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Found 393 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to convert an I beam composite model after a freesize optimization to radioss to evaluate some failure criterions that doesn't have on optistruct like puck or hashin I'm having the error on the image. Some suggestions ? Thanks !!
  2. Hello, I wanted to know whether the internal energy curve from T file is strain energy or strain energy density? Also, how do I get the contour plot for strain rate experienced by each element?
  3. Is it possible to define the contact ( surface to surface , single surface contact) between components in vibration analysis ( Modal , FRF) in optistruct?
  4. Hello, I am studying the compression of a soft material (hyperelastic) with RADIOSS. But it seems like a hourglass effect happens during the compression (as you can see on the attached screenshots). - I used [Ismstr] =2 and [Isolid] =1 - with /DT/BRICK/CST 0.67 0.0001 - material=LAW42 (Ogden) nu=0.495 (incompressible) I can send you the .RAD files if possible. I am trying full integration [Isolid] =12, but the computation time is really (really) increased even if the result seems better (for the begining of the compression). I also got a poblem as the script in the other screenshot. I do not really know where it comes from... If you can help me please? Thanks, Corentin
  5. Guest

    Hyper-Velocity impact

    Dear George I want to know is it possible in radioss to do hyper velocity Impact , i,e projectile traveling with velocity of 1 t0 10 KM/s (kilometer/second). If you have any literature/case studies or anything kindly share with me . I would also like to know from you whether for high velocity impact Hypercrash is good or radioss
  6. Hi, I am working with radioss solver for adhesive modelling. Material model MAT/LAW83: Alpha: -100 Beta: 1 SN connect Failure model: Fct_0N:4 , Fct_0S:7, Fct_FN:90, Fct_FS:16 Alpha_0 : 50, Alpha_F : 50, Beta_0_F:2 The force vs. displacement graphs when working with KSII-90° and KSII-peel simulation models is showing a significant variation in output. Please find the graph attached, BC -000111 artificially applied to cohesive element nodes. The observed graph with BCs are similar to my experimentation results, does that mean I need to always apply BC 000111 to cohesive elements? Any explanation on why this is happening, could be of great help. Regards, Chaitanya Master's student
  7. Hello, I am doing a crash simulation using RADIOSS. I would like to get the Kinetic Energy of the entire component as a graph vs time. How do I get this?
  8. Is it possible to calculate the Stiffness (N/m or N/mm) of the structure from any analysis??
  9. Thank you George for the reply. So for any analysis until we use the control card for Implicit, will it always run an explicit analysis?? Also I have one more question, what is the error and mass error here ? CYCLE TIME TIME-STEP ELEMENT ERROR I-ENERGY K-ENERGY T K-ENERGY R EXT-WORK MAS.ERR 3500 0.3713E-02 0.1048E-05 SHELL 106239 0.1% 0.1060E+07 0.7229E+08 0.1347E+05 -0.2986E+06 0.000 Is it the error, the error of the external force to the internal force?
  10. How to give a concentrated(point) load on a moving body in radioss. The load is given perpendicular to moving direction of the body.
  11. Hi, I am simulating in Radioss a fabric hinge (similar to a living hinge with flexible woven material). Using M19_FABRI material card in combination with P9_SH_ORTH property card I can simulate the out-of-plane bending of the fabric hinge. But simulating the in-plane shear is challenging. In the attached image, the gravity is acting in negative Z direction and the sample is fixed encastre on the left side. The expected behaviour is collapse of the fabric hinge in the middle (between two wood panels). However the sample is behaving like it is made out of uniform elastic material and is only deforming slightly (defromation is 1000x scaled). Does anyone have an explanation? I would also like to use the same material in Optistruct, but I could not find equivalent material law for flexible fabric. any suggestion would be appreciated
  12. When running my file on RADIOSS I am getting the following error and am not sure as to why since I can't see anything wrong with the function syntax. ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 ERROR ID : 54 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : IN BLOCK : /FUNCT/30 FUNCT/30 is located in an include file named Database_v13a.inc and this is the function Thanks, Rob
  13. Hi, I'm new to radioss. I'm carrying out roll over analysis on box as shown in attached image. i've assigned initial velocity along axis and got the box rotating, the problem i'm facing here is the box is being thrown upward and its not falling on the base.do i need to assign gravity? if so how? for the same i tried giving initial velocity to the platform holding the box, the analysis showed platform pushing the box upward same as in first case. how to achieve a tilting scenario in this case?
  14. Dear All, I want to ask about RBE2 application, please see my picture below. I have a simple plate, and I want to give constraint on 2 holes on top, and forces (160kN on both hole or 80kN each hole) on 2 holes on bottom Why my simulation result (stress & deformation) totally different?, because in my opinion, case on the problem 1 and problem 2 are same.... Am I miss something? Best regards, Iron_Man
  15. Hi, Is it possible to do Modal analysis for rotor with shaft ( using 3D elements) using following example in optistruct?. or it is applicable for only 1D elements problem?? I have tried . But it is not working for 3D problems OS-1372: Rotor Dynamics of a Hollow Cylindrical Rotor
  16. Dear All, I need the model on this link http://www.altairuniversity.com/analysis/structural/nonlinear/beam-thermal-loading-unloading-nlstat/, because the link to download is broken. Thank you, Best regards, Iron_Man
  17. Hello everyone, I've just tried to use HyperMesh 12.0 but I have some problem. I didn't find the Bulk Data in Radioss on User Profiles panel. There are Block120 , 110 100 ,90 ,51, 44 ,42 and Fix41 but no ''Bulk Data'' so I can't run my work. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hi! Could ssomeone help with the following problems please? I defined two surfaces with shell elements and an imposed displacement in the middle of the circle(-2,044mm in Y axis) I don't know how to define correctly the contact between these two meshes. I tried it with TYPE7 and TYPE11 as well. I got the same result. Which type should i use and how to properly define them? There is also a gap between meshes and the two pionts(the top point of the rectangle has another displacement as the bottom point of the circle with IMP DISP ). How is that possible? Why is there a gap between meshes? I defined shells with thickness 15. Thanks in advance!
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