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Found 670 results

  1. HI , I got a error msg for a simple linear static analysis. how to rectify this one .
  2. Hello everyone I would like to do a thermo-mechanical optimization. The thermo-mechanical analysis is already done successfully. Now I was looking for a documentation or tutorial about this sort of topology optimization, but I could not find anything. Does anybody of you have a link or documentation to share, about thermo-mechanical topology optimizations? I thank you very much in advance!
  3. Hello all! who have had problem like me and have solved it? i'm trying to do edge_to_surface contact in optistruct. i can't add model. if i have large model with ribs panel will impact to them. could you give me any tricks to win it? thanks a lot.
  4. Hi together, i am trying to couple different simulations. Therefore i am searching for a method to map results eg. stress (referenced to cartesian coordinates) to equivalent nodes in hypermesh (model/mesh is representing the same geometry) for setting up a new optimization with optistruct. Thanks a lot Björn
  5. Hello every one, I am looking how to have the output ".disp" in the direct transient dynamic analysis, in the tutorials they just show how to have this output in the direct frequency response analysis, I did the same steps in the transient analysis and it gives me something witch is not that good as I did configure my simulation (yeah I guess): The step that I used is 0.005s and in the ".disp" the step is about 4.9s. Hypermesh 2014 Thank you for your help. Regards, Samir simulation.rar
  6. Dear All, How to show convergence history? I can not see this on my solver Thank you, Regards, Iron_Man
  7. Dear All, Could you help me to verify, is my simulation valid or not? I do not know because this is first time I use contact in hyperworks my material is steel, with mechanical properties : 1. E = 205000 MPa 2. Poisson Ratio = 0.29 3. Density = 7.85E-6 kg/mm3 4. Yield Strength = 490 MPa 5. UTS = 686 MPa The .hm files is in attachment. Thanks and Best regards, Iron_Man Contact_001.hm
  8. @Deep we are reducing mass of pitman arm so my question is what is the difference between mass and mass fraction, volume and volume fraction??
  9. While doing fatigue analysis,can't I select multiple properties in PID under FATDEF CARD. My body is made up of different material with same SN curve(almost) and I want the result for both in a single analysis.
  10. I updated to Hyperworks Desktop 14.0.130 and the Contact Tool is not available in the "Tools" dropdown. It used to be grouped with the Pretension Manager and now it is missing. Where did it go?
  11. Hello Guys, I have a working model of a composite helicopter blade. I have extracted the modal frequencies of the blade. I want to know if there is a way to find out at what rotational speeds will the blade reach any of those modal frequencies? is there a way to do this on hyperworks? Kind Regards, Mohamed
  12. I am trying to do frequency response analysis of a beam (2-d) but i am getting error saying *** ERROR # 291 *** Output results for Frequency Response, Transient Analysis and Random Response are only requested at grids that have been constrained out. Note that displacements and stresses are disabled by default for such loadcases. Also note that the amount of results for such loadcases may be extremely large, and therefore output SETs are highly recommended. Can some one help me with this? I have attached my model file with this post. 70_beam.fem
  13. Hello, I'm trying to convert an I beam composite model after a freesize optimization to radioss to evaluate some failure criterions that doesn't have on optistruct like puck or hashin I'm having the error on the image. Some suggestions ? Thanks !!
  14. Hello, I'm trying to run a 3 point bend test. The supports doesn't matter, if possible i would like to make it rigid, but to avoid stress concentration in a point i need to model this contact between the support and the I beam. How can i do this, or find some tutorial more focused ? Thanks !
  15. Hi, I am currently working on a composites optimization for the Formula Student Competition. Thanks to great tutorials for creating my model, I am now using the FSTOSZ output for my first optimization. When I open my new .fem file (which was created after my fstosz), I have 92 plies in total, and the most of it is under 0.05mm thick.... As far as I know, I have to reshape every plies, but what about thicknesses ? I tried to enter a TMANUF value (0.4mm for each carbon fiber ply), but I still observe that my plies are <0.05mm thick. For information, my laminate is the following : - 4 plies of 0.4mm carbon fiber (90,-45,45,0 orientation) - 1 ply of 20mm aramid honeycomb - 4 plies of 0.4mm carbon fiber (90,-45,45,0 orientation) --> Symmetric What am I supposed to do to complete the process of composites optimization ? Thanks for enlightening me. Best Regards, Nicolas RICHTER
  16. hello everyone, i was meshing a solid body (Done auto cleanup, no free edges, no open surfaces) by tetramesh (volume tetra) and just after meshing 2 new component arrived in model browser named tmp_2d_for_tetra and error_elems. what does these 2 mean? How to remove these errors? what is the cause of it? what should be done?
  17. Is it possible to define the contact ( surface to surface , single surface contact) between components in vibration analysis ( Modal , FRF) in optistruct?
  18. Hello, I am performing size optimization of a composite structure containing several zones. The objective is to minimize the mass while respecting displacement, composite failure and buckling constraints. I have twelve design variables representing different orientation thickness in different zones. Each design variable is linked to a discrete design value in order to account for a realistic ply thickness (multiple of my unitary ply thickness). My properties (PCOMP) link linearly one design variable to my components. I am running my job through a nonlinear quasi static optimization (NLSTAT) because of an elastomeric component in my model. The analysis is going well except that I can’t understand the way optistruct actualize my design variables: - -I set initially my design variables to my upper bound - At iteration 0 all constraints are satisfied - But then the solver only decreases all the design variables through the different iterations. This makes constraints violation more and more important. - At the last iteration all my design variables have reached my lower bound and the design is qualified unfeasible while all the constraints were satisfied at the beginning of the analysis. How does optistruct determine the design variable for the next iteration? I suppose there is an algorithm to converge toward an optimum solution but in my case it looks like my design variables just decrease from upper to lower bound. So I suppose there is a problem in the way I set my optimization problem. Do you have any clue of what that problem could be? Thank you very much for your help. Adrien
  19. Hello Everyone, I have been working on Response spectrum Analysis. I have two loading condition. 1) 100g for 0.01ms and 2) 20g for 10ms Which will yield maximum stress ? Is there a way to co-relate the results? Thanks in Advance. -RathinaVel
  20. Is it possible to calculate the Stiffness (N/m or N/mm) of the structure from any analysis??
  21. I want to model a head rest. Three different static load cases should be considered for this analysis. These are the inner components. As you can see there is a foam that should be considered in the analysis. My question is in regards to modelling this foam. 1. Can I do this analysis with optistruct, Geometric non linear analysis(impl static) ?? 2. What kind of material should I use for the foam. The foam is Density Polyurethane foam. I don't have the stress strain curve yet but the customer is going to provide us the curve. 3. I have another question regarding the screw attachments. May I use two RBE2, one for outer surface of screw and one for the inner surface of the hole (use the independent node of one of RBE2 s for defining the second RBE2) is that correct? I appreciate your help in advance
  22. Can any one Guide me for, Tutorial or Steps for: set up different type of contact condition between two solid and run in optistruct. (fix condition between surface pairs) post processing contact analysis result in Hyperview.
  23. Hello, I need some help to perform the frequency analysis using Optistruct profile in Ls-dyna as a solver. Input : Impulse excitation, A medium impact hammer with a soft tip (uniform input out of 50Hz) shall be used Impact in the fore/aft direction , next to accelerometer. Change the accelerometer orientation to lateral,and impact the it in the lateral direction. Output. Aquire data out to at least 50Hz with frequency delta as close to 0.25Hz as possible. (modal frequency in all X, Y, Z direction) How can i apply these inputs in my product, which dyna card ? any tutorial ? Please let me know if i missed some input info. Thanks a lot in advance..
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