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Found 670 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to model fabric material in Optistruct with NLGEOM solver. The material model should be orthotropic, membrane behaviour (no bending and transverse shear) and have different modulus of elasticity for tension and compression. There are some issues: 1. Is there another way to define different modulus of elasticity in tension/compression for shell elements? 2. Membrane type behaviour is modeled with MID2 and MID3 set to blank as was suggested in this topic. Alternatively it could be set up with NIP=1 in PSHELLX extension. However, after analysis is completed the result display only the initial configuration. The file is attached for debugging purposes. optistruct_fabric.hm
  2. Hi, I Stick into a problem. I defined a hyperbeam in this format: standard, Nastran, and box, then I defined Pbeaml in properties and assign this beam section to it. when I run with Optistruct, that error appear: "PBEAML 2663 0 MSCBML0 BOX +" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. Please help me on this. Cheers.
  3. Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  4. Hello, how can I see the convergence criteria in optistruct output file? Is there any control card to set that.? Also I am running a topology optimisation of the wheel disc. I have taken a static analysis and I have a load case where there is a load acting in only one direction. In the analysis I have the max stresses in the applied direction only, ie at only one ventilation hole edge. So while moving to optimisation how can I set this stress distribution throughout 360 degree of the disc? Can I use extrusion constraint and define a node path in a circular direction? I already used it but wanted to make sure if this is the right way. Thanks, Punith Guptha
  5. Good Evening, I have completed a topology optimisation and I am happy with results but now I want to to re-run the analysis. I open ossmooth, load the model and results, use "keep smooth layer around" and remesh using a "mixed" mesh type. I then go to run the analysis (-optskip) and I get an error message regarding compliance. I don't understand what's causing this as the loads and constraints are all attached to the non design space. Is it a mesh issue? *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large 3.974381E+11 Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed due to possible rigid body mode *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 2 the compliance is negative or large 1.253294E+12 Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed due to possible rigid body mode Thanks in advance for any help, this forum is an excellent resource and has got me this far. I just need a little help with this last step. Kind Regards, Mike FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.out FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.hm FRONT LOWER LEFT MODEL 2127.fem
  6. Hey there , Thanks for your helpful answers in my previous topic and i really appreciate it . Now i should make the torsion stiffness test on my monocoque sandwich structure but as its an stp assembly file i have problems with the meshes and the contacts so if i make a solid map mesh some errors occur (as it says that parts of the assembly can't accept solid meshing) and when i applied tetra mesh the load doesn't be distributed to the other parts of the assembly so whats your advice concerning the type of the mesh that is should be applied to identify the contacts , i heard about RBE3 elements also but i don't find a tutorial on it and if it could be helpful in that case ?! Thanks
  7. Hallo Guys, i have strated using Optistruct newly (4 Months). may Problem is as following. i have a component which should not brake at 2 different load one in X direction and in Y direction. for x_direction i should reach a load of 20 KN without fracture, for Y-direction i should reach 15 kN without Fracture. This optimization Problem Need to be solved once with Respekt to the 2 variables. for one variable i can solve it, however for two variables i could not be able doing it. any help is appreciated!!
  8. Hi, How do I assign in the property collector that it is a design volume or a non-design volume? and also, do I have to put loads in different collectors?
  9. Hi I'm trying to run a mass optimization and in my first attempt I found this error and I don't know what it means. Can you help me? *** See next message about line 210888 from file: C:/Users/A/Documents/T/E/file.fem "SPC 2 0 123456 0.0" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3.
  10. Dear all, I'd like to ask you for help regarding specific contact simulation. Please have a look at the sketch below (I know that this particular case can be easily calculated analytically ). There is a L-shape profile (on the right) which is screwed in to a flange on the left. There are two types of connection: Pin connection - pins transmit shearing load (red) Bolted joints which ensure flanges integrity (blue) There is also a contact plane marked in yellow. I have modeled pins explicitly with merged nodes between flanges as shown on the figure below. My question is how to model the contact between blue and dark yellow elements? Ideally it would be kind of no separation contact so both surfaces remain fixed but no shear load is transmitted. I want the pins to carry all shear load and I'm not interested in the bolts assessment. There is a nice presentation about optistruct contact settings - Optistruct Contacts.pdf And even contact type "NOSEP" is described but I can't find it in my v13. Could you please give me any advice? Thank you in advance.
  11. How to get RMS values of output plot in random response analysis in optistruct? Pls suggest suitable control card to get rms value
  12. Hello, I am trying to run the Optistruct Tutorial OS 2098 with the MBD excavator arm. The analysis works fine, but optimization unfortunately not. Doing everything like in the tutorial, I get errors you can see in the attached output file. Decreasing h_min in the Load_Collector doesn't help. Like it is recommended in line 1062 in the output. But if i decrease h_min to 1e-14, Iteration 0 is running for hours now. So this could not be the right way to solve the tutorial i guess. Is this the only big error? Or are there others I can solve? Would be great to get this tutorial running, because my goal in optistruct is to optimize one part in a MBD, too. Thanks in Advance! os_2098_error.txt
  13. I have a part like following the back plate is constrained and pressure is applied to a round surface on top. I have done linear static analysis. and found the deflection, as follow mac displacement= 2.7 mm I have doubled the thickness pressure and constraints are the same as previous one bu the maximum deflection has increased while I expected to have decrease in maximum deflection since I have doubled the thickness and I have more stiffness Max displacement = 3.2 mm I was wondering what can be the reason ? What should be the trend of maximum displacement?? by increasing the thickness should I expect increase in maximum deflection or decrease??
  14. Hi I have done this modeling in optistruct (an enforced displacement is applied to the back of plastic clip and required force for this this displacement is asked) but when I run the model and post process it in Hyper view I see the the clip penetrates in to the sheet metal. I think this penetration makes the results invalid. Would you please let me know what is wrong with this modeling. The model is attached I have defined contact between all these surfaces but I don't understand why it behaves like this 6.hm
  15. Hello, I am a member of a Formula Student Team from Metz, France and I'm new to Optistruct and to the optimization of laminates. I'm working to optimize our carbon steering wheel. The analysis was done but i have an error when i'm trying to optimize. I have two optimization response ( mass and static displacement), my optimization constraint is a displacement of 1mm of two nodes and my objective is the min mass. I share my model. My error is : *** ERROR # 2148 *** Invalid design problem. All the sensitivities of response 1 (objective) are zero. Any ideas about a possible reason for this error? Many Thanks, Olivier Hagmann Volant V1.rar
  16. hello everyone, i am new in optistruct , i solve simple linear static problem i have some error issuse in {" SID 1 used on Case Control data SPC is missing in bulk data. *** Run terminated because of error(s) in the input data."} how rectify this error , here i attached .hm file please check it linear.hm
  17. Hello, I would like to know how to create a macro (script) using OptiStruct and HyperStudy for dynamic analysis (modal, harmonic and transient) of a free cantilever beam 1D. How to create / import geometry, put materials and properties, meshing, put loads and run the analysis. Thank you
  18. Hello, when I run thee analysis on my model, I get the message: ************************************************************************ A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 640 *** STACK 1 is incorrectly or ambiguously defined. This could be due to disconnected substacks, duplicate interfaces or inconsistent interfaces orientations. Please verify the substacks and interfaces thoroughly. ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== In my model I got six plies called that have no material real material (material with parameters = 0), I just used them to create an Interface laminate and to connect the plies in a proper way. If needed, I can also translate the notations into english if needed. Felgenbett_Heiss.hm
  19. Any Idea, how one can perform fatigue analysis of structural ceramic materials? Thanks.
  20. I am trying to run an optimization of a design and I am receiving the error code: *** ERROR # 157 *** Error opening the scratch file "./optimization1_10188_01fm.rs~" Fortran error code = 9 This may be caused by not having the access right to open the file, not enough memory left for the system routines, or some other system setup related reasons. This error was detected in subroutine opseqsav. The computer I am using is running windows 8 with an Intel i7-4700MQ and 8GB of system ram.
  21. Hello Forum, A) OS-1380: Computation of Equivalent Radiant Power In this Tutorial I would like to know Step 2: Create ERPPNL 2.Click review and select ERP_elem In this step what criteria is used to select /specify the ERP elements. B.) For topography optimisation does optistruct implicitily reduces the ERP of component or is there is method to set this as the objective. with Regards Pratik
  22. Good evening to everyone, i'm trying to run a topological optimization but it doesn't work. looking at the .out it shows that a problem occurs in the design variables, the message is: "NO DESIGN MATERIAL OR DESIGN VARIABLES FOUND: ANALYSIS ONLY" after that the code prosecutes with the linear static analysis. The design property related to the desvar is a PSOLID; the analysis regards a mass minimization with a boundary on the maximum stress. many thanks for your help, Andrea
  23. Hi, I performed topology optimization (Upper bound displacement and minimize volfrac). But I am having problem in interpreting results. Please clear following doubts: 1) Results are very irregular. It doesn't show some material removal in some uniform shape. 2) Which iso-value should I consider? What is the use of it? 3) When I try to export it using OSSmooth, It takes input of .GRID file which I couldn't find anywhere in the folder. How do I get that .grid file.
  24. Hello, I want result of frequency response analysis in real and Imaginary form in H3D format. I have specified this in load step and also in Global output control . but still I get output in Phase imaginary form. I am want to use this Vectors Real and Imaginary further in Hyperstudy to do Model updating where I have defined my own criteria. Regards Pratik
  25. Hello I want to a component which will be tested using laser velocimeter and "Normal surface velocity" will be measured. (at some points on surface of the component) I want to have this parameter "Normal surface velocity" as output from directresponse analysis or Modal analysis from optistruct. Is it possible to have it. Thanks and regard Pratik
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