managed to run a direct transient analysis for the two separate load cases. I tried running a topology optimization for one of the load cases but an error occured with the following message: *** ERROR # 557 *** DRESP1 2 is not referenced from within a static or an MBD SUBCASE. This type of response must be specified from within a static or an MBD SUBCASE. This error occurs in DESOBJ 2. I would like to know: How can I create alternating load steps to simulate the traction and compression phases If it is possible to run an optimization with these dynamic loads Thank you !
  19. Hey, how can I extract COG, Moment of Inertia and Mass as an output by running a static solution in optistruct? Thank you in advance.
  20. I am attempting this tutorial but I am confused regarding the solver manager. I have altered the fem file using the text editor, then saved it with the name: controlarm.fem.txt, which gives it the suffix of a .txt file. But the tutorial then says to run the file in the solver manager. This is a .txt file so it does not work in the solver manager. What am I missing? Kind Regards, Laurence Maskell controlarm.fem.txt
  21. Hello, I have set the DESMAX in the individual model files but when running the MMO it uses a default value of 80 iterations. How can I change this default?
  22. Hi , Is it possible to apply cyclic load in Optistruct Analysis? Regards, Arul
  23. I'am studying how a components performance is affected by the materials isotropic and orthotropic behaviour. The image attached shows the same 3d solid mesh using hexa and penta elements but with an isotropic material (top) and an orthotropic material (bottom). I'am using mat1 for isotropic and mat9ort for orthotropic. There is a clear difference in stress for the cpenta elements compared to the chexa. Are cpenta elements fully supported for mat9ort or is this behaviour a result of the cpenta element formulation?
  24. I am trying to run an example, provided by altair on their help page, about vibroacoustic interaction and wave propagation using infinite elements CACINF3. The link to the page is: https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/os/topics/solvers/acoustic_analysis_of_speaker_os_example_r.htm#results However, I am unable to run the problem using optistruct 2017. The error message given is: The model file follows attached. Speaker_IE-C.fem
  25. hello, i'm triying to to find a solution of a probleme i'v acoutred in the last few days, i'v exported from ANSYS a .cdb, file which i opened with hypermesh and while i'm on the Ansys user profiles every thing seems ok, i got all material propreties, geometri propreties, DOF... but the memont i pass from Ansys user profile to optistruct i lose all my data (no materials defined...), i got only the initial geometry. so i got three questions if anny one got the answers i'll be realy greatfull. 1) is there a way to keep all my imputs when i change the user profiles from Ansys to optistruct ?. 2) how can i define the following matairial propreties using optistruct?: * thermal expansion * permeability * resistivity (constant) * specific heat * thermal conductivity 3) how can i also define a COMBIN14 element type using optistruct? and thank you everyone
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