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Found 320 results

  1. hi all, every time when i run the same script for the second,third... times ,the previous entries are displayed by default as highlighted in the below snapshot.i want to clear these entries each time i run . thanks in advance regards, JAMIE
  2. I need to open a saved template say a.tpl as soon as i run a tcl file say x.tcl basically i need to call tpl file in tcl file. How cn that be done?
  3. Similar to the ExportHTMLReport command for a session variable in HyperView, is there a corresponding ExportPPTReport tcl command for a HyperView session variable as well ?
  4. How could I create a new component by copying all the elements from another previously defined component using tcl commands ? All the while keeping the original component as it is.
  5. How can I submit a job to abaqus through the Main console in HyperMesh, I tried using abaqus job=abc.inp (for example), however HyperMesh gets stuck there and a few minutes later I get a Not Responding and have to shut down HyperMesh then. Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I copied following codes from .cmf file. However it does not work. Do you have any idea about this script? ## *feinputpreserveincludefiles *createstringarray 2 "Abaqus " "Standard3D " *feinputwithdata2 "#abaqus\abaqus" "C:/Users/zyuce/Desktop/TCL/sorhan/new/code/EU6_with_omega.inp" 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 ##
  7. Hello So I am developing a script in which I need to display a particular component using script name and ID of component is know So how to do it??
  8. Hello So I have 4*4 view matrix of a perticular view so I need to restore it how can I do it? I want it in tcl file for example FitAllFrames command will do fit to screen so can is there command which will restore the view using my 4*4 view matrix?? OR I have found this script in hm help document hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage] page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow] window_handle GetClientHandle client_handle window_handle GetViewControlHandle viewctrl_handle viewctrl_handle RestoreView “View 1“ puts "Current View: [viewctrl_handle GetCurrentView]" hwi CloseStack I have view 1 already saved in my hyperview but there is problem with this last command puts "Current View: [viewctrl_handle GetCurrentView]" If I understand correctly this is to make the the view 1 current but its not working but when I click on window it restores view so what is proble?
  9. Hallo, i have a 1 component with 500 Elements. i would like to do Sizing Optimization. i want to assign different property to each element how to do that ? (offcourse without hand because it take alots of time). Thanks
  10. I am using the function hm_getentityvalue as follows, hm_getentityvalue elems 123 "cogx" 1 in order to get the x coordinates of all the elements in a particular hypermesh meshed model, and then I'm finding the minimum and maximum x-coordinates and the corresponding 2 elements that represent them while running through the elements in a foreach loop. However, this code seems to be using too much physical memory, almost a 6% jump after every iteration and eventually leads to 99% physical memory usage on my machine. How could I avoid this ? And also, is there an easier way to find elements with minimum and maximum x/y/z coordinates in a model using tcl code but not by cycling through each element and checking its coordinates ? Thanks,
  11. My question is how to use TCL scripts to swap master-slave surface. Like the figure attached, I want to swap master-slave surface of those highlighted contact pairs. I want to use Young's modulus to decide which surface should be master, and the other to be slave. Master surface should have higher Young's modulus. So, how can I write this if statement and swap the master-slave surface? My model is also uploaded, and I have created the contact pairs. But the contact pairs have'nt been swapped. raw.hm
  12. I am a beginner for hypermesh customization. Want to know what are the prerequisites before i enter customization. And how do i set up the environment for customizing Hypermesh.
  13. How can I run a tcl script through a macro using *evaltclscript and then import a variable from that tcl script to use in the same macro, such as the userpage.mac file ? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hi everyone, I just made a tcl that is running using ScriptView. But it is not running in Hypermesh. it is having some file operations like read & write.. Now help me run that file without using ScriptView or Hypermesh.. I want that file as a single runnable file..how to convert it.. I also tried this option to make that as ".exe" . http://wiki.tcl.tk/11861 It is working but the Antivirus is not letting me to run. It may contain Malware or Virus something like that..Is there any other way to make my file runnable. Thanks in Advance, Karthikeyan
  15. Hi all, I am using following set of commands to detect surfaces of the holes in a solid geometry. *createmark surfaces 1 "all" *createmark surfaces 2 *createstringarray 4 "cross_sect_size_max=0 elem_size=1.5 min_elem_size=0.5 diams_ratio_max=2.5 separete_holes=1" "0.0 8.0 16 $min_size_2d" "8.0 12.0 20 1.5" "12.0 24.0 28 2.0" *prepare_solid_holes_for_meshing surfaces 1 2 1 4 *defaultremeshsurf 2 1.5 0 0 2 1 0 1 2 1.2 1.5 0.2 20 I have 2 questions regarding the above commands for tcl script. 1. in the first string, the last pair of integer parameters, i.e. "separate_holes=" doesn't work in tcl script, however if I use "separete_holes=" (i.e. wrong spellings as mentioned at one place in the documentation, then this command works, and the string is generated. 2. as expected, the output of the command *prepare_solid_holes_for_meshing surfaces 1 2 1 4 should be that all surfaces in the holes of the solid geometry, must be available on mark 2. However this is not the case, and there is no surface at mark 2. Consequently, the command *defaultremeshsurf fails, as there are no surfaces on mark 2 (as mentioned in the documentation)!! What could be the main problem here? I will be very thankful to the forum members for the answers/reasons related to these questions.
  16. Hi all, I have a question after reading the documentation: for tetra meshing using tcl command *tetmesh the script needs to use strings containing various mesh controls and parameters, e.g. "tet: ...", "2d: ...", "size_ctrl: ...", and "pars: ..." I am using following parameters in the last string "pars": "pars: vol_skew=0.8 tet_clps=0.2 aspect=6 Skew=30 vol_ar=5" However, when I run the script, Hypermesh simply fails to recognize this string, and terminates *createstringarray 2 "tet: 35 $growth_rate 2 $max_size 0.8 2 0" "2d: $elem_order $elem_type 1 $elem_size_2d $min_size_2d 30 1" "pars: vol_skew=0.8 tet_clps=0.2 aspect=6 Skew=30 vol_ar=5" *tetmesh solids 1 0 elements 0 -1 1 3 For further reference kindly see the online documentation about tetmesh: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw12.0/help//hwdref/hwdref.htm?_tetmesh.htm Anyone with some hints to the reasons for failure of this string, kindly help. Best regards, Mubeen.
  17. Hi, I have a hm file (or fem) and a TCL script. I want to run my hm file with the tcl script in a loop and output the results so I can analyse all of them. How do I achieve this? Kind Regards, Laurence
  18. Hi, I have a structure that is composed of many CBEAM elements, all of these CBEAM elements are under one property and one material. I need each of the individual CBEAM elements to have its own property and material. Is there a way to automate this. I have ~9000 beams. I could lower the number of beams to something manageable so I could organize them individually but this is not ideal. The end goal is to be able to alter the material properties of individual CBEAM's, E1 for example, simulating progressive damage with progressive lattice failure. Can anyone help? I have attached my .fem and hm for your visualisation. Kind Regards, Laurence clevis2.0run.fem clevis2.0run.hm
  19. Is there a way to put notes in HyperMesh, the same way as its done in HyperView. Please help in doing the same.
  20. Hello All, I am trying to create bar element from component edge which is illustrated with red dashes below. But orientation of the bar element is crucial for me. However, x direction of the bar element starts from lower node number to higher node number. An example of this problem is presented below. orientation of the 1st bar element is shown with green arrow line and orientation of the 2nd bar element is shown by orange arrow line which are at different directions due to numbering of the nodes. In order to achieve this problem I have tried to renumber nodes however renumbering does not follow a certain direction. moreover hypermesh does not allow me to update orientation of the element by using bars - update panel. Is there any way to create bar element that follows the circular direction and all of them are oriented clockwise ? Thanks in advance
  21. I have created an assembly model with around 200 RBE2 connections. My requirement is to measure the length of all the RBE2 element and save it as text or excel file. The number of RBE2 elements will vary from project to project. Is there any TCL script to measure the length of displayed RBE2 element and save the details as required. Or is there any other method to make the process simple by displaying the length of all the RBE2 element on screen, so that the length can be checked visually. Thanks, Prabhu P
  22. I want to read my database excel sheet in hypermesh to import part directly. How can we do that??
  23. Hello Developers, I need to confirm an issue persisting in Hypermesh (All Versions). Issue : When I am changing user profiles multiple times with the help of GUI provided by Hypermesh. There arises a case when this GUI behaves unexpectedly. After changing User profile for more than 8-10 times. The GUI starts behaving unexpectedly. (Click Something , It Responds with something else) None of the Button in Menu bar is working rather they are affecting/changing Buttons Area/Frame Area in GUI. Kindly, revert me with any information regarding this issue. Thanks in advance for your valuable time. Regards Piyush
  24. I'm new to Hyper mesh Tcl scripting, I would like to create a script which reports out the minimum & maximum numbers (i.e. numbering range) of Elements as well as Nodes (Grids) of all the includes imported into the current HM window. Any help is greatly appreciated !!
  25. Hi all, Am writing a script which builds a number of loadcollectors and loadsteps. What I would like is a script which interrogates the loadcollector, gets its name and then creates a loadstep with the same name. I can build the loadcollectors and the loadstep but I am missing the interrogation bit. Cheers Andy
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