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Found 670 results

  1. Hello, I would like to perform a modal analysis of a helicopter blade while it is rotating at a constant RPM. I have created two steps in hyper-mesh, first is a linear static with boundary conditions and applied a centrifugal force with the RFORCE card. Second step is a normal modes step with the previous step linked through the STATSUB card and no boundary conditions or forces selected (free-free) modal analysis. Whenever i run this, the first step works, however i get an error: *** ERROR # 15 *** CTETRA element 252760 is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian). I checked my mesh and i have no issues with the Jacobian or mesh at those indicated elements. As a check, i've run both steps separately and both work and give good results. I don't know if this is the right way to perform such an analysis where the blade stiffness is changed by the centrifugal loading due to rotation. Your help is appreciated. Kind Regards, Mohamed FinalModel_01-12-2016_Finalzed_model_Pre_stressed_modal.hm
  2. Happy Monday, Dear all, If we have "part" and then we would like to know, how strong it is (let say, I would like to know, in load .... Newton it would be broken). Is it possible? whether in radioss or optistruct. If you have a tutorial or ever do the project like what I mean above please share "the know how". Thank you. Regards, Iron_Man
  3. want to perform frequency response analysis of a component with the Base excitation of 1g over 10 to 1000Hz, Damping 1% over 10 to 1000Hz. How can get the damping?
  4. Hi, I am wondering that does the Optistruct is a mesh independent optimize solver? in other words, does the topo optimization result in Optistruct change with mesh refinement? I don't have time to make a model for verification so hopefully someone can help me on this. It should not have different pattern of topo optimization for finer elements if proper sensitivity filter used. Thanks,
  5. I want the stress and displacement in a component due to change in temperature i.e the deformation due to change in temperature by 40 degree Celcius. How can this be done am not getting the option for temp diff.
  6. I can see layers option for Element stress and Composite Stress. But the values I get for both of them are completely different. Is it possible to know how the element stress and composite stress is calculated in Optistruct and in which coordinate system the results will be. I am looking for ply level stress in a given element. For ex: the extreme ply stress in a given element of 30 plies. I am trying to correlate the hypermesh results to results from my FEA numerical calculation.
  7. @Prakash Pagadala @Rahul R Hello Sir, I have doubt regarding MATFAT parameters in opti. Can you please tell me the SRI1, b1, Nc1, FL parameters values for following Material stress data: Alternating Stress(Amplitude) Life 4000 MPA 1 855 MPA 1000 86.2 MPA 1000000 86.2MPA is the fatigue strength/endurance strength of the material. Please guide me to calculate the MATFAT parameters from given material data. I am confused about where to double the values for stress range and where not to. If you will elaborate with the given data it will help me a lot. Kindly reply at your earliest convenience. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, omkar Bhumkar
  8. Hello, In fatigue analysis in Optistruct, Do we also have to multiply the fatigue strength value by 2 while defining FL in MATFAT like we are doing for SRI1 value?(stress range= 2* stress amplitude) e.g if the fatigue strength of a material is 100 MPA then do i have to put 200 for FL in MATFAT? TIA
  9. Hello, I would like someone help me to find which is the problem of my model. After see in this forum other similar errors and check everything once and once again, I can´t find the solution to run my model and see the optimization of my part. Someone here could tell me, what can I check?. I paste here the message error: Messages for the job: *** See next message about line 9652 from file: C:/Users/Family_A_A/Desktop/30_PFM_IMPRESION 3D/MODELO HM/EL PRIMER MODELO.fem "CTETRA 20220 0 6864 4215 4194 6877" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. **************** Too many error messages. Aborting run. Current limit is 10000. Use "MSGLMT" control card to change this value. ************************************************************************ ** ** ** ** ** OptiStruct 13.0 ** ** ** ** Design and Optimization Software ** ** from Altair Engineering, Inc. ** ** ** ** ** ** Windows 7 Workstation SP1 (Build 7601) ** ** 2 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz ** ** CPU speed 2000 MHz ** ** 2771 MB RAM, 8124 MB swap ** ** ** ** Build tag: 0725791_5533130_Ce64RBW8UH12M:91799-000 4000000004000 ** ************************************************************************ ** COPYRIGHT (C) 1996-2014 Altair Engineering, Inc. ** ** All Rights Reserved. Copyright notice does not imply publication. ** ** Contains trade secrets of Altair Engineering, Inc. ** ** Decompilation or disassembly of this software strictly prohibited. ** ************************************************************************ *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. **************** Too many error messages. Aborting run. Current limit is 10000. Use "MSGLMT" control card to change this value. ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== Regards Agustín
  10. Hello I am trying to do frequency response analysis on my model. But i have no idea how to go ahead with the same. Can someone help me with this? I wish to have frequency vs normalized response (normalized displacement ) plot/graph. Ex shown in following fig. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I am currently working on a model, demanding topology optimization and patterns repetition. I am done with topology optimization of one cell but facing some problem working with pattern repetition. I get error saying *** ERROR # 729 *** Any design property can only be referenced by one DTPL or DSIZE card. multi-referenced property id = 1. I have attached file for optimization of unit cell and image of expected results after pattern repetition. Please respond if anyone has even a slightest of idea. Thanks in advance. 10.fem
  12. I want to model a high density foam in my assembly. I have stress stain curve for the foam I tries MATX70 material for the foam and NLSTAT analysis but it gives me an error for the material (foam) I also tries MATHE for the material of the foam and NLSTAT it gave the same error. I appreciate if some one can help me and take a look at my model. I found it very difficult to model foam material I don't know what material data rather than stress strain curve, density and elastic modulus is required to model the foam. Would you please put a drop box link here so I can send you my model
  13. Hi all, while running topology optimization file in optistruct I'm encountering the following error, can anyone please help me out with this *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data : Incorrect data in fiels # 5. Thanks and regards Manohar Bandike
  14. Dear community, I have a problem with the composite size optimization if I set a value for TMANUF for the plies. After the free-sizing, I use the sized model to perform a sizing optimization setting a specific manufacturable thickness for the plies involved (TMANUF). The solver is able to run the iteration zero, but it stops giving me the following error when iteration 1 starts. *** ERROR # 789 *** Invalid design properties w.r.t. the design variables were found. number of invalid property items = 6 This happens only if I set a value for TMANUF and also if I delete all the settings for maximum and minimum laminate thickness. Unfortunately, I cannot share the model I am working on. Any suggestion on the matter? Thanks in advance, Alessandro
  15. Hello guys, I studding the deformation of a structure (plane) in HyperMesh (with the Optistruct tool ), so after having the deformation in HyperView I want to export is to Feko to do an electromagnetic simulation. How can I do the exportation from HyperView to Feko? And witch extension type of file I have to export from HyperView to Feko to have a geometry in Feko and not a mesh. Here you have the "*.hm" file that I am studying attached. Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir. direct_response_flat_plate.hm
  16. Hi, I need to carry out frequency response analysis with operating speed. There is no force and I have only speed in rpm as input. How to specify this in Optistruct instead of using SPCD/DAREA card?
  17. I came across in the documentation that the life is calculated using the formula. Sr = SRI1(Nf)b But, even after maintaining the co-efficients, TRTMENT, FINISH and [KF] as 1, the results are off (when compared with the manual calculation using the above mentioned formula) by a random factor (approximately 0.5), for each unique component I take for fatigue analysis (Refer image attached). Why is it so? What is the calculation happening at the back end of the software? Why is the factor 0.5 coming into play?
  18. Hi I have done a linear static analysis in optistruct and I activated CONTF control card from GLOBAL OUTPUT REQUEST. but I didn't have any contact force in the results in Hyper View. Would you please guide me. Thanks I have attached my file 7nonlinear.HM
  19. How to get RMS stress from random response analysis in optistruct? pls share the procedure for that.
  20. Hi, I am running Hyperworks 2017 and have run into an unusual issue. When I state a beam section greater than 32mm diameter, I run into issues when re-importing. Please find attached a screenshot of the issue. On the left is the hypermesh session used to make the file and the right is the hypermesh session importing the .fem. You can see on the left that the beam section 2000003 is specified with radius of 25mm... however on the right, a warning has appeared stating that PBAR dimensions are different from the section (which is odd as the PBAR section properties come from the beam section). Section 2000003 is missing on the left hand import session and replaced with 2000004 with a name matching the property name. Also the section is no longer ROD, now it is a Generic section. After some investigation I found this error occurs with sections greater than 32mm diameter in the beam section. My previous installation did not have this issue so I can only put this down to an issue with the new version. Please help!!! Kindest regards Andy
  21. Hello everyone, I want to do a prestress modal analysis? However, I don't know how to set up the case. Is there any example? Thank you Best Wishes Roy
  22. I am doing a component level analysis where I don't have knuckle assembly. I just have knuckle. I have doubts regarding SPC. Should I apply spc on caliper mounts on knuckle? Also there are four bolt connecting knuckle with the dust cover. Should I constrain those or just constrain the suspension mounts?
  23. want to perform frequency response analysis of a component with the Base excitation of 1g over 10 to 1000Hz, Damping 1% over 10 to 1000Hz. How can get the damping?
  24. Hi dear users, I'm trying to complete the tutorial one can find in the E-Learning section from the connect.altair.com site. The exercise I'm doing is 1a: Topology Optimization of a Control Arm from the course "Introduction to OptiStruct for Structural Optimization Class". When I click OptiStruct to run Optimization after having defined the whole parameters (Design Variables, Response, Objective, Constraints) it appears this error: "Error during processing AIF files. AIF disabled." Somebody of you could help me please how I can resolve this problem? I've looked for a long time through internet and I can't get at least one close idea about it. Thanks
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