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Found 424 results

  1. Hello Altair-Forum, it's my first topic in this forum, I really don't know what to do anymore. No matter which model I want to run with Radioss (independent of simulation type, in this case impact tutorial of two tubes), I'm always getting the error message from the picture: **ERROR : CANNOT EXECUTE RADFLEX_2017 OR RADFLEX_2017 NOT FOUND As another topic in this forum suggested, I already tried to find the RADFLEX-file in the hwsolvers folder in my install directory, but I can't find it. OptiStruct-Solvers are still functioning perfectly. I already ran the simulation for the model-document in the attached files a week ago, and it worked out fine. But right now there seems to be this error which I cannot explain to myself. I'm working with HyperWorks 2017 Desktop, a Student Version, since three months. I'm thankful for any help in advance! 02_Pipe_Impact.zip
  2. DEar sir, i was perfomimg impavt analysis using single surface contact and the problem i have been facing is the contact energy is very high from the start of the run as shown in pics below, later i used the parameters u have suggested in forum, it have been decreased but very slightly, i want to reduce it to below 10% and also i want to know why its happening like that. please check the images for further clarifications. SEcond one is having high ontact energy even though i have followed the parameters you have suggested in forums that is for self contact gapmin= 0.001. PLese hlep me to solve this. Thank you
  3. Hi, I have a problem. I defined a spring type 4 with a force - displacement curve, where the spring ends move together. It works very well. Now I want to create a time-sensor, which should deactivate the spring after a time t=0.015 s from the beginning of the simulation. Could someone help me, please? I have already defined a sensor type 0 with tdelay = 0.015 s and have referenced to the spring with lflag = 1, but it does not work. I am using hyperworks 14.0 with radioss 14.0 as well. You can find my simple example model below. Modell.hm
  4. Hi there, I m trying to validate a 3 point bending simulation using a paper which presents both numerical and experimental data. I followed the exact same setup but the resultant force I keep getting is always 20% smaller than the one pretended. I've double-checked materials, properties, contacts and boundary conditions and nothing seems to change. I've tried the validation process with different papers and I always get the same problem. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks,
  5. What material card ( mat law)should i use for drop test of wooden pallet?
  7. Hello, In material card for Johnson-Cook formulation, how I active the Iflag option to 1? The helping for the new card /MAT/LAW2 shows an option to change the Input type flag, but in file Runname_0000.rad, this option isn't available. I'm using Radioss V14. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I`m writing my master thesis and I need an help with tutorial HS 4200. I`ve done all the tutorial and I`ve found the parameters shown in the pdf. I`d like to print a comparison plot experimental data vs fitted curve, but I can`t do it. I tried to recover strain and stress in hyperview, but they are different from the experimental stress/strain. Please help me!
  9. Dear All, I am simulating the contact behaviour of gear with Radioss. I had given time step equal to 0.1 sec is it sufficient for this type of problem?? My stress level is exceeding my yield limit, also Its taking too much time to simulate the analysis may i get any tip to reduce my cycle time and suggestion on cycle time. Please refer attached file for same. I applied 80 Nm moment alongcentral axis and fixed the gear to simulate stress due to initial torque. Symmetric_model.hm
  10. Hello, I am currently doing a drop test and the design is failing way bad than the actual object. I think this is because in actual drop test, the concrete ground absorbs certain energy. In the simulation I used RWALL which won't absorb any energy. So is there any other wall that absorbs energy?
  11. Would some one help please I want to make this geometry mappable
  12. Hi, I am trying to convert Abaqus to Radioss block format. When doing so, I am facing an error ("Error: 0"). I have attached the images with this post. I have checked the ABAQUS input file and could find no error in it. Is this happening due to any other issue? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards.
  13. Hello, I am trying to make an analysis in radioss, where a small composite uav is caught in a barrier net. After searching for something similar to what I am trying to do, I found the document attached below but,but, as I am new to this Hyperworks module, I don't know where to start. Can someone help? Thanks. Hawk T Mk2 - Arrestor Barrier (BAN MK2) Engagement Analysis.pdf
  14. Hi everyone I'm performing crash analysis with radioss using units [ms], [mm], [kg], [kN]. I' ve added an accelerometer on the vehicle and I was trying to understand in what kind of units is the output of the acceletometer itself, because I get different values from the acceleration I get as double derivative of the displacement of the same point. Thanks for the help
  15. Hello everyone! Why am I not able to see new engine keywords introduced in RADIOSS 140 For Eg, /ANIM/BRICK/TDEL, etc. ? Secondly, How do i see the output of user defined law in /ANIM/BRICK/ ? As per the manual I should be able to select USRi - Variable of user law (i =1 to 18) but unfortunately its not visible in my /ANIM/BRICK/ output card. Can someone please guide me through this ? Thank you very much. Regards Avi
  16. I have received this error message. I read that I have to do the following settings for proprty of plastic I have activated the ENG/DT/BRICK CST as well and set Tscale and T min as follwing (are the valuses for Tscale and T min correct?) but I still get the same error. Would you please check my attached model and see what is wrong? Thanks a lot in advance type7_4.hm Quote Edit Prakash Pagadala Advanced Member Administrators 106 2034 posts Country India Are you University user?:No Posted 10 hours ago · Report post Hi, Please refer to the following posts: Thanks for your reply Prakash. I am using Radioss block 120 and I am using Hexa elements. So I read the posts you have refered before but they didn't help me. I have used M36 Plas TAB plastic and I have used P14 SOLID as card image. What should be the values for ISOLID ? Ismstr ? Icpre ? I have activated DT/Brick/CST in control card what shoulbe the values for Tscale and Tmin is it ok to use hexa elements here or do I have to switch to tetra. (As I read before tetra elements are stiffer than hexa. Does it help to switch to tetra?) Thanks for your help
  17. Hi there, i ran an composite optimization in Optistruct and now i want to analyse if the Geometry fails in RADIOSS because the Failure Criterion (PUCK) isn't available in optistruct. Anybody knows how to do that?
  18. Hi everyone, I want to use nonlinear material for my drop test. i have stress - strain curve. i want to know how can this be brought into Radioss ? also I want to have plastic strain among the results , i cannot find strain variable on anim tab . please let me how can i have plastic strain as result.
  19. Hi, I'm beginner of RADIOSS. I want to set the structural damping of steel. But I don't know how. I think there is no setting for structural damping in /DAMP , What should I do? Like OptiStruct(PARAM, G) , is there any card? Thanks
  20. Hi, I want to use /PRELOAD but I can't find it. I can't find it in load collectors. (I use RADIOSS 2019) Thanks
  21. Hi, As shown in the figures, When I export 0000.rad file from .hm file (1st figure) and I import 0000.rad file, Rbody checking is removed and component name is changed(2nd figure). (RBODY -> RigidBody8) Why it happens? If I run this 0000.rad file, is it wrong? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I want to know contact force at each slave node or master segment. In /TH/INTER, I can check only the sum of contact force in contact interface. How can I check the contact force at each node? Thanks.
  23. Hi, I learned that when initial penetration is too deep, Fpenmax is applied. 'The node stiffness is deactivated if the Penetration ≥ Fpenmax * Gap, whatever the value of Inacti.' In above sentence, 'Penetration' is only initial penetration or any penetration? Thanks.
  24. Hello, I am trying to impose a temperature load on a thermobimetal disc which should result in a dynamic snapping Motion because of the different thermal Expansion coefficients. I have previously imported a state file that includes the Change in curvature and stress caused by deep drawing. However, after running the Simulation no Change is visible at all. I am assuming that I did something wrong with the control Cards. Thank you in advance for your help. Schnappen_HC_0000.rad Schnappen_HC_0001.rad Schnappen_HC.h3d
  25. Hello, for my Formula Student Team I am trying to simulate the deformation of the Anti Intrusion Plate. To replicate the real test I've tried to implement the Honeycomb Impact Attenuator Tutorial(https://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Crash_Box_1.pdf). I've attached the file. When I try to run the simulation the Energy Errror starts at 0% and then rockets up to 99.9%. Then the Simulation stops. ROOT: SteelDummy RESTART: 0001 NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 4 02/12/2019 NC= 0 T= 0.0000E+00 DT= 2.1400E-04 ERR= 0.0% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ANIMATION FILE: SteelDummyA001 WRITTEN NC= 100 T= 2.1400E-02 DT= 2.1400E-04 ERR= -0.0% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 54.23 s REMAINING TIME= 126646.67 s NC= 200 T= 3.5753E-02 DT= 1.2229E-04 ERR= -0.0% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 54.82 s REMAINING TIME= 76607.94 s NC= 300 T= 4.7072E-02 DT= 1.0479E-04 ERR= -0.0% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 55.35 s REMAINING TIME= 58738.95 s NC= 400 T= 5.6878E-02 DT= 9.1867E-05 ERR= -0.0% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 55.87 s REMAINING TIME= 49054.49 s MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 700 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 1940 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 3120 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION MESSAGE ID : 259 ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 4080 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION NC= 500 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 1.1098E-13 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 56.40 s REMAINING TIME= 44815.82 s NC= 600 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 1.1098E-13 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 56.93 s REMAINING TIME= 45237.79 s NC= 700 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 1.1098E-13 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 57.43 s REMAINING TIME= 45635.91 s NC= 800 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 1.1098E-13 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 57.99 s REMAINING TIME= 46084.90 s NC= 900 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 1.1099E-13 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 58.58 s REMAINING TIME= 46552.16 s MESSAGE ID : 205 ** RUN KILLED : ENERGY ERROR LIMIT REACHED NC= 1000 T= 6.2841E-02 DT= 5.1022E-18 ERR= 99.9% DM/M= 1.7748E-05 ELAPSED TIME= 59.22 s REMAINING TIME= 47060.74 s ANIMATION FILE: SteelDummyA002 WRITTEN Thanks upfront, Konrad SteelDummy.hm
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