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Found 641 results

  1. Hi, I have a geometry where i already reduce its size by factor of 5 in order to reduce the element number and calculation time. But, when i run the topology optimisation, its stuck at 0 iteration with 62% progress. I don't know why this happen because i expected it the calculation time should be shorter since i reduce its size. Please explain it to me. Here is my .fem file Chassis_Facteur_5.fem
  2. Hello, I have been trying to assign a local coordinate system to a group of constraints and my model so that I can load it in a direction specified by the local coordinate system. Therefore, I believe I need to use the Mesh>Assign>Node Analysis System and BCs>Assign>Load Reference System for all my constraints and model nodes. However, when trying to assign the Node Analysis System, only "set displacement" works. "set reference" gives an error saying that "Nodes defining a system cannot be assigned to it". I have a feeling this is why my Optistruct simulation is quite bad. Interestingly, I tried the same method on a very simple box model in a separate model, and created a coordinate system using the nodes of the box. I was able to "Set reference" without a problem, and I could see a clear change in the OptiStruct displacements to the new local coordinate system. I am wondering why my other model does not allow me to set the reference. Any advice is very appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I am attempting to use some RBE3 elements to apply loads and I am receiving this error: A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 774 *** When a grid's component has no stiffness, then that component cannot be an independent d.o.f. in an RBE3. RBE3 id = 270584 grid id = 326669 weighted components = 123 max d.o.f with stiff = 1 Would greatly appreciate some advice regarding this. Thanks
  4. Hi! I'm a student and I have the Student version of HyperWorks. I would like to import an STL file in Optistruct, but there isn't the choice of STL in Import Solver Deck. Is it possible to import it? Thanks Martina
  5. Hi! I try to calculate the resulting spcforces for a given displacement field on a hugh model with about 2.000.000 nodes. The displacements are applied to the model using spcs for each node and each component. This usually should be easy to calculate since the stiffness matrix does not even have to be inverted. The problem is that after the solver is finished, writing the .op2 file tooks a big amount of time... Time spent in section: SOLVER; CPU= 3916.96; WALL= 704.95 Time spent in section : OP2; CPU= 39045.11; WALL= 39026.59 Is this a common problem? For which reasons could writing the .op2 file that slow? In the following you can find the .stat file of the job: Program execution started at Wed Jun 19 12:16:49 EDT 2019 Command line arguments: mono_wo_RBE3_and_2_only_one_subcase.fem -ram=92000 same as: -len -nproc=8 Options read from config files: DOS_DRIVE_R = /. env(OS_RAM) 6000 TIME SPENT IN MODULE : READ; CPU= 133.56; WALL= 133.51 START RUNNING MODULE : PREPR1 ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : PREPR1; CPU= 4.13; WALL= 4.18 START RUNNING MODULE : DESIGN ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : DESIGN; CPU= 6.48; WALL= 6.47 START RUNNING MODULE : PREPRO ... Start running section : PRPDDM ... Time spent in section : PRPDDM; CPU= 0.01; WALL= 0.01 ***** datamanager call insert irlist for array size 542810504 using 32-bit ***** datamanager call insert scr4_ for array size 516096848 using 32-bit Start running section : PRPSL4 ... Time spent in section : PRPSL4; CPU= 167.88; WALL= 167.87 Request for memory resize from 9200 to 54973 MB Resize ok with new memory. TIME SPENT IN MODULE : PREPRO; CPU= 314.15; WALL= 310.87 ITERATION 0 START RUNNING MODULE : CHECKEL ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : CHECKEL; CPU= 6.01; WALL= 3.71 START RUNNING MODULE : SOLVER ... Start running section : PRASMB ... Time spent in section : PRASMB; CPU= 0.08; WALL= 0.08 Start running section : SPASMB ... ***** datamanager call insert force for array size 2147483640 using 32-bit Time spent in section : SPASMB; CPU= 127.78; WALL= 127.71 Solving subcase 11 Solving subcase 11 Solving subcase 11 Start running section : PREFCT ... Time spent in section : PREFCT; CPU= 0.32; WALL= 0.32 Start running section : INPTVM ... Time spent in section : INPTVM; CPU= 8.34; WALL= 8.34 Start running section : FCTMTX ... Time spent in section : FCTMTX; CPU= 3660.07; WALL= 520.04 Start running section : SOLRHS ... Time spent in section : SOLRHS; CPU= 81.98; WALL= 11.57 Start running section : SAVFCT ... Time spent in section : SAVFCT; CPU= 32.89; WALL= 31.11 Start running section : STRENR ... Time spent in section : STRENR; CPU= 4.14; WALL= 3.73 Start running section : KINENR ... Time spent in section : KINENR; CPU= 0.00; WALL= 0.00 Start running section : OBJFUN ... Time spent in section : OBJFUN; CPU= 0.00; WALL= 0.00 TIME SPENT IN MODULE : SOLVER; CPU= 3916.96; WALL= 704.95 START RUNNING MODULE : STRESS ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : STRESS; CPU= 119.78; WALL= 118.96 START RUNNING MODULE : RESP 1 ... ***** datamanager call insert scratch1 for array size 2147483620 using 32-bit TIME SPENT IN MODULE : RESP 1; CPU= 0.03; WALL= 0.03 START RUNNING MODULE : SCREEN ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : SCREEN; CPU= 0.02; WALL= 0.02 START RUNNING MODULE :CONVERGE ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE :CONVERGE; CPU= 0.06; WALL= 0.06 START RUNNING MODULE : PRINT ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE : PRINT; CPU= 0.01; WALL= 0.01 START RUNNING MODULE : RESULTS ... ***** datamanager call insert sortres for array size 2147483640 using 32-bit Start running section : OP2 ... CASECC data block written to the .op2 file for 1 SUBCASEs. Length = 14820 words. GEOM1S data block written to the .op2 file. GEOM2S data block written to the .op2 file. GEOM3S data block written to the .op2 file. GEOM4S data block written to the .op2 file. EPTS data block written to the .op2 file. MPTS data block written to the .op2 file. OUGV1 data block written to the .op2 file for 2108395 grids. OES1X data block written to the .op2 file for 1954188 elements. Time spent in section : OP2; CPU= 39045.11; WALL= 39026.59 Start running section : MISC ... Time spent in section : MISC; CPU= 0.64; WALL= 1.29 LIMIT ON ITERATIONS REACHED. INFEASIBLE DESIGN (AT LEAST ONE CONSTRAINT VIOLATED). TIME SPENT IN MODULE : RESULTS; CPU= 39045.76; WALL= 39027.88 START RUNNING MODULE :FINISHUP ... TIME SPENT IN MODULE :FINISHUP; CPU= 4.36; WALL= 4.37 Detailed disk usage: High usage overall :96709.6 MiB, Solver scratch :41605.0 MiB, Internal database : 4109.0 MiB, Out-of-core assembly : 0.0 MiB, Temporary files :51183.6 MiB. AVERAGE SYSTEM LOAD 5.14 SOLUTION COMPLETED, THE FOLLOWING IS CPU/WALL CLOCK SUMMARY (IN SECONDS): TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :READ ; CPU= 133.56; WALL= 133.51 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :PREPR1 ; CPU= 4.13; WALL= 4.18 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :DESIGN ; CPU= 6.48; WALL= 6.47 Total time spent in section :PRPDDM ; CPU= 0.01; WALL= 0.01 Total time spent in section :PRPSL4 ; CPU= 167.88; WALL= 167.87 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :PREPRO ; CPU= 314.15; WALL= 310.87 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :CHECKEL ; CPU= 6.01; WALL= 3.71 Total time spent in section :PRASMB ; CPU= 0.08; WALL= 0.08 Total time spent in section :SPASMB ; CPU= 127.78; WALL= 127.71 Total time spent in section :PREFCT ; CPU= 0.32; WALL= 0.32 Total time spent in section :INPTVM ; CPU= 8.34; WALL= 8.34 Total time spent in section :FCTMTX ; CPU= 3660.07; WALL= 520.04 Total time spent in section :SOLRHS ; CPU= 81.98; WALL= 11.57 Total time spent in section :SAVFCT ; CPU= 32.89; WALL= 31.11 Total time spent in section :STRENR ; CPU= 4.14; WALL= 3.73 Total time spent in section :KINENR ; CPU= 0.00; WALL= 0.00 Total time spent in section :OBJFUN ; CPU= 0.00; WALL= 0.00 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :SOLVER ; CPU= 3916.96; WALL= 704.95 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :STRESS ; CPU= 119.78; WALL= 118.96 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :RESP 1 ; CPU= 0.03; WALL= 0.03 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :SCREEN ; CPU= 0.02; WALL= 0.02 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :CONVERGE; CPU= 0.06; WALL= 0.06 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :PRINT ; CPU= 0.01; WALL= 0.01 Total time spent in section :OP2 ; CPU= 39045.11; WALL= 39026.59 Total time spent in section :MISC ; CPU= 0.64; WALL= 1.29 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :RESULTS ; CPU= 39045.76; WALL= 39027.88 TOTAL TIME SPENT IN MODULE :FINISHUP; CPU= 4.36; WALL= 4.37 CUMULATIVE RUN TIME: CPU= 43551.31; WALL= 40315.02 TIME SPENT IN MODULE : CLOSE; CPU= 0.46; WALL= 0.98
  6. Hello, I would like to understand what the solver is doing wile trying to solve a nonlinear problem. I understand I have stated in NLPARAM to star iteration at 1.0E-2. I have also activated ExpertNL In the next picture, what is the solver doing each iteration of each load step? what is changing? what Average U, Err. EPI, Measures EWI mean? WHat is the goal of the solver to notice it is reaching convergence?
  7. Hi everyone, I modeled an element in Altair Inspire, then I imported it in HyperWorks as a Solver deck. The mesh is created by Inspire, is there a procedure to refine the mesh o remesh the object? I tried to remesh some volumes, but the longest side of the FEs was not divided. Bests Martina
  8. Hello Experts, I am trying to perform a complex eignevalue/ brake squeal problem on Optistruct 11. The error that i am getting is as follows:- *** ERROR # 1461 *** Card "STATSUB(PRELOAD)" is not allowed for this subcase type. I have used Generic as a solver instead of Modal Complex Eigenvalue as it doesn't support Statsub. Can anyone please explain how to resolve this issue. I have been following quite a few tutorials and have followed exactly the steps mentioned but cant get around this error. Thanks
  9. Which material card should i preferred for polypropylene copolymer? Polypropylene_Copolymer.pdf
  10. Hi , Need clarification regarding FRF analysis using Optistruct . What is the need of taking PHASE response in the tutorial - OS-T: 1300 Direct Frequency Response Analysis of a Flat Plate ?? Then what is the use of below responses ??/ Regards, Arul
  11. Hi i need to work with symmetry model for simplify the model. I've imported the geometry already simmetric on one plane. What kind of constrains do i have to use for the simmetry? Are the morph constrains? Thank you very much
  12. Hi, I installed the Student version of Hyperwork. I was following HM tutorial (HM-1010: Opening and Saving File). I could import hm file and iges file, but i can't import fem file no matter what template I used. It says "Permission denied" every time I try. Could you let me know what could have been wrong? Thanks
  13. Hello all, I have recently started exploring Fatigue and Modal Analysis in optistruct. I wanted to know if there is any User manual where meanings of different variables in cards are explained as in LS Dyna User Manual. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hello Following error message appears by running Optistruct: *** ERROR # 15 *** CTETRA element 3918 is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian). Do you know how to solve the problem? Thank you in advance for your help.
  15. Hi, I'm getting following error from Optistruct. Kindly help. I have already updated my system with Hyperworks 14.0.130/hotfix 14.0.131 and Hwsolvers 14.0.230/hotfix 231.
  16. Hı everyone, I want the part of the model to contain a completely lattice structure. But my model are empty places. Could you help me?
  17. Hi all, Am trying to find a line of code which will select a component / assembly / set etc, when the name contains a certain string... for instance the assembly name may read "apples-001001a" but I want a script to select that assembly if the name contains "apples" as the number could change in the future. Any ideas? Cheers Andy
  18. Hı I am trying lattice structure optimizatons. Actually I can do it. I want to change lattice types such as 1,2,3,4 and than results compare but I dont have any difference. If you know solution for this problem,can you help me? Thank you
  19. Hello, I am new to Altair Hyperworks and am trying to run the tutorials for the Fatigue process. I have watched a couple videos on the process and then I went to run the same tutorial myself and I get this error when I run hyperworks>tools>fatigue process>new I was wondering if there is an installation guide for creating this file/directory because I can not seem to find it in the documentations. Thank you, Morgan
  20. Hi. I am new to this software and i got an error which read: *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. The element in question is a CTRIA element.
  21. i want to run the Optistruct solver and it shows this. i send the .out file .what should i do to solve this problem? thanks for the help:) EX18TOPOLOGY.out EX18TOPOLOGY.stat
  22. Hi All, Is there any failure models available in Optistruct for implicit nonlinear analysis? I need to remove the elements once uts is reached / strain value reached ? Thank you N.K
  23. Hello. How to control time incrementaton? it doesn't work. i do nonlinear static analysis. 2.out
  24. 複合材パイプを3点曲げにて積層構成を最適化しようとしています。 Objectiveにコンプライアンス最小化を選択しました。 Composite ShuffleのIteration回数は30回でしたが、変位結果グラフを見ると30回目の計算結果よりも良いものがあるように見えます。(Iteration2やIteration12など) 1.計算回数の打ち切りはどのように決定されているのでしょうか? 2.最後の計算結果が最良のもとは限らないのでしょうか? 3.Iteration毎の結果をジオメトリ上で確認できる方法はありますか?(三枚目の写真は Iteration 0で寸法最適化のまま) よろしくお願いいたします。
  25. hello, I am working on model of pressure plate which have axis offset. A shaft passes through it. when pressure applied (in x-y) on the pressure plate due to the offset one side of pressure plate will have more pressure. Which causes rotation on around z axis. As the shaft passes through z-axis. Shaft and pressure plate are in contact.. As pressure plate will rotate it will tend to rotate the shaft. I want to find out for particular pressure how munch is torque is generated. i want to get torque as output when pressure is applied. how to get torque as direct output
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