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Found 309 results

  1. I'm new to Hyper mesh Tcl scripting, I would like to create a script which reports out the minimum & maximum numbers (i.e. numbering range) of Elements as well as Nodes (Grids) of all the includes imported into the current HM window. Any help is greatly appreciated !!
  2. Hi all, Am writing a script which builds a number of loadcollectors and loadsteps. What I would like is a script which interrogates the loadcollector, gets its name and then creates a loadstep with the same name. I can build the loadcollectors and the loadstep but I am missing the interrogation bit. Cheers Andy
  3. i want to equivalence only con mass elements with rest of the model.while giving shift + f3 equivalence elements within the model is also getting equivalence which need not to be done. thanks jamie
  4. Hi All, input: only one node and x direction I have BIW model. depend on any one node selection on body... i want to delete right or left part of model. Cutting plane will be y-z. left or right part would be depend on x direction (+ or -) want to automate this... Please suggest me if any one have logic....
  5. Hello all, I am interested in finding out the element config IDs used in Hypermesh for the NASTRAN solver. Where can I find it ? Thanks Girish
  6. Hi all, I am getting segmentation error....when try to run same scripts second time on same model...and then hypermesh get crashed.... Please share solution if any one know about it. Thanks & Regards, PD
  7. Hi All, I have BIW Model. by selecting one component , want to get its adjacent components.... Is there any way to do this automatically.... @tinh Regards, PD
  8. I would like to get the name or the ID of component in which node by using node ID. #25 is node ID *createmark nodes 1 25 set nodeID [ hm_getmark nodes 1] *createmark comps 1 "by node" 25 set compName [hm_getmark comps1] Above two line are giving error, as component name is not possible to get through node. Is there any other way to get this done? Thank you.
  9. Hey Guys, i have recently been trying to get the stress tensor out of hyperview. I can get a query but I can not find the right option to query the tensor. so thats what I found on the help: poIQueryCtrl SetQuery Node Based node.id node.pool node.rsys node.asys node.coords component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model Element Based element.id element.pool element.config element.connectivity element.normal element.centroid component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model Part Based component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model System Based system.id system.pool system.type system.origin system.x-axis system.y-axis system.z-axis Result Based contour.value result.complex_value_M/P result.complex_value_R/I result.value But no tensor Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, I got my script to start an optistruct run with the following lines: exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & where the second path points to the file which gets imported. BUT: The whole process is running in the background and I can not monitor its progress. So I would like to know if there is a way to start it with the graphical interface. It is like the script behind the green button in the menu "optistruct". PLUS: Is there a way to transfer parameters like -nproc 4 or -len ? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  11. Hi, Trying to browse *.fem file through a UI created. I am not able to browse lengthy file path. Is there any command to be used to browse beyond 218 characters? Ashwin
  12. Hello, I have created this TCL script, which should check, if a certain ID for a specified entity-type is free and if not provide the next free one. proc check_ID {entity_type target_ID} { *createmark $entity_type 1 $target_ID set mark_list [hm_getmark $entity_type 1] *clearmark $entity_type 1 if {[llength $mark_list] > 0} {return 0} return 1 } proc next_free_ID {entity_type target_ID} { hm_usermessage "Finding next free ID for $entity_type $target_ID" silentmode_start while {![check_ID $entity_type $target_ID]} {incr target_ID} silentmode_stop return $target_ID } proc silentmode_start {} { *entityhighlighting 0 hm_commandfilestate 0 hm_blockmessages 1 hm_blockerrormessages 1 hm_blockredraw 1 hwbrowsermanager view flush false hm_setmouse 0 } proc silentmode_stop {} { *entityhighlighting 1 hm_commandfilestate 1 hm_blockmessages 0 hm_blockerrormessages 0 hm_blockredraw 0 hwbrowsermanager view flush true hm_setmouse 1 } puts [next_free_ID "elems" 5000] The problem is, this script is very slow. Already on a small model with about 10000 elements it takes a long time to run, or Hypermesh freezes completely. Is there any way how i can make this run faster? For example the renumber-function in Hypermesh can do basically the same thing, but in real time. Thanks & Best regards
  13. Tcl言語では、openコマンドでファイルハンドルを取得して、getsコマンドでハンドルを指定すると、1行ずつ読むことができます。 openコマンドの最後を「r」にすると読み込みモード、「w」にすると書き込みモードで開きます。 openコマンドで開いていると、他からの書き込みなどができないロック状態になりますので、最後に忘れずにcloseコマンドで閉じて下さい。 -簡単なサンプルを用意しました。tk_messageBoxを使ったサンプルなので、sample.csv←のような短いCSVファイルで試してみて下さい。 set ft {{"CSV Files" .csv} {"All Files" *}}; set fn [tk_getOpenFile -filetypes $ft]; set fh [open $fn r]; while {![eof $fh]} { gets $fh line; set line [split $line ,]; tk_messageBox -message "Gets = ${line}\nLength = [llength $line]"; } close $fh; -表示イメージ-
  14. Hi, I am working on DOE of a component in Hypermesh/Optistruct for natural frequency and stiffness (calculated based on nodal displacements). I have developed Tcl code for Automated design changes in Hypermesh which I execute every time for each iteration after changing some values but I need to manually note down responses (Result) in Hyperview. I need a TCL script for Hyperview which after pasting in command window would append to doe.csv or excel: frequency for mode 7, 8 and 9 for subcase 1; and nodal displacements for specific nodes (eg. 30778,7489,76923,77540) for subcase 2, maximum displacement for subcase 3 and subcase 4 in each row. @Livil Lyle
  15. I need to create a macro, which would help me to display the name, material properties and dimensions of a component by clicking/selecting it, moreover if the components contains multiple parts it would help to select only those parts whose Properties tag i wish to display. Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.
  16. Hi, I had planned to learn TCL/TK via online tutorial (tutorialpoint). When starting the tutorial, basics are easy to understand. But when getting deeper inside the tutorial after basics, it is very difficult to understand. So kindly help me with following questions. 1) Is there any easy way to learn this language??? 2) Online tutorials are like in coding format and their teaching also in same way. But written Hyper-mesh scripts are in different way. I am not getting this thing. 3) Any suggestion for TCL/TK books, videos and website for learning? Thanks in advance. Regards, Saravanan
  17. Hi, I need to create a TCL script that automatically assigns material properties to individual CBEAM elements in a component composed of a large number of CBEAM elements. I am essentially creating a lattice within a component but using CBEAM elements. Does anyone have any advice regarding the script, or how I would go about doing it? Kind Regards, Laurence Maskell
  18. Hi All, How can i get dependent node id of RBE3 elements using tcl commands? Regards, Sanket
  19. hello everyone, How to get independent nodes of rigidlink using tcl commands? Regards, Sanket
  20. Hi, I would like to know if I can write a batch file to run a tcl script through the HM platform without actually needing to open Hypermesh .? My code is written such that it can run via Wish console, but in my office where this macro will be used, only hypermesh is available to run tcl codes. Also as this work does not require HM to be open, I don't want to use the FILE -> RUN option in hypermesh (making it more user friendly by not asking him/her to open hm). Is there any way to create a batch to execute this file ?
  21. Hi , I have following the posts in the forum, this time I have a question regarding a problem I'm facing. I am currently working on bringing several checks we do for a full vehicle in Primer to HM. One of them is the C.O.G of the vehicle and the total scaled mass. I have checked the F10-> Time option and after checking for the set dt2ms value, I'm getting the total added below as shown in the picture. I want to get that value (0.0809878) directly. Is there any method/command for accessing that output displayed there?? I have tried hm_getelemchekbounds and hm_getelemcheckvalues but after that I will required to do a lot of work to get the total added mass. Any suggestions...
  22. Hey guys, I've created a GUI where the user can choose if he wants to apply a pressure load in x-, y- or z-direction by clicking on a button. By clicking on one of the buttons, a variable called "vector" will be created. This variable should later be used in the command that creates the load. Trying to select this variable with $vector on the position that is marked in yellow in the end of the screenshot, nothing happens. Could you somehow help me out with this problem? Kind regards Simon
  23. Hey guys, I'm trying to customize the setting up of simulation, so I'm using the command *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Choose the relevant nodes for the constraints." to create the constraints. Later on, I use the same command for creating the load. If, for any reasons, I don't want to use this program for creating the constraints and click on proceed without marking any nodes, an error is occurring and the program stops directly. Thus, it's not possible to use the program to mark the nodes for the load afterwards. Is it possible to somehow avoid this error? Here you can find the relevant part of my script for creating the constraints: *createentity loadcols name=loadcol1 *drawlistresetstyle *setvalue loadcols id=1 name="Lagerung" *startnotehistorystate {Created Constraints} *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Wählen Sie die Knoten der Lagerung aus." *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *endnotehistorystate {Created Constraints} Kind regards, Simon
  24. How to know the line direction of given line ? Regards, Brahmadev.
  25. Hey everybody, running the script attached, the following error is occuring: I have absolutely no clue why this is happening. Can you maybe help me out? Kind regards Simon convert_short.tcl
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