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Found 628 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to model the heat generation on a brake rotor during braking using Optistruct. Are there any guides that describe this process or something similar to this? How would you approach this? The total energy of the system is known and will be evenly distributed over three brake rotors to stop the vehicle in a given time. Now, I need to model the maximum temperature reached.
  2. Dear all, Is there a way to automatically run OSSmooth and re-analysis with optistruct. Basically up to now we are running an optimisation then going to hypermesh, running OSSmooth, and re-running optistruct to see what deflection we get with the optimised shape.\ Can we set that at once (maybe as a batch process) so we don't have to do the whole thing, and get optimisation + Re-analysis at once? Many thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Could you help me understand the phenomema that I describe below ? I conducted a non-linear analysis with activating LGDISP. After comparing the results with and without LGDISP, I found that there is a big difference in displacement. If I don't activate LGDISP, the displacement of model is very large. Otherwises, the displacement becomes small with LGDISP. I don't understand this phenomena. Note : In my model, I have plastic material so with small young's modulus , but just linear comportement is taken into account (I don't have informations on parameters for determining its non-linear comportement). I implemented non-linear analysis because of contact phenomena. Thanks for your helps.
  4. Hi, I am trying to do an analysis on a enamelled sheet metal part, it is bimaterial. As initial condition, temperature is 350 celcius degrees and as final condition, temperature is 25 celcius degrees. So, I applied a temperature load. I used MATT1 and entered temperature dependent material properties in TABLEM1 format. I used PCOMP card to model the structure as composite. Materials (Steel and Enamel) are taken as isotropic materials so there is no ply orientation. When I start the analysis with Optistruct, the programme gives the following error message: ERROR 14: Missing property # 2 referenced by CQUAD4 # 1 What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Mert
  5. Hi, Where to apply pretension force in pretension analysis in Optistruct. ? Middle of the bolt or tightening area or thread starting area? Pls find the image rgds, Arul
  6. Hi All, Please do register for Altair Multiphysics Webinar series. Click here to register Best Regards, Kamlesh
  7. Hi, I am using Hyperworks (V13) to analysis 1D beam and rod. I used 3 pairs of Rev joint for point 3 as I don't know if there is any better way to join 3 part together. I created 4 bodys as PRBody. I created SIM, force SPC load collectors. But it always give me errors. such as *** WARNING # 1200 Incorrect or inconsistent data found in $HMxx cards. (Obsolete data format or errors because of manual editing.). All HyperMesh specific data will be skipped from input files. Component information in the output file will be missing.To rebuild this information - read back and recreate input file using HyperMesh. This happened in line 197 of file "C:/My_Folder/V2.fem": $ 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 Force can't be referred. I am really struggling here, Is there any body can help ? Many thanks. Sophie V2.hm
  8. Hi, i am working on my bachelor thesis at the moment, in which i need to simulate the heat transfer absorbed by a laser. Therefore i want to apply different heat fluxes which overlap and run only for 1 second. After 1 second i want the second heat flux to start and also run for only 1 second. How can i do this? Thanks, Erdinc
  9. Hi, I am using hypermesh v13 and optistruct v13 for bolt pretension analysis (Non linear Quasistatic analysis) for 4 cylinder inline engine. Components consist Cylinder head , head bolts , gasket and Cylinder block. Head bolts are inserted and they pass through cylinder head--gasket--cylinder block. Internal threads are present in block and external threads on bolt. will you please tell which type of contact should be used for contact between cylinder head bolt and cylinder block for optistruct solver ? There must be relative motion between them...right ? please give explaination too so that I can understand.
  10. I am trying to use Optistruct for Topology Optimization. I imported a geometry in a STEP file, meshed it, gave it material properties, loads & constraints - However when I click to run Optistruct, nothing seems to process, and no screen appears. I think I am supposed to at least get an .out file to at see the status of my work. When I click "view .out" - it says "out file does not exist" on the bottom left corner of the screen I followed the tutorials from Altair University to get this far. I have also tried uninstalling and installing the program in case it was an installation error. Why am I not seeing anything happen when I click Optistruct? Thank you~
  11. Hello, I am working on a project to simulate the cooling phase in an enamelling process. I simply generated a composite cantilever beam with two different materials to obtain the stresses and displacements during cooling process. I will cool down the composite cantilever beam from an elevated temperature to room temperature. The problem is, I am new to thermal boundary conditions and I can't find the correct load collector combination to handle the problem. To summarize the simulation; 1. Structure is at 350 degrees celcius and it will cool down to 20 degrees celcius. 2. Due to thermal expansion coefficent difference, the composite beam will deform. Thanks in advance! Mert Cevdet Gunay
  12. Dear all, I am trying to define a multi-body deformable surface contact for Optistruct using MBDCNTDS type of interface. Below image shows the doc page for this type of interface. As the docs say, I have made an MBDSRF type node set to use as the deformable surface. I am able to pass this MBDSRF type of set into the SRFID entry of the MBDCNTDS . So no issues with the deformable surface part. However, when I try to make a node set for the SID1 entry in MBDCNTDS, it will not accept any of my node sets which are saved as entity sets. I have tried using many different card images (SET_GRID and many other), still, the SID1 entry of the MBDCNTDS I'm setting up will not see my node set. I would be grateful if you could share any information with me regarding the type of node set I should use which can be passed into the SID1 entry of MBDCNTDS. Relevant info: I'm using Hyperworks 2017 Best regards, Deniz Bilgili
  13. A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 762 *** The PID given in OBST of DTPL is already defined as a topological design property. DTPL id = 1 violated property id = 4
  14. What is the format file to import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  15. Hello All, I am trying to create a cantilever beam model that can only move in - or + x direction. I found a thread about this topic and tried to use CGAP element, however, I cannot figure it out. Thank you. 3d.hm
  16. I have to solve Non-linear on welding for T - joint structure But I found ERROR # 3423 Could you please help me for solve this simulation I already attach file in this topic If you have any suggestion please inform to me
  17. Hi, I am trying to model fabric material in Optistruct with NLGEOM solver. The material model should be orthotropic, membrane behaviour (no bending and transverse shear) and have different modulus of elasticity for tension and compression. There are some issues: 1. Is there another way to define different modulus of elasticity in tension/compression for shell elements? 2. Membrane type behaviour is modeled with MID2 and MID3 set to blank as was suggested in this topic. Alternatively it could be set up with NIP=1 in PSHELLX extension. However, after analysis is completed the result display only the initial configuration. The file is attached for debugging purposes. optistruct_fabric.hm
  18. Hi, I Stick into a problem. I defined a hyperbeam in this format: standard, Nastran, and box, then I defined Pbeaml in properties and assign this beam section to it. when I run with Optistruct, that error appear: "PBEAML 2663 0 MSCBML0 BOX +" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. Please help me on this. Cheers.
  19. Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  20. Hello, how can I see the convergence criteria in optistruct output file? Is there any control card to set that.? Also I am running a topology optimisation of the wheel disc. I have taken a static analysis and I have a load case where there is a load acting in only one direction. In the analysis I have the max stresses in the applied direction only, ie at only one ventilation hole edge. So while moving to optimisation how can I set this stress distribution throughout 360 degree of the disc? Can I use extrusion constraint and define a node path in a circular direction? I already used it but wanted to make sure if this is the right way. Thanks, Punith Guptha
  21. Good Evening, I have completed a topology optimisation and I am happy with results but now I want to to re-run the analysis. I open ossmooth, load the model and results, use "keep smooth layer around" and remesh using a "mixed" mesh type. I then go to run the analysis (-optskip) and I get an error message regarding compliance. I don't understand what's causing this as the loads and constraints are all attached to the non design space. Is it a mesh issue? *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large 3.974381E+11 Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed due to possible rigid body mode *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 2 the compliance is negative or large 1.253294E+12 Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed due to possible rigid body mode Thanks in advance for any help, this forum is an excellent resource and has got me this far. I just need a little help with this last step. Kind Regards, Mike FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.out FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.hm FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.fem
  22. Hey there , Thanks for your helpful answers in my previous topic and i really appreciate it . Now i should make the torsion stiffness test on my monocoque sandwich structure but as its an stp assembly file i have problems with the meshes and the contacts so if i make a solid map mesh some errors occur (as it says that parts of the assembly can't accept solid meshing) and when i applied tetra mesh the load doesn't be distributed to the other parts of the assembly so whats your advice concerning the type of the mesh that is should be applied to identify the contacts , i heard about RBE3 elements also but i don't find a tutorial on it and if it could be helpful in that case ?! Thanks
  23. Hallo Guys, i have strated using Optistruct newly (4 Months). may Problem is as following. i have a component which should not brake at 2 different load one in X direction and in Y direction. for x_direction i should reach a load of 20 KN without fracture, for Y-direction i should reach 15 kN without Fracture. This optimization Problem Need to be solved once with Respekt to the 2 variables. for one variable i can solve it, however for two variables i could not be able doing it. any help is appreciated!!
  24. Hi, How do I assign in the property collector that it is a design volume or a non-design volume? and also, do I have to put loads in different collectors?
  25. Hi I'm trying to run a mass optimization and in my first attempt I found this error and I don't know what it means. Can you help me? *** See next message about line 210888 from file: C:/Users/A/Documents/T/E/file.fem "SPC 2 0 123456 0.0" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3.
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