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Found 327 results

  1. My question is how to use TCL scripts to swap master-slave surface. Like the figure attached, I want to swap master-slave surface of those highlighted contact pairs. I want to use Young's modulus to decide which surface should be master, and the other to be slave. Master surface should have higher Young's modulus. So, how can I write this if statement and swap the master-slave surface? My model is also uploaded, and I have created the contact pairs. But the contact pairs have'nt been swapped. raw.hm
  2. I am a beginner for hypermesh customization. Want to know what are the prerequisites before i enter customization. And how do i set up the environment for customizing Hypermesh.
  3. How can I run a tcl script through a macro using *evaltclscript and then import a variable from that tcl script to use in the same macro, such as the userpage.mac file ? Thank you. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, I just made a tcl that is running using ScriptView. But it is not running in Hypermesh. it is having some file operations like read & write.. Now help me run that file without using ScriptView or Hypermesh.. I want that file as a single runnable file..how to convert it.. I also tried this option to make that as ".exe" . http://wiki.tcl.tk/11861 It is working but the Antivirus is not letting me to run. It may contain Malware or Virus something like that..Is there any other way to make my file runnable. Thanks in Advance, Karthikeyan
  5. Hi, I have a hm file (or fem) and a TCL script. I want to run my hm file with the tcl script in a loop and output the results so I can analyse all of them. How do I achieve this? Kind Regards, Laurence
  6. Hello All, I am trying to create bar element from component edge which is illustrated with red dashes below. But orientation of the bar element is crucial for me. However, x direction of the bar element starts from lower node number to higher node number. An example of this problem is presented below. orientation of the 1st bar element is shown with green arrow line and orientation of the 2nd bar element is shown by orange arrow line which are at different directions due to numbering of the nodes. In order to achieve this problem I have tried to renumber nodes however renumbering does not follow a certain direction. moreover hypermesh does not allow me to update orientation of the element by using bars - update panel. Is there any way to create bar element that follows the circular direction and all of them are oriented clockwise ? Thanks in advance
  7. I want to read my database excel sheet in hypermesh to import part directly. How can we do that??
  8. I'm new to Hyper mesh Tcl scripting, I would like to create a script which reports out the minimum & maximum numbers (i.e. numbering range) of Elements as well as Nodes (Grids) of all the includes imported into the current HM window. Any help is greatly appreciated !!
  9. i want to equivalence only con mass elements with rest of the model.while giving shift + f3 equivalence elements within the model is also getting equivalence which need not to be done. thanks jamie
  10. Hi All, input: only one node and x direction I have BIW model. depend on any one node selection on body... i want to delete right or left part of model. Cutting plane will be y-z. left or right part would be depend on x direction (+ or -) want to automate this... Please suggest me if any one have logic....
  11. Hello all, I am interested in finding out the element config IDs used in Hypermesh for the NASTRAN solver. Where can I find it ? Thanks Girish
  12. Hi all, I am getting segmentation error....when try to run same scripts second time on same model...and then hypermesh get crashed.... Please share solution if any one know about it. Thanks & Regards, PD
  13. Hi All, I have BIW Model. by selecting one component , want to get its adjacent components.... Is there any way to do this automatically.... @tinh Regards, PD
  14. Hey Guys, i have recently been trying to get the stress tensor out of hyperview. I can get a query but I can not find the right option to query the tensor. so thats what I found on the help: poIQueryCtrl SetQuery Node Based node.id node.pool node.rsys node.asys node.coords component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model Element Based element.id element.pool element.config element.connectivity element.normal element.centroid component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model Part Based component.id component.pool component.name component.color misc.load misc.sim misc.model System Based system.id system.pool system.type system.origin system.x-axis system.y-axis system.z-axis Result Based contour.value result.complex_value_M/P result.complex_value_R/I result.value But no tensor Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi all, I got my script to start an optistruct run with the following lines: exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & exec "C:/Program Files/Altair/13.0/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct.bat" G:/DC43Workspace/Multicopter/FEM/OpistructInput.fem & where the second path points to the file which gets imported. BUT: The whole process is running in the background and I can not monitor its progress. So I would like to know if there is a way to start it with the graphical interface. It is like the script behind the green button in the menu "optistruct". PLUS: Is there a way to transfer parameters like -nproc 4 or -len ? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  16. Hi, Trying to browse *.fem file through a UI created. I am not able to browse lengthy file path. Is there any command to be used to browse beyond 218 characters? Ashwin
  17. Hi All, by selecting 2 components , can we find surface area of both component close to each other with some tolerance to create contact. is there any direct API? any one having any idea regarding this? @tinh @Imoto @vipin Regards, PD
  18. HI All, how to set keep mesh option using script.... any idea or api @Imoto @tinh
  19. Hi all, I want to select the internal nodes for any nonuniform hole. So for same i want to write a tcl script. any idea? I have written script for cylindrical hole. it works perfectly. but what if it is not cylindrical hole. please suggest me any solution.
  20. How could we apply a contour plot to a model using tcl commands ? Such that after doing so when an animation is started, the contour plot appears with it ? I've found commands to SetDataType and SetDataComponent for the contour Handle, however I could not find an apply command for the same. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Hello Developers, I need to confirm an issue persisting in Hypermesh (All Versions). Issue : When I am changing user profiles multiple times with the help of GUI provided by Hypermesh. There arises a case when this GUI behaves unexpectedly. After changing User profile for more than 8-10 times. The GUI starts behaving unexpectedly. (Click Something , It Responds with something else) None of the Button in Menu bar is working rather they are affecting/changing Buttons Area/Frame Area in GUI. Kindly, revert me with any information regarding this issue. Thanks in advance for your valuable time. Regards Piyush
  22. Hi all, Am writing a script which builds a number of loadcollectors and loadsteps. What I would like is a script which interrogates the loadcollector, gets its name and then creates a loadstep with the same name. I can build the loadcollectors and the loadstep but I am missing the interrogation bit. Cheers Andy
  23. タイトルの通り既知の3つの節点を通る円の半径と中心座標をスクリプトで取得する方法を探しています。 3つの節点はユーザーが選択するものとして、その取得まではできているのですがそこからは数学的に算出するしかないでしょうか? もし円の半径と中心座標を3つの節点から取得できるコマンド等ありましたら教えていただけると幸いです。
  24. Tcl言語では、openコマンドでファイルハンドルを取得して、getsコマンドでハンドルを指定すると、1行ずつ読むことができます。 openコマンドの最後を「r」にすると読み込みモード、「w」にすると書き込みモードで開きます。 openコマンドで開いていると、他からの書き込みなどができないロック状態になりますので、最後に忘れずにcloseコマンドで閉じて下さい。 -簡単なサンプルを用意しました。tk_messageBoxを使ったサンプルなので、sample.csv←のような短いCSVファイルで試してみて下さい。 set ft {{"CSV Files" .csv} {"All Files" *}}; set fn [tk_getOpenFile -filetypes $ft]; set fh [open $fn r]; while {![eof $fh]} { gets $fh line; set line [split $line ,]; tk_messageBox -message "Gets = ${line}\nLength = [llength $line]"; } close $fh; -表示イメージ-
  25. HyperMeshやHyperView向けのTcl/Tkスクリプト内で、エラーが発生しても無視して継続させたい場合は、一般的なTclコマンドの『catch』を用います。 例えば、foreachなどを使って、各コンポーネント名から、アンダーバー(_)以降を消した名前に変更したい場合、「コンポーネントによってはアンダーバーが付いていない名前もあるかも知れない」ということがあるかも知れません。 実際、HyperMeshでは*renamecollectorコマンドを使って、「旧名」「新名」を引数で指定しますが、旧と新が同じ名前の場合、エラーとなりそこで処理が中断します。 何か処理に不安があるのであれば、『catch』を追加しておくと、エラーを無視して継続をさせることができます。 -例- foreach compname [hm_entitylist comps name] { set newname [lindex [split $compname _] 0]; catch {*renamecollector components $compname $newname}; }    図.実行前                                     図.実行後
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