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Found 424 results

  1. I am having a problem while doing dynamic analysis in radioss.After doing the whole thing,the following thing popped out-
  2. Hi everybody, Is it possible to use the stress results of an analysis made in Optistruct as a pre-stress initial condition on Radioss? The initial geometry and mesh used in Radioss correspond to the final one of Optistruct exported from Hyperview. Regards, Luke31
  3. Hi, In my model Error is continuously increasing, can you please tell what may be possibly wrong?? Thanks, Datta
  4. How to perform high speed and High Magintude dynamic loading in hyperwoks using RADIOSS as solver ?
  5. Guest

    Opening model in HyperView

    Hi, I used the RADIOSS version 12 software for a simulation. I tried reading the results on the downloadable student version but to no avail. It asked me "select model reader" I tried the possibilities without results. : Thanks, Pierre FLANDIN
  6. Hello, i am doing explicit analysis using Radioss explicit solver. Currently results are output in h3d formats. There are also options available to output - H3D / Animation file / sta / sty files. Is there any option by which we can output results in "op2/pch" format ?
  7. Hi all, From the manual, /TH/PART can be used to output part energy and DEF Variable group will save IE, KE, XMOM, YMOM, ZMOM, MASS, HE. However, from my test example, the part kinematic energy was zero all through (figure below). Is this a software bug or something wrong? /TH/PART/1 PartEnergy DEF 1 2 Test2_0000.rad In addition, how to save the part energy curve data in T01 file to Excel by using HyperGraph? Best Wishes Roy
  8. Hi, I extracted stiffness matrix using DMIG . How to identify the stiffness value of the node and direction and matrix size in .pch file? Pls refer the attached image for reference.
  9. Hi, I downloaded the neon model from Altair University and tried reducing it to below 100,000 nodes to use it with a student edition. However, I am facing an issue with the engine file. The engine run just doesn't start. The engine run seems to begin with the Software titles and then these lines appear. ROOT: test RESTART: 0001 NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 8 14/02/2019 ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== I am attaching the file where I am facing this issue. Any hint on what's wrong? I was also trying to create a few sections. They might have gone wrong but even if I delete those problematic entities, this file just doesn't run. neon_front_0001.rad neon_front_0000.rad
  10. 自由度数の2乗で演算量が増えて行く陰解法とは異なり、陽解法では自由度数に比例してしか演算量は増えないため。陽解法のモデル化では、簡略化するのでは無く、シェルやソリッドで出来るだけ忠実に形状を再現して解こう、という文化がありますが、やはりトラスやビームのような1次元の要素で簡易的にモデル化したい、という場合もあります。 このため、使える材料則等、機能は限られますが、トラスやビーム要素も用意されています。 トラス要素は、2節点でその長さ方向を定義する軸力だけが作用する一定断面の要素です。そのプロパティ/PROP/TRUSSで断面積を定義します。材料則では弾性(/MAT/LAW1)と弾塑性(/MAT/LAW2)のみ用いる事が出来ます。
  11. Hello All, Greetings!! I am using mm, kg, ms units system in HyperCrash and using Mat Law 36 or PLAS_TAB for different parts. Therefore I have taken strain rate unit as 1/ms. But general standard unit for the strain rate is 1/sec. Therefore I ran simulation with units as 1/sec as well. Results: Simulation results of Strain rate with 1/sec units are closer to experimental results as compare to 1/ms simulation results. Above screen shot is from Radioss_10.0_Reference_Guide2. Please guide me what unit (1/sec or 1/ms) to use for accurate material modelling in Radioss. Thanks and Regards Nitin Jain
  12. i am trying to simulate shear failure in bolt in which head of bolt tears off due to shear load. I've used type 13 spring along with a local co-ordinate system and pre-tension curve . What is the best way to capture shear load failure. and what is the best way to apply pretension type 32 or type 13 spring. Should washers be modeled as rigid.?
  13. Hello. I am working on the NL buckling of a composite panel (geometric NL implicit) and I successfully setup the model and ran the analysis within radioss after automatic conversion from the optistruct input. The problem is that although I specify I need 50 increments (NINC) with PW convergence criteria, the solution ALWAYS converges at 25 increments and of course the total buckling is not captured. Below is my NLPARM card from the .fem file. I am not specifying anything else in the NLPARM card or in any other cards. Can you please help? NLPARM 6 50 0.0 6 50 PW + 0.01 0.01 20 + 1.0 Thank you
  14. Hi All, I want to create 2 solid blocks touching each other and bolted together. I meshed them and when I import the same in Hypercrash and checked for intersections, it shows me an intersection. I have tried to resolve this by Remove intersections option or 3D mesh editing, but could not remove this intersection. Can you please help me how to remove such intersections and corresponding penetration. Thanks in advance. Regards Nitin Jain
  15. Hy, I'm working at composite simulation and I need some help: I have to verify material card data give me by laboratory; with 0°/90° tensile test no problem but with +45°/-45° experimental curve and RADIOSS curve are totally different. I try to eplain my problem better: material constants (by experimental Test) are E11= 20067 MPa, E22=23200 MPa, G12=1519 MPa, G23=1444 MPa and G31= 1444 MPa. I have reproduced experimental test in RADIOSS and I have done card fitting. In 0°/90° tensile test curves were very different but after a little modification of elastic modulus, they fitt enought: The problem is in +45°/-45° tensile test because curves are too different: Radioss curves are made in Hyperview, protting strain and stress of an element. What am I doing wrong? Could someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  16. I am performing stress analysis of component assembly having a solid block and a shell plate connected to each other.My question is what is the difference between stress(t) and von-mises ?
  17. I applied force on a component/assembly and wants its stress results ?For how long i should run the simulation ?
  18. How to convert part into Rigid body ? and apply load on rigid body? Regds, Arul
  19. Hello, i am a graduate student in ITU Aeronautical Engineering(IDP). i am preparing my thesis. The issue of my Thesis is Flexible multibody analysis of a Landing Gear of a Training Plane. When i analysed the system, i need to compare the results with real test datas. i couldnt achive tests, because of time constraints and very expensive. i think that the closest results can be explicit dynmaic analysis. when i arrenged the explicit dynmaics model and run. i saw there arent any correlation between flex mbd and exp. dynamics anylsis in the same boundry conditions. Can you help me to solve this problem. i asked this question to turkish distrubuter, they get rid of me because of thier job jam. Unfortunately my deadline is very strict, i have to deliver the thesis as soon as possible. My all datas ar in the link below. The model, solved files and the video files. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ftCMNjK_aZi_axSFe0Gx-3Jk6Qe33u00 in this problem when the plane landed, the oleo strut make displacement 160mm. During this action observing stresses on the structure, and the 434 steel's compitability for this work. i will be happy for helping me. Thanks for everything. Best Regards. Yours sincerely.
  20. isolid 14 and 17 difrrence in P14SOLID ?I mean what is the effect and when to choice one over other ?
  21. Hello everybody, Many times when solver takes a long run time to solve given analysis problem, it becomes a big concern when we loose electricity connection in between. How to continue the analysis when the power resumes?
  22. What is the format file to import in Hyperview NVH Utility for Modal participation Analysis? & What are the cards to activate to extract the output format for modal participation factor analysis from Normal modal analysis / FRF analysis ??
  23. Hello, i have a little question about the possibility of time scaling and the use of the radiation load collector. I used the factor 10 (1sec in simulation=10sec in real time) to speed up my thermal analysis with radioss. It works fine wenn i scale thermal conductivity and the heat transfer coefficent (for example convection) by the factor i used for speed up (10). Is this although possible for the radiation? Because i don't see any way to scale this value in correct way... With best regards Kintsch
  24. Hello sir, While performing a run, i have encountered an error saying, input method error, with error id 54, can i know whats the root cause for it?
  25. hello sir, I need to create spotwelds between biws of a full vehicle and i have imported connectors from another profile but when i realise them they were not being realized, so can i add points or nodes at the connectors present in radioss, so that i can create spots at those locations using points or nodes.
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