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Found 402 results

  1. Dear All, Please help me out with this error.
  2. Hello, how can i check the node IDs in a node group in hypercrash? Thanks for your help Zhaoying
  3. Dear All, Attached is the image of model setup for Radioss. 1. pressing plate 2.outer ring of bearing 3. inner ring of bearing 4. housing 5. cage 6. roller Aim id to find hoop stresses on housing inner surface. process is pressing the bearing in to housing and then applying radial load to inner ring. I solved it with correct physics behavior. but having difficulty to find hoops stress on the housing. Also, want to save time for the analysis. Will implicit analysis helps to save time?
  4. Hi, I have this problem, but I do not know how to fix it. Error ID: 120 ** ERROR IN FUNCTION REFERENCE DESCRIPTION: - - CONCENTRATED LOADS WRONG REFERENCE TO FUNCTION ID=0
  5. Hi, I am facing the following issues with Radioss run - Quasi Static analysis. 1) Without /DT/INTER/DEL in Engine file , the run has been stopped due to min time step error. 2) With /DT/INTER/DEL in Engine file the mass scaling DM/M is increasing gradually till 30% from 3.2% Let me know for comments to avoid this error Regards, Arul
  6. Hi, I tried to run the incremental radioss solver. I gave all the parameters and then when I run the solver, I get the following error that 'Restart file 1_0000.0001.rst was not created' and 'Missing normal termination in output file 1_0000.out'. I have attached with the screenshot of the error. Kindly help me in providing a solution as early as possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. good afternoon, colleagues! i'd prepeared model for optistruct, and i tryed to converte it to radioss. convert->optistruct->radioss. but card contact pairs (freeze) haven't rewritten correct. i was trying to remake it again in radioss module, so i can't find "magic bottom"))) Does contact browser (automatic contact) not work in Radioss module? thanks.
  8. @George P Johnson I tried simulating simple SPH model with gravity load and Simple BC with two different pitch for SPH in a single component. But not getting the proper behavior. I assumes it to be maintain the pitch as in its location, because in my main simulation I want to refine the area of focus with small pitch value. Attaching the deck file along with animation. 11aa.avi sph_bc_0000.rad sph bc_0001.rad
  9. Please let me know the difference between NF-Resultant Normal Force and Resultant Force. Also what is difference between FX-X Total Force and FNX-Normal Force. I got this values from Radioss Interface output forces. Please let me your comments. Thanks and Regards, Yuvaraj
  10. Dear everyone, I have some problems about setting up contacts for two bodies with zero Gap at initial time. Type 7 was used, and two brick solid components were set for slave and master. An error message was received as follows: INTERFACE NUMBER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 INTERFACE TYPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 GAP MIN = 0.3000000000000 POSSIBLE IMPACT NUMBER: 77 (<= 1 *NSN) ** INITIAL PENETRATION = 0.3000000E+00 IMPOSSIBLE TO CALCULATE NEW COORDINATES OF SLAVE NODE 380483 ERROR ID : 612 ** ERROR IN INITIAL PENETRATION IN INTERFACE DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 2 -- INTERFACE TITLE : DiPao_WaLengZhi INACTI = 0 SLAVE NODE 380483 IS ON THE MASTER SURFACE ** INITIAL PENETRATION = 0.3000000E+00 IMPOSSIBLE TO CALCULATE NEW COORDINATES OF SLAVE NODE 377618 How to deal with this problem? Could anyone give some advice? Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, I am trying to set up a car impact simulation using hypermesh. But i had an error 54. I found some ways to config it in our forum, such as: assign fully properties and materials, change card image to "part",.. I tried but nothing can help me solve it. Here is my starter files. Someone can help me, please. Thanks Car_Impact_0000.out Car_Impact_0000.rad Car_Impact_0001.rad
  12. How to conduct Non-linear Modal analysis ?
  13. Hello all, Is modelling of a viscoelastic material based on prony series possible in RADIOSS? I am trying to simulate a nano indentation process.
  14. I am trying to get a material model law for simulating a concrete block. The concrete stress strain curves are shown in the attached image, of which my need is for the 55MPa curve. Now, I am not choosing LAW36 because it deletes the element or brings the stress to zero after the element strain goes beyond the last point. So I am choosing LAW2 which allows me to keep straining the element and fixing the stress to the max value. But I want a law that allows me to let the stress reduce below the max value and keep constant thereafter so that the element keeps absorbing energy by continuing to strain. Please suggest a better law or how to modify law2 to achieve this?
  15. i am trying to run a job via a restart file generated when i solved the job using (-nt 15 and -np 15) 225 processes. i am inputting same command line to use 0002.rad files but the job isn't running. there are 15 files present for restart - 0001_0001.rst to 0001_0015.rst but i am unable to run the job . it is giving me following error i am attaching 0001.out and 0002.out files oct_trial2_0001.out oct_trial2_0002.out
  16. Hello everyone, I want to solve one huge model with four computers by using Radioss to reduce solution time. The four computers have the same configuration with 36 cores and Win7 X64 system. How to solve one problem by making full use of the four computers to reduce the total computation time? Any relevant documents or manuals will be appreciated. Best Wishes Roy
  17. "Learn RADIOSS HyperMesh Interface" Videos - By Prashanth AR
  18. I am having a problem while doing dynamic analysis in radioss.After doing the whole thing,the following thing popped out-
  19. Hi everybody, Is it possible to use the stress results of an analysis made in Optistruct as a pre-stress initial condition on Radioss? The initial geometry and mesh used in Radioss correspond to the final one of Optistruct exported from Hyperview. Regards, Luke31
  20. Hi, In my model Error is continuously increasing, can you please tell what may be possibly wrong?? Thanks, Datta
  21. How to perform high speed and High Magintude dynamic loading in hyperwoks using RADIOSS as solver ?
  22. Guest

    Opening model in HyperView

    Hi, I used the RADIOSS version 12 software for a simulation. I tried reading the results on the downloadable student version but to no avail. It asked me "select model reader" I tried the possibilities without results. : Thanks, Pierre FLANDIN
  23. Hello, i am doing explicit analysis using Radioss explicit solver. Currently results are output in h3d formats. There are also options available to output - H3D / Animation file / sta / sty files. Is there any option by which we can output results in "op2/pch" format ?
  24. Hi all, From the manual, /TH/PART can be used to output part energy and DEF Variable group will save IE, KE, XMOM, YMOM, ZMOM, MASS, HE. However, from my test example, the part kinematic energy was zero all through (figure below). Is this a software bug or something wrong? /TH/PART/1 PartEnergy DEF 1 2 Test2_0000.rad In addition, how to save the part energy curve data in T01 file to Excel by using HyperGraph? Best Wishes Roy
  25. Hi, I extracted stiffness matrix using DMIG . How to identify the stiffness value of the node and direction and matrix size in .pch file? Pls refer the attached image for reference.
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