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Found 424 results

  1. Hi, I would like to perform constituent material property calibration (tow and matrix) in Hyperstudy by coupling Multiscale Designer and Radioss models, similar to: https://www.altair.com/resource/using-radioss-hyperstudy-and-multimech-for-improved-composite-design https://www.altair-gmbh.de/resource/using-hyperstudy-and-multimech-for-advanced-composite-material-design I need to write the solver script that would generate a multiscale material model at each iteration.The Multiscale Designer graphical user interface does not show the commands that are used in the back end programs. Edit: The command lines can be found in the MDS user manual. There is a command for Homogenized Linear Material Export, but the command for multiscale material export is missing. Is this command not available or just missing in the manual?
  2. Hello, I need a help with procedure please.? I am able to create the adhesive brick elements mesh using optistruct (3D - connectors - area - "constant thickness" as Hexathickness - type "adhesives" ) in student version (Hypermesh 2019) (as in the image). But in Radioss ( Block format 140) (Hypermesh 2017.2), the same process is not working. While using the same procedure, I get the surface connector (as below) without thickness (even while creating through: 3D - connectors - area - "adhesive(contact)" as type). But I would like to create the brick elements. Also, I would like to do hexa positioning it with "mid thickness" option and I couldn't change the "shell gap" option to the "mid thickness" with the drop down (as shown in the highlighted below). Could anyone please tell me if it is possible and also how to create it in the Radioss.? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I work sloshing in the basic rectangular tank with the SPH method. I will try to sloshing in a more complex structure in the future. I'm new to Radioss solver and SPH method. For this reason, there are a few things I would like to consult with you. It is clear that as the pitch size decreases, the number of particles formed increases. Increased number of particles will also increase accuracy and solution time. How is the ideal number of particles determined? I can read contact reaction force and pressure in the model I created. But as with the CFD, is it possible for me to read the fluid pressure? During sloshing, is the value I read from the pressure gauge on the test apparatus the same as the value I read on the contact surface? Thank you for your help
  4. Hello, I have a persistent error on some elements : ** ERROR ZERO OR NEGATIVE 2D SOLID VOLUME I work with QUAD in Axisymmetrical. Many additional errors were remove during debugging. A similar model (I believe) under an old version worked, however... etienne_AXY_cu_ag.hm
  5. Hello , I am new to Radioss solver. Actually using it first time. I wanted to run a analysis for imposed displacement. Is there any tutorial available step by step. How to assign material, how to assign BC , loadstep, control card necessary for analysis. I have attached picture of which I am going for analysis.
  6. I'm trying to run a crash simulation and have encountered the element distortion/extrusion shown in the attached image. I don't know the correct terminology for this so it has been difficult to find solutions online. I believe it is caused by the contact interfaces and I have enlarged the gap min and told the nodes of deleted elements to be removed. There is also failure criteria which seems to have been ignored for these elements because they should have failed and been deleted. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 有限要素法では要素毎の計算がいろいろと必要になります。例えば要素の応力から要素節点の節点力を求める、陰解法であれば要素剛性マトリックスを作成する、といった計算です。この計算では、例えばトラス要素であれば節点力は応力σに断面積AをかけてAσ、要素剛性はといった形で簡単に計算できますが、シェル要素やソリッド要素では要素の面積や体積での積分計算が必要になります。ただ一般の4角形や6面体の複雑な形状で直接計算を行うのは大変なため、一旦、これらの形状を正方形や立方体に写像を行い、定式はその写像された形状に対して行う、といった事が行われます。こうした要素をアイソパラメトリック要素と呼びます。 アイソパラメトリック要素では、4角形要素であれば、一旦-1から1の正方形領域に写像を行います。そうすれば、要素面積での積分は ここに、 という様に-1から1のξ、η平面での積分に置き換える事が出来ます。この面上での積分には通常、次に述べるGaussの数値積分が用いられます。
  8. Hi All, How can I decide the event time for Explicit simulations? since the actual event time will cost computing time By thumb rule 0.3 is the event time for quasi static analysis. Its derived from the natural frequency of the system/part. My doubt is whether I should consider the natural frequency of the entire assembly or the individual part under study? Thankyou N.K
  9. Dear Altair support team, Mr. Rahul R., I am working on optimization the vehicle crash box, I have some question about Hyperstudy / Hypermorph coupling for shape optimization. As first figure below, I created 2 Shapes (yellow and green) by translating the handles in -X,+X direction to increase the taper angle. In HyperStudy, I defined the model type as HyperMesh, while I am importing input variables from HyperMesh, they ask me to identify the lower and upper bound once (as second figure below). In this study, I would like to have the design variables including crash box thickness, shape1 and shape 2. Question 1. I seperated the shape into 2 because I have no idear to handle with them, can there cause any problem further? 2. If I want to keep the handle distance (+10,-10 in x direction) which is defined in the HyperMesh, Should I set up the input variables as following? Variable 1 (dv_1) Lower= 0, Nominal = 0, Upper = 10 Variable 2 (dv_2) Lower= 0, Nominal = 0, Upper = -10 Are there correct? Thank you for your calification. Best regards, Wisawanart
  10. Dear All, Please help me out with this error.
  11. Hello, how can i check the node IDs in a node group in hypercrash? Thanks for your help Zhaoying
  12. Dear All, Attached is the image of model setup for Radioss. 1. pressing plate 2.outer ring of bearing 3. inner ring of bearing 4. housing 5. cage 6. roller Aim id to find hoop stresses on housing inner surface. process is pressing the bearing in to housing and then applying radial load to inner ring. I solved it with correct physics behavior. but having difficulty to find hoops stress on the housing. Also, want to save time for the analysis. Will implicit analysis helps to save time?
  13. Hi, I have this problem, but I do not know how to fix it. Error ID: 120 ** ERROR IN FUNCTION REFERENCE DESCRIPTION: - - CONCENTRATED LOADS WRONG REFERENCE TO FUNCTION ID=0
  14. Hi, I am facing the following issues with Radioss run - Quasi Static analysis. 1) Without /DT/INTER/DEL in Engine file , the run has been stopped due to min time step error. 2) With /DT/INTER/DEL in Engine file the mass scaling DM/M is increasing gradually till 30% from 3.2% Let me know for comments to avoid this error Regards, Arul
  15. Hi, I tried to run the incremental radioss solver. I gave all the parameters and then when I run the solver, I get the following error that 'Restart file 1_0000.0001.rst was not created' and 'Missing normal termination in output file 1_0000.out'. I have attached with the screenshot of the error. Kindly help me in providing a solution as early as possible. Thanks in advance.
  16. good afternoon, colleagues! i'd prepeared model for optistruct, and i tryed to converte it to radioss. convert->optistruct->radioss. but card contact pairs (freeze) haven't rewritten correct. i was trying to remake it again in radioss module, so i can't find "magic bottom"))) Does contact browser (automatic contact) not work in Radioss module? thanks.
  17. @George P Johnson I tried simulating simple SPH model with gravity load and Simple BC with two different pitch for SPH in a single component. But not getting the proper behavior. I assumes it to be maintain the pitch as in its location, because in my main simulation I want to refine the area of focus with small pitch value. Attaching the deck file along with animation. 11aa.avi sph_bc_0000.rad sph bc_0001.rad
  18. Please let me know the difference between NF-Resultant Normal Force and Resultant Force. Also what is difference between FX-X Total Force and FNX-Normal Force. I got this values from Radioss Interface output forces. Please let me your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj
  19. Dear everyone, I have some problems about setting up contacts for two bodies with zero Gap at initial time. Type 7 was used, and two brick solid components were set for slave and master. An error message was received as follows: INTERFACE NUMBER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 INTERFACE TYPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 GAP MIN = 0.3000000000000 POSSIBLE IMPACT NUMBER: 77 (<= 1 *NSN) ** INITIAL PENETRATION = 0.3000000E+00 IMPOSSIBLE TO CALCULATE NEW COORDINATES OF SLAVE NODE 380483 ERROR ID : 612 ** ERROR IN INITIAL PENETRATION IN INTERFACE DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 2 -- INTERFACE TITLE : DiPao_WaLengZhi INACTI = 0 SLAVE NODE 380483 IS ON THE MASTER SURFACE ** INITIAL PENETRATION = 0.3000000E+00 IMPOSSIBLE TO CALCULATE NEW COORDINATES OF SLAVE NODE 377618 How to deal with this problem? Could anyone give some advice? Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone, I am trying to set up a car impact simulation using hypermesh. But i had an error 54. I found some ways to config it in our forum, such as: assign fully properties and materials, change card image to "part",.. I tried but nothing can help me solve it. Here is my starter files. Someone can help me, please. Thanks Car_Impact_0000.out Car_Impact_0000.rad Car_Impact_0001.rad
  21. How to conduct Non-linear Modal analysis ?
  22. Hello all, Is modelling of a viscoelastic material based on prony series possible in RADIOSS? I am trying to simulate a nano indentation process.
  23. i am trying to run a job via a restart file generated when i solved the job using (-nt 15 and -np 15) 225 processes. i am inputting same command line to use 0002.rad files but the job isn't running. there are 15 files present for restart - 0001_0001.rst to 0001_0015.rst but i am unable to run the job . it is giving me following error i am attaching 0001.out and 0002.out files oct_trial2_0001.out oct_trial2_0002.out
  24. Hello everyone, I want to solve one huge model with four computers by using Radioss to reduce solution time. The four computers have the same configuration with 36 cores and Win7 X64 system. How to solve one problem by making full use of the four computers to reduce the total computation time? Any relevant documents or manuals will be appreciated. Best Wishes Roy
  25. "Learn RADIOSS HyperMesh Interface" Videos - By Prashanth AR
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