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Found 424 results

  1. Hi, I have an issue with cut approach (https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/radioss-sub-modeling-cut-approach/). I'm modeling an half of full vehicle with the cut approach above. From this sub-model, with hyperstudy I modify a little bit the geometry and study how the crash changes dynamic. I wonder how dynamics could vary among runs if the section-force imposes original displacements? Many Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am doing a Explict ANalysis. I am getting this Issue of Negative INertia or Zero Inertia. Help me to sort this out. RIGID BODY ID 3590470 PRIMARY NODE 2446786 NEW X,Y,Z 16.85505 -499.7750 63.76619 NEW MASS 0.1000000E-19 NEW INERTIA xx yy zz 0.3281661E-46 0.5048710E-48 0.3231174E-46 NEW INERTIA xy yz zx 0.3341664E-87 0.4038968E-47 0.2378653E-87 PRINCIPAL INERTIA 3.2816613657194E-47 3.2816613657194E-47 0.000000000000 ERROR ID : 274 ** ERROR IN RIGID BODY DEFINITION (INERTIA) DESCRIPTION : -- RIGID BODY ID : 3590470 -- RIGID BODY TITLE : RIGID BODY HAS A NULL OR NEGATIVE INERTIA Thanks in Advance. Regards, SUBHU
  3. I am trying to get a material model law for simulating a concrete block. The concrete stress strain curves are shown in the attached image, of which my need is for the 55MPa curve. Now, I am not choosing LAW36 because it deletes the element or brings the stress to zero after the element strain goes beyond the last point. So I am choosing LAW2 which allows me to keep straining the element and fixing the stress to the max value. But I want a law that allows me to let the stress reduce below the max value and keep constant thereafter so that the element keeps absorbing energy by continuing to strain. Please suggest a better law or how to modify law2 to achieve this?
  4. Hi, Warning is as follows. I connect the master node of the RBODY to beam element. WARNING ID : 448 ** WARNING IN RIGID BODY DEFINITION DESCRIPTION : MASTER NODE 1795 IS CONNECTED TO AN ELEMENT -- RIGID BODY ID : 1633 -- RIGID BODY TITLE : RIGID BODY ID 1634 PRIMARY NODE 1796 NUMBER OF NODES 8 SURFACE LINKED TO BODY 0 SKEW NUMBER 0 SPHERICAL INERTIA FLAG 0 REMOVE SLAVE NODES FROM RIGID WALL(IF=0) 0 CENTER OF MASS FLAG 1 ADDED MASS 0.000 ADDED INERTIA 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 SECONDARY NODES 1433 1435 1437 1456 1460 1471 1491 1495 Is it wrong? some nodes must be needed between master node of the RBODY and BEAM3N? Thanks
  5. I'm running a crash simulation in Radioss and I have requested a T file to be written. When I try and load the T file (T01) in hyperview and in hypergraph an error comes up saying it was unable to recognise it. I set the type to 0 default and I also tried 4 because I believe hypergraph can read that. I think data is being written to the file because the file size is fairly large. Any help would be appreciated. _ront_bumper.crashT01
  6. Hi everyone, could someone help me with composites simulation? I'd like to understand the difference between material law 25 and 58 to make the better choice for my simulation: in attach the data sheet of the material. If someone have theoretical and pratical (tutorial) material could shear it? Many thanks in advance Marta Tepex_Dynalite __102RG600__PA.pdf
  7. Hello, I want to simulate when load which is beyond the load which can glass take. glass will shatter. please suggest me any tutorial. Thanks in advance
  8. Mrt


    Hello all! What is the best way for contact interaction with small penetration? But reaally, i don't see penetration penetration checker doesn't see this too. but in post processor i have the spurious forces. i have a manual-crash book. i have tried to use approaches from this book, but i have had fail. if i do type 7 all settings default i will no contact interaction untill i have large displacement. i need advice and approach!=) thanks for help. 1.avi 1_0000.rad 1_0001.rad
  9. Hi, I am running impact analysis in radioss and need to know the strain energy of few component. Please let me know how to request for strain energy by parts in control card/Engine keyword (Radioss Interface) Thanks Ramesh
  10. I wish to do an impact analysis of the CRPF tube, I was just not able to understand how to do it in RADIOSS. I have used Hypermesh - Optistruct and I know about properties like PCOMP, PCOMPP. But I'm not sure what model setup should I use in RADIOSS. IMPACT_ANALYSIS_OF_CRPF_tube.pdf
  11. Hi all, I am trying to simulate the impact on a impact attenuator to be used in FSAE competition. I have referred the steps followed in the video by Altair,on YouTube,regarding the same.How ever i am facing the error during the solving time,it shows the following error,in RADIOSS Solver ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR ID : 88 ** ERROR : TIED INTERFACE WARNING ID : 312 Could you please help me with this issue? I have attached the .out file AND .rad file also. Thank you. Run_3_0000.out
  12. Dear All, How to assign all number cores to run simulation. Will Number of cores affect simulation time? I doubled the RAM (previous 8GB, Now 16GB) , but there is no change in simulation time.
  13. Dear, All, I have finished with meshing, material assignment and contact definition in Radioss. want to predict, push-in and pull off force required to insert and remove male part in/from female part. Can anyone please revert with the procedure for the same.
  14. Dear All, I want to calculate press in force required to push the bearing outer ring into the housing using pressing dolly. I have defined contact between pressing dolly and outer ring; outer ring and housing. Is that pressing force is contact force between pressing dolly and outer ring ?? Need your opinion for the same. (I’m using Radioss for this analysis) Also, Is it possible to do above analysis at -30 degrees surrounding temperature? Please revert with the above queries.
  15. Dear All, how to apply rotational velocity to any component and if possible please revert with loading conditions necessary for below analysis.
  16. 板構造であれば構造全体にType7インターフェースを設定する事で、多くの場合、接触の問題は十分に対応できますが、Type7インターフェースは、あくまでも面と点の接触であるため、シェルのエッジやとがったソリッドの先端が接触するような場合、面と点はまだ接触していなくても、要素同士で見ると貫通が生ずることが起こり得ます。これに対応するエッジ接触がType11インターフェースです。 Type11インターフェースでは線(エッジ)と線(エッジ)の接触を取り扱います。線と成り得るのは、ビーム、トラス、スプリングといった線要素と、シェル、ソリッドの辺(エッジ)です。 接触のアルゴリズムとしては、線と線の接触である、と言う点を除けばType7と同じです。各線からギャップを考慮し、線同士の距離がその範囲に入ったときに接触と判断されます。こうして、シェルのエッジ同士等の接触を取り扱うことができますが、接触の相手の検索の効率がType7程は高くないため、Type7のように全体に与える、といった事はせずに、エッジ接触が起こりそうな部分のみに設定するようにします。
  17. Hello together, At the moment I am working on impact simulations in Radioss. I have an aluminium cylinder (solid elements, MAT Law 2, Initial Velocity) impacting a rigid wall. The total energy (TE = KE + IE) should be constant, but there is a jump in the curve. The DTE curve remains constant. The external work shows a decrease, too. Is my simulation correct? Should i use the DTE curve instead of the TE curve for validation?
  18. Dear All, I want to find tonnage required to form the product as follows. Is it possible in Hyper form or should i go for Radioss?
  19. Hello, I have the same problem. Could you help me please ? Best regards ! simple_model_02_0000.rad simple_model_02_0001.rad
  20. Hi all, I want to analyse kinematics of rotating elements in the bearing 1. when inner ring is fixed and outer is Rotating, 2. when outer ring is fixed and inner is Rotating, Effect of RMP on rolling elements in terms of deformation and contact stresses is the major objective. loading condition is given in following image. please revert with suitable solver for the same. Regards, M Ganesh.
  21. Hello , I have an issue with RADIOSS solver , i get the following error when i try to run my script : {C:/Program Files/Altair/2017/hwsolvers/common/tcl/tcl8.5.9/win64/bin/tclsh85t_rd.exe} {C:/Program Files/Altair/2017/hwsolvers/scripts/hwsolver.tcl} C:/Users/Zakaria/Desktop/new/car_test_0000.rad -screen -dir -solver RD Job load: 1 Restart file car_test_0000_0001.rst was not created. Missing "NORMAL TERMINATION" in output file car_test_0000.out. "ERROR TERMINATION" in output file car_test_0000.out. radioss:: Solver run finished. car_test_0000.radcar_test_0000.rad I would like you to help me , thank you ! Best Regards,
  22. Hi, I used collision detection tool to find the intersection and penetration on the model. In my model there is a gap of 5mm between two components, but in collision detection tool its showing as a penetration as indicated by vectors.(as in below image) Secondly, within the same component its showing as penetration as indicated by vector arrows. (Image attached below) But when checking with the simple intersection tool (Analysis>safety>intersection) these are not shown. How to resolve these. Thanking You.
  23. Dear All, I have imposed time vs disp curve as a loading. but getting reaction force value= 6.9 KN at time =0 sec at first frame, and at second frame t=0.001sec value is showing 8N then after increase in next frames it is showing linear increase in reaction force from 8N to 1KN. My question is, why the value of rection force is high at time =0
  24. I have a model that runs static analysis in Radioss, which is now required for Acoustic analysis. How do I transfer my model from Radioss-2017 to Optistruct-2017 without disturbing the card images and control card data?
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